Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 772

Chapter 772: Skull Island
Chapter 772: Skull Island
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When Big Quinn was about to walk forward, Brother Wolf reached over, grabbed hold of him, and said softly, "You saw it and you still want to go over?"

"Australian sapphire grapes, why can't I go over?" Big Quinn looked curiously at Brother Wolf.

Brother Wolf replied, "Look closely at the grapevine. What else do you see?"

After hearing the rather baffling conversation between Big Quinn and Brother Wolf, Li Du took a closer look at the grapevine.

Li Du had also noticed the Australian sapphire grapes that Big Quinn spoke of. The grapevine that the Australian sapphire grapes grew on looked very appealing with clusters of grapes hanging off it.

But what else is here? Li Du took a close look at the grapevine and ultimately saw nothing.

As Big Quinn looked baffled, it was clear that he too could not see what else was on the grapevine. However, knowing Brother Wolf's personality, he would not lie to the both of them and had definitely noticed something.

After releasing the little bug and having it fly closer to inspect the grapevine, Li Du was shocked.

Being able to see the grapevine more clearly after the little bug, who had a better vision, flew close to it, Li Du saw a snake coiling around a vine that was located in between the green grapevine and the clusters of purple grapes.

The long snake, which had white strips on its body and exterior that was also purple, was hidden in between the grape clusters. As it was very well hidden, spotting it was indeed not possible without taking a close look at the grapevine.

"There are snakes," Li Du said. "Two."

There was another snake, which was small, green, and only 20 to 30 centimeters long, resting on the top of the same grapevine. As the body of the small snake was exactly the same as the green leaves that it was resting in, detecting it was even harder.

As Brother Wolf did not notice the small green snake, he wondered, "Are there two?"

After Li Du pointed out the snake for him, he came to a sudden realization and said, "I only saw the purple viper. It turns out that there is another snake. What snake is that? I have never seen a snake like that before."

With its jade body and crimson eyes, the small snake was very beautiful.

Li Du felt that the small snake looked a little like a trimeresurus stejnegeri, which he had seen in his hometown before. However, the eyes of a trimeresurus stejnegeri were not crimson red.

Regardless of the snakes' species, based on their appearance, it was best not to provoke them.

However, the delicious grapes were right in front of their eyes. As there were currently no more fruits on the yacht, they had to replenish their supplies with a few grapes from this place, and they were unwilling to leave empty-handed.

Li Du looked at the snakes and then at Ah Meow. Indeed, the ocelot was allowed to fight the snakes.

After Li Du gave Ah Meow a command, Ah Meow immediately scampered over, dashed nimbly under the grapevine, and climbed up the grapevine's trunk, which was as thick as an adult's arm, before bringing the purple viper down with a lightning-fast strike.

Vipers were the kings among poisonous snakes and were known for being ferocious.

Despite that, the viper was unable to show its ferocity when faced against Ah Meow. The viper, which lay motionless for a long period of time after being swiped onto the ground by Ah Meow, had most likely been knocked out.

The small green snake was rather clever. After seeing Ah Meow's attack, it immediately escaped by slithering along the vines, which were intertwined with each other, at a very fast speed.

Brother Wolf, who was full of admiration for Ah Meow, said, "So cool. I've never seen such an amazing ocelot before. Ah Meow is really an exceptional predator."

Like the tiger snake that they had encountered previously, the viper was also not a match for Ah Meow. As ocelots had an exceptionally fast reaction time, snakes were their prey.

It was not because ocelots were much stronger than vipers but because ocelots were the natural enemies of vipers. As poisonous snakes mainly relied on the speed of their attacks, they would be helpless if their opponent was faster than them.

Unfortunately for the viper, as Ah Meow had been strengthened by the little bug, he was the fighter among ocelots. Since he was the fastest and strongest ocelot, he was on a completely different level than those poisonous snakes.

