Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 766

Chapter 766: Changing Location
Chapter 766: Changing Location
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Among the people on the two boats, Ralph was the most cautious.

Although Ralph looked interested after hearing Chris's words, he very quickly composed himself and said, "As we all know, no one is allowed to enter the conservation area. If we entered, we would also be in trouble."

Chris waved his hand in a carefree manner. "No, we won't get into trouble. At worst, we would encounter people from the Department of Fishing and Hunting. If that happens, we'll just bring up the Chinese fella and use him as a shield. We would also be standing up for what's right!"

"Yeah, that's the plan," the woman driving the boat agreed.

Ralph said, "What I meant was that the Chinese fella and his group don't look like idiots. Why would they enter the conservation area to harvest black gold abalone? Doing so is illegal"

"We already know this," the woman driving the boat interrupted. "The Chinese fella arrived in Australia not long ago. I bet that idiot probably doesn't even know that this area of the sea is a Maui's dolphin conservation area!"

"Yeah, they probably discovered that there are a lot of black gold abalones here and went into the sea, not knowing why there are so many black gold abalones here!"

"Look, d*mn it, isn't that them? Are those people diving? Them?"

Following Chris's arm, the four of them looked forward and watched two people resurface and place an object that looked like a black gold abalone onto a boat, which was parked near the beach.

Seeing this, Chris's eyes lit up.

"Many years have passed since entry into this area was first prohibited. There are definitely a lot of large black gold abalones in the sea. F*ck, we must not let this group of foreigners get away with this!"

After seeing the two people dive back into the sea, Ralph no longer hesitated and said, "Take out a camera and snap some pictures. Later, we'll go into the sea and chase them onto the boat as evidence!"

"Let's go, time to work!"

In tandem with each other, the two speedboats sped into the conservation area. One of the speedboats went to monitor the boat that was parked next to the shore. After the other speedboat arrived at the place where the two people had been seen diving earlier, Chris jumped into the sea.

Wanting to chase Li Du and the others onto the speedboat and threaten them, he searched around for them after jumping into the sea.

However, after meticulously searching surrounding, he did not see anyone in the sea.

This area of the sea, which had a depth of less than thirty feet, was very shallow and had very clear seawater. With the blazing hot sunlight shining into the seawater, the bottom of the sea was brightly lit and had great visibility.

From Chris's point of view, the colorful shoals of fish and beautiful coral made up the bulk of the sea. Other than the fish and coral, there were also two small sea lions swimming proudly in the sea.

However, the people who he was looking for were not here. There was not even a sign that someone was here.

I must be searching in the wrong place. They must have swam to another place, he

thought before swimming forward and searching for Li Du and his group.

Heaven did not disappoint the diligent. Finally, after his persistent search, he spotted two figures.

That's them. He was elated.

However, as he swam closer to them, he felt that something was amiss. This was because as the two figures became clearer, they seemed to be swimming straight at him!

Before he even figured out what was going on, the two figures that were in front of him swam to his side and worked together to forcefully twist his arms.

Seeing this, he was taken aback. Even though he was aware that he was being attacked, he did not panic as he had already recorded these scenes with the camera on his goggles.

As both of his arms were restrained, he cooperated with them and swam to the surface of the sea. After resurfacing, he bellowed, "Ha! Still dare attack me? You guys are really seeking death! I alreadyoh, d*mn it!"

Before he could finish speaking, the scene that he saw shocked him: Ralph and the others were squatting on the two speedboats, which had been chained together, while policemen and officers from the Department of Fishing and Hunting appeared on the surface of the sea and stared at him maliciously.

In addition, after turning his head, he also saw that the two figures, who had twisted his arms and sent him to the surface, were not Li Du and his group as he had predicted, but two officers wearing the diving suits of the Department of Fishing and Hunting.

After seeing Chris, Ralph shouted, "We've been tricked!"

Chris asked blankly, "What's going on?"

A policeman squatted at the bow of a boat. "What do you think? Don't play dumb. This area is a Maui dolphin conservation area, which you guys are not allowed to enter. Now that we caught you guys breaking the law and entering the conservation area, prepare to go to court."

Having understood what was going on, Chris shouted, "No, officer, we entered this area because we saw someone in here! Earlier, there was someone diving here and harvesting black gold abalones. Where's that boat?"

Chris pointed at the beach where the boat had been parked at earlier. There was no boat there.

He was dumbfounded. He asked, "What exactly is going on?"

"The boat parked there earlier didn't belong to the Chinese fella and his group," Ralph answered him woefully. "It was a speedboat from the Department of Fishing and Hunting. We were wrong. "

An officer said impatiently, "Stop talking, you guys can talk again in the police station. You guys would go as far as to harvest black gold abalones in the conservation area? You guys are way over the line!"

"We did not come here to harvest black gold abalone," Chris tried his best to argue. "We saw someone harvesting black gold abalone here and wanted to do what's right."

"If that's the case, why didn't you call the police?" an officer sneered.

Chris was rendered speechless.

In the distance, there was a speedboat floating on the surface of the sea. With a binocular in hand, Li Du and Hans happily watched the commotion.

"You are so evil, Li."

Li Du gave him a shove and said, "How am I evil? Stop talking nonsense. They were too stupid. That's all. What have I done during the whole incident? Did I talk to them? Did I force them to do anything? NoI hadn't even seen them before!"

What Li Du did was instruct Brother Wolf to place the tracking device on a workboat in the conservation area, followed by calling the police and informing them that there were people planning to go into the conservation area to harvest black gold abalone.

Generally speaking, the police station would not be concerned with such matters. However, as they owed Li Du a favor, they had no choice but to head out after receiving his call.

Having completely gotten rid of their stalkers, Li Du and Hans went to find an area of the sea to search for black gold abalone in and happily harvested black gold abalones for the entire day.

Despite that, they still encountered trouble at the start of the very next day.

As Li Du and his group had harvested too many black gold abalones, most of the harvesters on King Island kept an eye on them. The harvesters did not use any illegal means and only followed Li Du's yacht.

After having been misdirected a few times by the Sea Star 60, the harvesters became smarter and found Li Du's speedboat. When the speedboat returned to the harbor at night, there would be people staying up late to follow Li Du and his group.

With the harvesters following the speedboat at night and Li Du and his group in the morning, while they were harvesting black gold abalone, Li Du had not yet completely gotten rid of his stalkers.

Li Du had never seen people with such a lack of work ethic before. Simply put, these black gold abalone harvesters were parasites that only wanted to feed off him.

As Hans and the others had also never seen such despicable people before, they were at a loss of what to do.

Sophie said angrily, "If this is how it is, let's not earn this money. Let's leave this place and find another area of the sea that has less people to harvest black gold abalone."

This was a good ideaone Li Du had also thought about.