Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 758

Chapter 758: Authenticity Of The Harvesting Permit
Chapter 758: Authenticity of The Harvesting Permit
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As the officer's arm was placed behind the port of the boat after he sat inside the speedboat, Li Du was unable to see anything from the front of the boat. When the little bug looked down from the sky, it was able to see that the officer held a harvesting permit in his hand.

Of course, this seemed normal since Li Du had handed the harvesting permit over to the officer himself.

However, it was not as it seemed. The hand that the officer took Li Du's harvesting permit with was his left hand. Now, the hand that was placed behind the port side of the boat was his right hand. While his left hand held a harvesting permit, his right hand also held a harvesting permit!

Seeing this, Li Du sensed that something was amiss. What dirty trick is this officer trying to pull?

The little bug monitored the officer. Having taken the harvesting permit, he speedily stuffed it into the gap in the port of the boat and used his left hand to take the permit from his right hand before conveniently holding it in front of him to look at.

Just like a gambler pulling a trick, his actions were very fast and his expression did not change throughout the process, which made it very hard for people to detect a problem.

After looking over the harvesting permit in his hand, the officer handed it to Li Du. "Here you go, everything is in order. You guys can continue harvesting here. Remember, don't do anything illegal!"

While using both of his hands to take the harvesting permit that was handed to him, Li Du took the opportunity when a wave crashed over to quickly grab onto the officer's hand and pull him out of the speedboat.

With a swoosh sound, the officer fell into the sea from the speedboat after losing his balance.

There was another man dressed like an officer from the department of fishing and hunting sitting in the driver's seat. After seeing this, the man, who was smoking, was taken aback and exclaimed, "F*ck, what are you doing?"

Li Du took a big stride forward onto the speedboat before reaching into the gap in the port of the boat to take out the harvesting permit and keeping it in the little bug's black hole. In the meantime, he pretended to be anxious and shouted, "I'm not doing anything. He was the one who pulled me and ended up falling into the sea. My harvesting permit!"

When the officer fell into the sea together with the harvesting permit, Li Du gave Ah Ow a wink. Having understood his meaning, Ah Ow immediately jumped into the sea and dived down.

Just as the officer was about to climb onto the speedboat, he ended up being continuously dragged into the water by Ah Ow, who was biting onto his shoe.

As such, the officer began panicking. While forcefully hitting the surface of the sea to stay afloat, he bellowed, "Quickly pull me up! Quickly pull me up! There's some d*mn thing pulling me from underneath!"

Although Li Du looked like he was gesturing to the others to go into the sea and save the officer, he was actually blocking the officer in the driver's seat. In addition, Li Du shouted, "Mate, hold on to my harvesting permitdon't lose it!"

After a round of deception, the officer had drunk quite a few mouthfuls of seawater from being dragged into the water by Ah Ow. Subsequently, Brother Wolf jumped into the sea to pull him onto the yacht.

Li Du waited for him to come onboard before asking, "Where's my harvesting permit?"

While the officer, who had nearly drowned, was lying on the bow of the yacht and retching, his colleague scolded him, "You idiot, why can't you even stand properly?"

With eyes that had turned watery and cloudy from having retched, the officer leaned against the port of the yacht and sat up before bellowing, "F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! He was the one who pushed me into the water!" He vomited again. "D*mn it!"

Li Du looked furious. "I pushed you into the water? Are you saying that to clear yourself of the blame? Tell me, where did my harvesting permit go? Where is my harvesting permit?"

As the harvesting permit was a plastic card, it was buoyant in water. However, due to reasons related to its material, it was very difficult for it to float on the water's surface like a plastic bottle. Moreover, with rolling waves in the sea, finding it after it had fallen into the sea was not easy.

The other officer was very anxious. While dragging his colleague, he whispered angrily, "What happened? Where did you lose the harvesting permit? How did you lose it?"

The officer, who had fallen into the sea, shouted helplessly, "He was the one who pulled me into the water. The harvesting permit fell into the water! Quickly search for it in the water and bring it up."

Li Du said, "Why are you still here? Go into the water and bring it up! Faster! Go!"

As a harvesting permit was worth millions of dollars, losing one was a very serious problem.

The two officers were dejected. After looking at each other, the officer who had not entered the water nodded. "Go in and bring it up then. Quickly find it."

The officer, who had fallen into the sea, jumped into the sea again while the other officer returned to the speedboat.

Li Du asked, "You're not going into the water?"

"I have to at least take off my shirt, right?" the officer replied in an unpleasant manner. "D*mn it, really unlucky!"

While monitoring him through the little bug, Li Du saw him taking off his shirt and, at the same time, opening a box that was under the driver's seat after boarding the speedboat. Having taken a stack of harvesting permits from within the box, he conveniently jumped into the sea.

When the little bug flew into the box, Li Du saw quite a number of harvesting permits, which were all fake, inside.

Having seen the permits, he would have been possessed if he still thought that the two men were real officers from the Department of Fishing and Hunting.

Immediately after coming into contact with the two men earlier he'd gotten the feeling that they were not real officers. Even though some of the Australians Li Du had met were very boorish, the officers from the Department of Fishing and Hunting were all very polite and professional.

When the real officers had seen Sophie carrying an oxygen tank on her back, instead of checking the harvesting permit first they had first checked the video recording to see if she had broken any rules.

Unlike those officers, the two men, who were here for the harvesting permit, turned a blind eye to Sophie's actions, which was very bizarre.

Li Du gave the Department of Fishing and Hunting a call to tell them that they had encountered officers from their department breaking the rules and asked for an explanation.

As there were a lot of law enforcement speedboats nearby, another speedboat drove over before long.

When the two "officers," who were putting on a show in the sea, saw another speedboat from the Department of Fishing and Hunting driving over, they immediately started panicking.

One of them raised his hand and said, "Ha! You're luckyit didn't fall into the sea. I found ithere you go."

The other "officer" hurriedly climbed onto the speedboat. With a snap from Li Du's finger, Godzilla pushed him back into the sea.

The law enforcement speedboat, which was approaching, also had two officers onboard. After seeing the law enforcement speedboat next to them, the two "officers" immediately frowned.

The first law enforcement speedboat was fake. When comparing the two speedboats, it was very obvious that the first law enforcement speedboat was fake.

The genuine law enforcement speedboat had logos from Australia's marine department and Department of Fishing and Hunting, which were clear and natural, while the logos on the first law enforcement speedboat were too blurry.

"What's going on?" an officer asked warily.

Li Du pretended to be helpless and opened his hands before replying, "I don't know. After two of your colleagues took away my harvesting permit, they jumped into the sea. I lodged a complaint with the Department of Fishing and Hunting."

The officer who asked the question frowned. "They are not from the department. Hey, both of you come up. What are you guys doing?"

The two "officers" looked at each other helplessly before climbing up the speedboat in a dejected manner. With a bitter look on his face, one of them replied, "Oh, sorry, we're just joking with this gentleman."

Li Du assumed an angry posture. "Joking? No, I don't think this is a joke. Are you guys not officers from the Department of Fishing and Hunting? If not, who are you guys? Where is my harvesting permit?"

Still wanting to make a last-ditch effort, the two "officers" handed a fake harvesting permit over to Li Du. Having taken one look at it, Li Du said firmly, "This is fake!"

After the officer took the permit and looked over it, he also said, "This is fake. Where is the real harvesting permit?"

Seeing this, one of the "officers" reached into the gap at the back of the boat's port to search for the genuine harvesting permit.

After reaching into the gap and searching, he suddenly had a shocked look on his face. "D*mn it! D*mn it! Where's the harvesting permit?"