Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 764

Chapter 764: Relentless Stalkers
Chapter 764: Relentless Stalkers
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As a very promiscuous person, Hans had the desire to have sexual relations with women he fancied, which was what Li Du hated about him.

Despite that, he had a plus point when it came to treating women: he respected them.

Even though he wanted to have sexual relations with women he fancied, he would definitely not force them if they were unwilling to.

Other than this aspect, he would usually still treat women in a very respectful and rather gentlemanly manner. Whenever a woman sought help from him, he lended them a hand so long as it was within his capacity.

If someone humiliated a woman in front of him, he would not look on and do nothing.

Now, after seeing Brooks treat his wife in such a manner, his facial expression immediately became bitter. Despite that, instead of attacking Brooks, he shook his head at Lu Guan. "Stop talking."

After Brooks started the small boat and drove off, Hans waited for him drive a distance away before spitting in the direction of his back and scolding, "Such a disgusting piece of human filth!"

Lu Guan said, "If that's the case, why didn't we beat him up just now?"

Hans replied, "Then what? What would we be trying to achieve by doing that? Agitate him, make his feelings toward his wife even worse, and for him to go back and beat up that poor woman?"

After speaking, he shook his head before continuing, "What we needed to do earlier was say nothing and let this matter go."

"You're right, Boss Fox," Li Du said. "We should not interfere in this matter. Let's return to shore. Lu Guan, go settle all the abalones tonight."

Since King Island did not have many inhabitants and tourists, there was no one in the markets at night and hence, the abalone market hadn't developed into a night market.

Despite that, as Li Du and his group were famous, a lot of grand hotels traded with them. Having recorded the contact numbers of these hotels, Lu Guan was able to sell the black gold abalones by just making a few calls.

They had harvested 81 black gold abalones today, which were sold for a total of 140,000 dollars. Such a harvest was pretty plentiful. If they worked a little harder for a month, they would be able to earn millions of dollars.

The more abalones they harvested, the more people they would attract. On the second day, after Sea Star 60 went out to sea again, the number of boats following it was even greater.

These harvesters followed Li Du to an annoying degree and would immediately rush over once he found a black gold abalone.

Li Du, who had become very cranky, went back to his yacht and decided to take a break for today.

The next day, he went out to sea while it was still early. Furthermore, instead of traveling in the very conspicuous Sea Star 60, he traveled in the speedboat that was given to him by the police as compensation.

He changed the location this time around and found a new place to search for black gold abalones. The black gold abalones in the area with reefs that expelled steam had more or less been harvested. Although there were definitely still black gold abalones in that area, finding them was very difficult.

They had a new location and there was no one following them this time. Since those who wanted to follow them would have gone after Sea Star 60, Li Du returned that day with hundreds of black gold abalones.

After Li Du returned to the harbor and met up with Brother Wolf and the others, Lu Guan saw that he'd harvested an abundance of black gold abalones and became elated. "This is amazing! We're going to be rich tonight."

Rather than keep all the earnings to themselves, Li Du and Hans would share it with the other guys and Sophie. After all, they were all involved in the harvesting of black gold abalone: Brother Wolf drove the yacht, Lu Guan sold the abalones, Godzilla and Big Quinn assisted in the sale, and Sophie was the backup.

Big Quinn smiled. "Boss, you should have seen them today, seen their expressions after foolishly following behind us in their boats for the whole day and harvesting nothing."

"They were so angry then. Ha! I saw a fella smash his cup."

"There was also an idiot who wanted to come over and scold us. But Big Quinn and Godzilla came out with their arms folded. You guys still remember his face?"

"Unforgettable. I recorded it. Quickly! Come and see! It was so funny."

A few harvesters had just returned when Li Du and the others walked onto the harbor while chatting and laughing. Their facial expressions darkened after seeing Li Du and the others, and even more so after seeing Godzilla and Big Quinn dragging a large box.

"Quite a good harvest, huh?" a man, who had a beard, asked coldly.

Purposefully spiting him, Li Du smiled. "Pretty good. I found another location that has groups of abalones. Not sure what's going on, but I can somehow always find them."

"That's because there are too many abalones here," Hans added. "Nevertheless, there's still a need to thank God for his blessing. God has blessed good people with the ability to find black gold abalones."

"F*ck!" someone scolded softly.

They could only scold softly. Look at Godzilla's, Big Quinn's, and Brother Wolf's physiques, who would dare confront them straight to their faces? That would be seeking a beating!

Later on, Li Du took the opportunity when night fell to continue going out to sea. Li Du and Hans first traveled in Sea Star 60. When a few harvesters, who had been monitoring them throughout the night, followed them in their boats, Li Du and Hans discreetly boarded the speedboat.

As the type of speedboat they had was very common on King Island, no one would notice them if they didn't see their faces clearly, let alone follow them.

Furthermore, unlike driving a yacht, driving a speedboat was a lot easier and didn't require a boating license.

Hans started the speedboat and drove off against the wind. The two of them first found a place to anchor and waited for the sun to rise before heading to the area of the sea that had black gold abalones.

"With such great weather today, I have a hunch that we'll have a more plentiful and higher-quality harvest," Hans said optimistically.

Li Du didn't have any hunches. Nonetheless, so long as there was no incident, having a decent harvest should not be a problem.

In the end, an incident still occurred. After both of them had only harvested a few black gold abalones, two small boats approached them, followed by three harvesters going into the sea and swimming straight to Li Du.

Seeing this, Li Du's face immediately became pale. "F*ck, so unlucky!"

As this area of the sea was very near King Island, there would normally be harvesters searching for black gold abalone here. However, they did not discover the groups of abalones since searching for things in the sea was very difficult.

Seeing that there was usually no one here, Li Du had decided to come to this area to harvest black gold abalone.

Even though there were harvesters here now, Li Du at first didn't sense anything wrong. However, when they swam straight to him after arriving, he sensed that something was amiss.

What did that show? By swimming straight to Li Du, it showed that they knew Li Du was here.

However, that should not be possible. As Li Du and Hans had been under the water and wearing goggles since the two boats had appeared, it was not possible for the people on the boat to see their faces clearly.

With people following him, Li Du would naturally have a bad harvest today.

Since seeing these people made him upset, he simply went back earlier than he had planned again.

These harvesters were unconcerned as they were better off with him gone and having the area of the sea to themselves.

Li Du returned to Sea Star 60 and joined the others. After he recounted the incident, Brother Wolf immediately jumped onto the speedboat and thoroughly searched it before finding an item that was the size of a drinking can in the outboard motor.

Li Du asked, "What's that?"

With a cold look on his face, Brother Wolf replied, "Tracker, able to send out signals from two miles away. However, as you guys were less than two miles away from the coast, they were able to find us by just searching along the coast."

After hearing his words, Li Du could not help but scold, "D*mn it, are those people sick? It's just harvesting seafood! Why are they turning it into some f*cking spy war?"