Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 781

Chapter 781: Ride On A Shark And Break The Net
Chapter 781: Ride on a Shark and Break the Net
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Brother Wolf intervened. He hung up the satellite phone and said, "Boss, I'll take care of it."

Pointing to the water, Li Du cried, "You'll handle it? How can you? It is a shark. A great white shark is swimming in the water. I'm sure you could feel that it has a great temper."

Brother Wolf patted his waist lightly and said, "I brought the shark repellent. Trust me, I can fix this."

He put on his diving suit, hung a few small bottles around his waist, took a sharp knife in his mouth, and jumped into the water.

Li Du was worried and sent the little bug to follow him.

Brother Wolf jumped into the water and quickly found the white shark watching him.

He was not afraid. His legs paddled through the water, and he swam quickly to its position.

The great white shark had been caught in the net for some time, and now it was very grumpy. Swimming around in the water, it looked very easy to provoke.

As Brother Wolf swam toward it, the shark's black eyes gave off a cold sensation, and its fins and tail beat against the water.

At that moment, the great white shark was an underwater missile, fast and formidable.

The moment the great white shark charged, Brother Wolf didn't move aside but instead twisted his back to swim forward.

The two parties passed each other. Brother Wolf stretched out his arms to grasp the white shark wrapped in the net and laid right on it.

The great white shark was so big, about four or five meters long. Brother Wolf laid on it like a baby kangaroo hanging onto a big kangaroo.

The great white shark's body was not very sensitive. After swimming in the water for a while, it found that the target was no longer there, so it slowed down.

Then Brother Wolf began to work. He took the sharp knife in his mouth with his right hand, and began to cut the net on the great white shark's back.

The net itself was not very strong, because sea animals might get stuck in it. Because of this, the net was as loose as possible. Sea creatures could struggle and possibly free themselves after being entangled.

However, the great white shark was unlucky. It didn't break the net when it struggled. Instead, it was entangled more in it.

Brother Wolf patiently cut the net layer by layer as the great white shark swam in the water.

It had great strength and stamina. It was dragging the floatation board, and it could still be so energetic.

The great white shark was not stupid, as some research suggests. It has a certain IQ.

As Brother Wolf cut off the net around it, it became more comfortable, and it gradually became more tame.

Perhaps it had found that the more tame it was, the more comfortable it felt.

Brother Wolf cut off two layers of fishing net and stripped them off, leaving the rest to the great white shark.

There was not much net left on the shark's body. Only a few bits and pieces still hung off of it.

As Brother Wolf let go of the net to swim to the side, the great white shark discovered him. With a sudden twist of its head and a torrent of displaced water, the ferocious shark turned to look at Brother Wolf.

The water hit Brother Wolf and pushed him around, but he didn't panic. He remained calm and soon changed his swimming position.

The great white shark had a certain intelligence, but it was a beast, after all. It did not realize that Brother Wolf had helped it. With a flick of its tail, it swam toward him. Seeing it open its mouth ferociously, it was obvious the shark was not coming to thank him.

Brother Wolf remained calm. He quickly took out two bottles of shark repellent and sprayed into the water around him.

The great white shark that had rushed in front of him seemed to have been scalded, and it suddenly turned its head down into the sea.

Brother Wolf continued to spray the shark repellent, which was very effective. The great white shark quickly wiggled its body and disappeared.

Seeing this, Brother Wolf put the shark repellent away. He quickly swam out of the water to the side of the yacht.

Li Du and Godzilla reached out and pulled him up. "Well done!" they said.

Brother Wolf's performance in the water was really outstanding. The skills, psychology, knowledge, and other integrated aspects of his ability were amazing.

To tell the truth, if Li Du had been asked to do what Brother Wolf had done, he would certainly have not succeeded and would probably have died in the shark's mouth.

It may have seemed like a simple thing to do, cutting the net off on a shark and then spraying shark repellent to drive it away, but it was really difficult.

The big thing about Brother Wolf was that he had done the job, and he looked like he had done it easily.

After hearing his praise, Brother Wolf laughed and said, "It was not hard. I've trained in Norway to work with sharks and fight sharks in the sea."

The ocean monitoring station could still be used. Although the net was broken, the circuit was fine. The solar panels on the floating panels could continue to provide power, and underwater cameras could continue to work.

The fishing and hunting bureau later called to say they had received satellite signals from the camera and thanked them for their help.

This was not a favor, but a deal. Li Du and the others could now harvest black gold abalone more easily.

The fishing and hunting bureau was very conscientious and responsible in the management of black gold abalones, but they were not machines. They could make mistakes and weren't perfect.

They were unable to monitor all of Australia's waters, and fishing and hunting bureau officers were patrolling only the waters where the black gold abalones were most plentiful to make sure there were no violations.

Some black gold abalone fishermen worked in waters beyond the control of the fishing and hunting bureau officers, where they could use oxygen tanks and other equipment to assist them.

Li Du was out of their reach, and they couldn't control it. They couldn't fly a helicopter every once in a while to check him out.

Now, Brother Wolf had helped them solve some of the problems at the ocean monitoring station, so they turned a blind eye to Li Du's work of harvesting black gold abalone.

Back around the island, when he went down to harvest the black gold abalone, Li Du put on a magic weapon and carried an oxygen bottle on his back, which saved him a lot of time going up and down.

With the help of equipment, Li Du and Hans harvested more and more black gold abalones. Lu Guan and the others had been sending the harvest to Herrick every day to earn a lot of money.

Their catch caught the attention of other black gold abalone fishermen, some of whom sent messages back to King Island. Immediately there were fishermen coming to Herrick, wanting to track them down.

However, it was bigger than just King Island. King Island was so small, there was no hiding place. However, Tasmania was big.

Herrick was on Tasmania, which was a big island with lots of docks and ports. They changed their route every time they went to the island, and the fishermen couldn't follow them.

This experience of fighting using wits and courage intrigued Li Du, who was happy to see the fishermen in anguish. In late April, he sold the black gold abalone himself and caught up with the fishermen on the way.