Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 776

Chapter 776: A Wrecked Boat
Chapter 776: A Wrecked Boat
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At night, the islands in the South Pacific had a lot of stars above them. Each piece of land in the South Pacific considered an island had its own unique features. A person was always able to discover some amazing features on the islands.

Even though Li Du didn't know how many people had come to Seagull Island before, he was certain that that number was low as there were no traces of humans on the island. The entire island was lonely and divorced from mankind.

Brother Wolf was in front of the group clearing a path for the others. As the island was overgrown with grass and weeds, they had to find reefs that were next to the beach and walk on them. These reefs were barely walkable.

After walking less than 700 feet, Brother Wolf, who was initially in front clearing a path with a machete in hand, had no choice but to bring Ah Meow over.

There were too many snakes on the island. In just 700 feet, they had encountered over ten snakes. Even someone as brave as Brother Wolf had to be cautious.

Right off the bat, Hans wanted to give up. "Li, let's go back. Why are we exploring this island when we have nothing to do? What use does this have for us?"

Li Du replied, "As we have to stay here for a period of time, it's better to have some understanding of the island. Who knows? Maybe this island has some hidden treasure?"

"Hidden treasure?" Hans opened his arms in an exaggerated manner. "You sure are imaginative. However, you may be right. There are so many snakes living here, maybe they are guarding some hidden treasure?"

Godzilla, following behind them, smiled. "Snakes are edible and delicious."

Brother Wolf nodded. "Although they are edible, try not to touch them. There are a lot of parasites in the flesh of snakes. In this type of environment, the damage that the parasites inflict on humans is fatal."

Having seen too many snakes, Hans was afraid that an accident might occur and hence, did not want to continue exploring.

Even though Li Du was more cautious than Hans, he chose to continue exploring as he knew that the reason for there being so many snakes was because they had walked onto the route that the snakes took.

Since the groups of snakes on the island were sea snakes, they would need to return to the sea to hunt for food. Just like what he'd previously observed, instead of slithering all over the place, the snakes followed a fixed route.

At present, they were walking along the fixed route that the snakes took to return to the sea and hence, had encountered so many snakes.

Ah Meow walked in front of them to clear a path. Whenever Ah Meow, who possessed an unlimited amount of energy and viewed the snakes as interesting playthings, saw a snake, he would run over to it and use his claws to send it flying.

While looking at snakes constantly flying into the air, the corner of Hans's eye kept twitching, and he could not help but persuade, "Ah Meow, stop provoking them. What are we going to do if the group of snakes becomes furious and comes after us for revenge?"

As Brother Wolf had taken out snake repellent and sprayed it once around them, the sea snakes, which were ready to strike, flickered their tongues after landing and immediately slithered away.

After walking past a section of the snakes' route, they arrived at a beautiful, wide beach, which had fine snow-white sand and waves constantly crashing and retreating from it.

Like sieves, the waves that came and went removed large pieces of rocks, and even gravel, from the beach and had ultimately created a spotless beach.

There were some items that the waves had left behind, such as seaweed, sea mustards, small sea snails, mollusks, etc, on the areas of the beach near the sea.

While Li Du and the others walked along the beach, a few hermit crabs emerged from under their feet. Thinking that their nests had been discovered, the hermit crabs carried their conch shells and sea snail shells and hurriedly emerged from the sand to search for another place to settle down in.

After turning his head and seeing this sight, Lu Guan said, "This place is so beautiful. We should set up camp here."

"It's dangerous here," Brother Wolf responded. "There are a lot of snakes passing through and the sea breeze is too strong. This place is not suitable for setting up camp. With no deepwater regions near the shore, the yacht can't anchor nearby. If there's trouble, we won't be able to leave."

Li Du nodded. "For matters like this, listen to Brother Wolf. We'll do what he says."

While the group of them walked on the fine snow-white sand of the beach, they felt the atmosphere suddenly become less tense.

There were some trees scattered on the beach. As the trees had curved trunks and pinnate leaves, Li Du thought that they were coconut trees when he first saw them and was elated.

However, after taking a closer look, there were neither coconuts nor fruits on the trees.

Brother Wolf said, "These aren't coconut trees. These are Australian pines, which slightly resemble coconut trees from afar. However, if you've seen them before, you'll think that the difference between the two types of trees is very huge."

Li Du responded, "It's still great even if they are Australian pines. It's a pity that the island can't be developed due to having too many snakes. Otherwise, the island would definitely be a great tourist attraction."

Hans laughed. "No, not possible. How are the electrical and communication problems going to be solved? Rely completely on importing diesel and gasoline from other places? If that's the case, the cost of living will be too high."

"But there's an extremely beautiful beach on this island," Lu Guan rebutted. "So long as there's a gorgeous beach, people would be willing to come over for a vacation."

Australia was a famous holiday location. Since Australia was completely surrounded by sea, there were a lot of high-quality beaches there.

As the best beaches in Australia had been bought by the top hotels, there was a cost to enjoying them. There was a saying in Australia: "Good hotels make the beaches their private property."

After continuing along the beach, they discovered something surprising: instead of being continuous along the coastline, the beach had a small bay, which was formed from the crashing of waves, in the middle.

In other words, there was an area of the sea that had extended into the middle of the island's beach.

The small bay had a tiny area that was only approximately one hectare. Besides having the same fine snow-white sand that the beach had, the bottom of the small bay also had clusters of corals.

As such, with the vibrant colors of the corals contrasting with the white sand, the scene was very striking.

The small bay was very shallow, and its deepest area was less than six feet deep. The few various-sized fish, prawns, and crabs that inhibited its waters and the frequent crashing of the waves maintained its liveliness.

As sunlight shined into the shallow and clear waters of the small bay, they were able to pretty much view the entire small bay in one glance.

After squatting on the beach and looking down, Hans turned his head and smiled. "Hey, there are black gold abalones, see them? There's a large one there, and a bunch of small ones as well. We're so lucky!"

When Li Du saw Hans getting ready to go into the small bay, he reached out, grabbed hold of him, and said, "Clearly, these small black gold abalones are the large abalone's offsprings. Don't disturb them, let them live here."

As one black gold abalone was insignificant to them and the elegance and tranquillity of the small bay were breathtaking, Li Du did not want to destroy this tranquil and beautiful place.

After continuing forward, they walked past the beach and arrived at a large coral reef.

The remaining parts of the island did not have many scenic views. Similar to the other parts of the barren island, the remaining parts of the island only had various types of plants growing wildly in them.

When they arrived at the southeast corner of the island, Brother Wolf suddenly pointed at a distant area of the sea. "Guys lookwhat's that?"

After taking a look, Li Du spotted a shadow on the surface of the sea. When he observed the shadow with binoculars, he saw that it was a wrecked boat with half its body in the sea and the other half on the surface of the sea.

"Huh, there's a boat here? Are there treasures on the boat?" Hans asked joyfully.

Li Du mocked, "Earlier, you ridiculed me when I said that there's hidden treasure on the island. Aren't you slapping yourself in the face with what you are saying now?"

Hans rebutted, "Of course not. You said that there's hidden treasure on the island. I said that it's the sea that has hidden treasures. There are lots of sunken boats that have treasures on them in the South Pacific. Come, let's find a way to go onboard and have a look. Who knows, maybe there are some valuable items on the boat?"