Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 779

Chapter 779: The Large Sea Animal
Chapter 779: The Large Sea Animal
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Within two days, Li Du found himself wrong about Hans.

In late April, when the weather was as bright as ever, he set out to sea in the morning, and Hans soon harvested more than a dozen black gold abalone.

The weather was getting colder, and they didn't have much time left to harvest. Abalone season was almost over, so they wanted to do more work while the weather was still good.

Once more, after catching the black gold abalone, Li Du saw Hans sitting on the deck watching him.

"Are you ready to rest? Didn't you just have a rest?" he asked.

"No, I'm waiting for you," said Hans.

"What are you waiting for?" asked Li Du.

He didn't have to take Hans with him to catch the black gold abalone. He could fix the position of the black gold abalone in advance and hang a buoy to mark it.

In this way, the buoy floated on the sea, and Hans only had to follow the line on the buoy to find the black gold abalone.

In this way, the two of them no longer had to go into the water together, and Hans did not have to follow him. This saved a lot of time.

Hans pointed to the driver's cab and said, "Somebody called us just now. Guess who it was?"

"Sophie or Big Quinn?" asked Li Du casually.

"No, guess again." Hans smiled coldly.

Suddenly, Li Du guessed the answer. "The fishing and hunting bureau officer that took our number that day. Is it him?"

Hans nodded heavily. "Yes, it was them. Can you guess why they called?"

"I can't guess, just say it," he said.

"There was a problem at a marine monitoring station, and they asked us to help repair it," said Hans.

Li Du said helplessly, "That's very interesting. Help for free? But it's no big deal to help."

Hans said, "It's not a big deal this time, but what about next time? In the future? We've seen them set up dozens of monitoring stations here!"

"Consider it as being a good person. If you don't like it, you can turn them down," Li Du said.

Hans shook his head. "No, we can't refuse them. That's the way it is. It is not a choice. If we don't help, we will be hated, and it will make our lives difficult."

It was true that the bureau officers were powerful people, and they had courts and police stations to back them up.

If you offended them, even if you were legally harvesting black gold abalone, they still had the means to clean you out, as long as they kept checking on you.

Under Australian law, everyone had to cooperate with the fishing and hunting bureau when they entered the ocean, and on the ocean, the bureau had more authority than the police had on land.

So when the bureau officers checked on you, you had to cooperate every time. Then you would not have the time to go in the water, and you would not be able to harvest black gold abalone. If you didn't cooperate with the inspection, the court would revoke your harvesting permit.

Helping at the maintenance monitoring station was not an easy thing. They had to go and see what was wrong, and had to describe it to the technical staff of the fishing and hunting bureau. The technical staff would give them a way to solve it, and they would need to go back and repair the damage.

Every marine monitoring station had floating panels with solar panels and numbers on it.

According to the fishing and hunting bureau officer, the nets at the 1055 site appeared to have caught a large sea animal, which dragged the equipment into the water.

After a search, they found a large floating board in the lonely sea, with four bright red numbers on it, 1-0-5-5.

At that point, the floating board was slanted on the sea's surface, and there seemed to be a problem.

Hans was about to jump into the water to see what was going on. Li Du, who had the little bug, held Hans back and jumped in himself.

As he entered the water, he released the little bug. First, he checked to see if there were any sea snakes around.

He often had to deal with sea snakes, but at least they had a better temper than most snakes on land. He wondered if they were not fierce because of the sea water's low temperature.

Sea snakes lived in water for a sole purpose, to eat. They swam for their food, so they were not dangerous as long as you didn't mess with them.

Once during one of Li Du's previous dives, he had almost run into a sea snake. It was his most dangerous moment.

At that time, Li Du was quick to react and immediately kept still in the water. The sea snake stared at him for a moment, and then left when it felt he was not a threat.

The water this time was clear. There were no sea snakes around.

He breathed a sigh of relief, then let the little bug fly around to see exactly what was gripping the net.

Soon, the little bug saw the culprit.

About 20 meters from Li Du, a large sea animal, four to five meters long, with dark eyes, fierce teeth, and strong jaws was entangled in the monitoring station's nets.

Its back was light brown, and its abdomen was pale white. Its body was heavy and strong, and its tail was crescent-shaped.

When Li Du saw it, it also saw Li Du, and then the crescent tail swung and dragged the floating board toward him.

As it swam, the creature opened its mouth and revealed rows of thick teeth, triangular in shape and serrated at the edges, like chainsaws!

Sh*t, a great white shark!

After seeing this sea animal's appearance, Li Du was scared almost senseless. It was no exaggeration to say that he was confronted by a great white shark.

He did not mistake the fish's identity. When he lived on the coast of Melbourne, a great white shark had been swept to the door of his hotel by a hurricane.

When the great white shark saw him, it swam over immediately. His dark eyes were shining with a cold, bloodthirsty light.

Li Du was briefly frightened by its power, and when he realized it, he quickly said to himself, slow down time, and quickly swam up in the water. He grabbed the side of the boat and climbed in.

Fortunately, the great white shark was slow because its body was caught in a net, and it had to swim with a large floating board above it.

The buoyancy of the floatation board was great, in order to help prevent the big fish from being caught in the net and carrying the machine out to sea.

Li Du darted up quickly, and Hans was startled. "D*mn, you are fast."

"If I don't hurry, I'll be dead!" shouted Li Du. He was going crazy.

Hans said, "What is underwater? This thing is so strong. Look, it's dragging the flotation board like a boat."

Li Du stepped on the speedboat's accelerator, turned the bow and sped off. Hans almost fell off the boat and could not stand still. He asked curiously, "What actually happened?"

"There's a great white shark down there. Let's go!"

Hans gasped. "My father Jesus, sh*t!"