With the poisonous snake taken care of by Ah Meow, the few of them carefully approached the grapevine, picked some grapes each, and began eating them.

"Not poisonous, right?" Hans asked uneasily.

Brother Wolf replied, "Use your shirt to wipe them. At most, there's dirt on them. They are not poisonous."

"What if the poisonous snake dripped venom on them?" Hans asked, worried.

Brother Wolf replied, "Venom is the most important body fluid in poisonous snakes. Would you cut open a main artery and spray blood all over the yard of your house for no reason?"

As Godzilla was a glutton, his eyes lit up after seeing food. Without even wiping the grapes after plucking them, Godzilla, who was not afraid that they were poisonous, ate a whole string of grapes in just three mouthfuls.

While eating the grapes, Godzilla asked, "Boss, why are these grapes so delicious? Also, why do they look so odd? Look, so long. They are also slightly carved?"

Hans teased him, "These are obviously not ordinary grapes. They are formed from grafting grapes onto other plants."

"What were the grapes grafted onto?" Godzilla wondered.

"What are you talking about?" Hans continued teasing him.

Godzilla plucked another string of grapes and said, "Were the grapes grafted onto cucumber plants? No, if they were grafted onto cucumber plants, they should have changed color. Or, they were grafted onto eggplant plants?"

Unable to hold it in, Hans suddenly broke into uncontrollable laughter.

The grapes were indeed very delicious. The group of them had arrived at just the right time when the grapes were very plump, sturdy when pressed in their hands, and had juicy meat. Furthermore, as the grapes were also free of pollutants and completely natural, they had a satisfying time eating them.

Having eaten a few strings of grapes, they plucked a bunch of grapes before taking off their shirts and carrying the grapes back.

After being informed that the island had grapevines, Sophie and the others became excited and requested loudly to go onto the island.

As Li Du wanted to harvest the black gold abalone around the island, Brother Wolf, Big Quinn, and Godzilla found a piece of barren land next to the sea, cleared away the weeds, and set up camp.

While Li Du had been eating the grapes earlier, he released the little bug to survey the island. This island, which was the island that the few people on Cape Barren island had been talking about yesterday, was surrounded by reefs and had quite a number of black gold abalones living in its shallow waters.

Probably due to the island being a place where very few people traveled to, many animals inhabited its waters. Besides sea lions, which Li Du had seen before, there were also penguins in the sea. This was the first time Li Du, who had always thought that penguins only lived in the South Pole, had seen penguins.

Having also spotted various types of fish, prawns, crabs, and mollusks, Li Du felt that they could have their fill on seafood if he was to harvest black gold abalone here.

From time to time, he would wonder, Since there are free seafood and fruits and the environment here is so good, why don't I migrate and stay here?

However, he reckoned that living for a long period of time in a place like Cape Barren Island where there was no internet, gas, electricity, and basic necessities would drive one crazy.

After the group, led by Brother Wolf, swiftly cleared a piece of land, Li Du was ready to bring Sophie and the others over. However, when he went to inspect the piece of land, he noticed a lizard crawling out.

There were a lot of lizards in Australia, especially in the desert regions. As this was an island surrounded by the sea, there were fewer lizards here and hence, this was the first time Li Du had encountered one.

While the lizard, which was approximately 20 centimeters long, scampered around the piece of sandy land that Brother Wolf and his group had cleared, an area of the sandy land behind it began shaking rapidly. After which, a black figure popped out from the ground and pounced on the lizard.

The black figure's movements were very quick. After the black figure pounced on the lizard, the lizard made a few attempts at escape before straightening its limbs.

Having seen clearly what it was that had come out of the ground, the corner of Li Du's mouth twitched. F*ck, it's a centipede! A large, foot-long centipede!

He had never seen such a huge centipede before. The centipede, which had a brightly colored back and a segmented body, arrogantly wriggled away while dragging the lizard with it.

Taken aback, Li Du could not help but shout, "F*ck! We aren't on Skull Island, right?"