Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 759

Chapter 759: Getting Two Benefits With One Action
Chapter 759: Getting Two Benefits with One Action
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Li Du looked on coldly as the men panicked. One of the game officers said impatiently, "Don't pretend to give out the harvesting permit, you d*mn thieves!"

After that, he explained the situation to Li Du, saying it was a common crime in the harvesting of black gold abalone.

The two men were fraudsters. They made fake harvesting permits, pretended to be officers, and then searched for gullible fishermen. When they got the original permit, they switched it and returned a fake one.

The harvesting permit was often worn out, so it was easy to fake.

If the fake permit wasn't carefully examined, the swindler could leave, and he could get millions of dollars at a time.

After all, the black gold abalone permit was not registered. As long as there was no one who took action and got evidence on the spot, it belonged to the person who finally got it.

The two men were swindlers, but this time they not only failed but even fell into the hands of law enforcement.

A swindler hurriedly scoured the ship's gunwale and found nothing.

Another cheater gritted his teeth and said, "Hey, man, stop your d*mn pretending and bring out the real permit. Hurry up! Or we'll be done for today!"

The swindler was about to cry. He said, "I put it here. You should have noticed. I put it here. Why is it gone?"

"D*mn, you don't give up, do you? Where did you hide it? Tell me quickly, quickly!"

"I really don't have it! I just put it where we agreed, d*mn it. It's not there now!"

"F**k you, that can't be right. Are you trying to get me arrested? Are you hiding it somewhere and trying to get your people to sneak out behind you?"

"F**k off! I went down to the water just now. You were on the boat. You must have hidden the harvesting permit, didn't you? You hid the harvesting permit while I was in the water!"

The two swindlers began to question each other, and soon the swearing reached epic proportions.

The fishing and hunting officers were getting a headache. They were not the police and were only in charge of policy on the sea, not safety.

However, they couldn't ignore the situation. After all, the swindlers were impersonating them, and if Li Du told the media about it in anger, it would be a disaster for the fishing and hunting bureau.

One bureau officer arrested the two men on board, and the other called the King Island police to solve the problem.

Li Du still looked on coldly, just watching the chaos.

He hated the swindlers the most. In his opinion, the swindlers were worse than the robbers. Robbers at least stole in an open manner where they would at least let the victim know they were going to lose their valuables.

A swindler was a hypocrite who made you feel grateful to him, and then you'd find yourself cheated.

Therefore, he would punish the two swindlers.

He was not going to work that day so he would have a good time with the two swindlers.

Their boat docked, and the police car was parked at the harbor, waiting. Two police officers came up and seized the swindlers and the fake law enforcement speedboat.

When he went to the police station to give his report, Li Du felt that the police did not take proper care of his affairs. They were lazy, and all the police officers except the ones who were taking reports from them left once it was after working hours.

It was normal for the police to leave after work, but it was also normal for them to work overtime. After all, Li Du's case had not been closed.

Li Du had a bad attitude. It seemed that he had lost time he could have been working.

At the end of the report, Li Du asked how the matter would be handled. A policeman replied coldly, "You can go back and wait. We will inform you if there are any developments."

"They took my black gold abalone harvesting permit that cost at least a million Australian dollars, and that's all you have to say?" said Li Du with his face turning gloomy.

The policeman frowned. "God, you're so funny, you want me to make you one?"

"Well, I'll talk to a lawyer. I'll talk to the media. I'll talk to the embassy. I've lost millions, millions!" Li Du said firmly.

An older policeman came over. He looked at Li Du's gang and asked, "Are they all yours?"

"Yes, my bodyguard, my men," said Li Du.

The senior policeman thought and said, "We'll try to solve the case for you as soon as possible. Please go back and wait for 24 hours."

Li Du's wealth and his previously tough attitude made the police feel threatened, so they were willing to step back.

Their retreat was not a delaying tactic. The next morning, the senior police officer came to see him. After shaking hands, Li Du asked, "Have you found our harvesting permit?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Li. We have looked the whole night and have even called a trial expert from Melbourne, but there are still no results," the senior police officer said.

Li Du immediately showed a dissatisfied look.

The senior officer quickly added, "We have appealed to the court, and this case will focus on prosecuting them, confiscating their tools, and giving them to you as part of the compensation."

"What tools?" asked Li Du.

"One speedboat, two diving suits, and life jackets," said the senior police officer.

Li Du suddenly did not know if he should be happy or cry.

He only wanted to punish the two swindlers who, after all, wanted to swindle him out of millions of dollars. They had to be punished by law.

Unexpectedly, the police feared he would contact the media and offered to make some compensation.

In addition to the compensation in the form of tools, there was economic compensation. The police contacted the bank and froze the bank accounts of the two swindlers. There was about 100,000 in their account, and it was given to Li Du.

In addition, the police also offered a soft remedy. That was, if Mr. Li did not pursue the matter, he could gain the friendship of the King Island police department.

There was always chaos on the island, and it was important to have the friendship of the police.

Li Du didn't expect to receive compensation, but he got this unexpected result instead, so he thought the result was good.

The compensation was not immediately available, however. It had to be decided by the court, and it would take about a week.

The weather was bad for the next few days anyway, and the autumn rain fell over King Island.

Since there was no wind over those few days, Li Du rented a helicopter to tour the island.

Almost a week later, the weather improved and was calm. The case was over, and Li Du got his compensation.

So, besides the Seastar 60, there was an extra speedboat and the compensation of 110,000 AUD. Li Du directly gave it to Brother Wolf, so he could save it for Ivana's operation.

The police removed the fake logo, repainted the speedboat, and changed the registration to Li Du's name.