Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 782

Chapter 782: Illegal Immigration
Chapter 782: Illegal Immigration
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The yacht docked at Devonport, which was a great deepwater port that had no black gold abalone in its waters. Even if there were black gold abalones, free-diving was not possible in its waters without the help of any tools.

As such, there were no black gold abalone harvesters in the port's waters.

While Li Du and the others carried coolers onto the port, Lu Guan gave the buyer a call and told him that the deal would take place in Railton, which was behind Devonport.

Godzilla, Brother Wolf, Li Du, and Hans, who held a cooler each, distributed themselves around Lu Guan and looked, argus-eyed, at their surroundings.

While Lu Guan was talking unceasingly on the phone, Hans got tired of waiting and turned back to ask, "Hey, mate, who's the lovely lady you are spending such a long time talking to?"

"Of course I'm not talking to a lady. I'm catching up with him," Lu Guan said sternly.

Hans questioned, "Catching up? You're catching up with him on the phone? Spending such a long time?"

Lu Guan forced a smile and replied, "Alright, I admit, I'm getting a kick out of our current situation."

"What do you mean?" Li Du asked casually.

Lu Guan pointed at them and replied, "Look, boss, you guys standing around me and carrying the goods in your hands, while I'm calling the buyer and telling him the secret meeting point. What does this look like?"

There was no need for them to answer as Li Guan answered his own question. "Doesn't this look like big shot arms dealers contacting a warlord? Of course it does. I've had a dream since I was young, which is to be a ringleader."

"Alright, your days as a ringleader have ended," Hans interrupted. "Quickly go find a place where we can drink some fruit juice to replenish some vitamins."

"Next time, I will contact the customer," Hans then told Li Du. "Next time, let me be the ringleader. Say nothingthat type of feeling is indeed pretty great."

Li Du could not help but roll his eyes. Just as Hans was about to speak, a boorish-sounding voice could be heard from behind. "Hey, dog sh*t, why are you obstructing this area? Quickly move the f*ck aside!"

When an electric truck, which was dragging a trailer behind it, drove over, the driver leaned out of a window and waved his fist at Li Du and his group.

As Li Du hated people who scolded others once there was a disagreement, he frowned and said, "If you need us to make way, you just have to say so. Why scold us?"

Even though Li Du spoke in a very polite manner, the driver burst into laughter after hearing his words.

Having let out a few laughs, the driver leaned out the window, spat a mouthful of thick phlegm onto the ground, and scornfully said, "Are you hoping that I'd use more respectful words? Sorry, p*ssy, this is how we men are."

Hearing the driver speak to Li Du in such a manner, Godzilla's face immediately turned red. With big strides, he ran to the driver and reached over to grab his collar.

The driver was thunderstruck. His face also immediately turned red and he bellowed, "Son of a b*tch, what are you trying to do?"

Without saying a word, Godzilla, who was holding on to him, swung a punch.

Although the driver was boorish, his fighting capability was definitely not on par with Godzilla's. As such, the driver started the truck and reversed quickly.

The truck was electric and had a small cargo container behind it. Due to the truck reversing abruptly, the small cargo container swayed back and forth in the trailer.

While running alongside the truck, Godzilla tore at the driver. If the truck's window hadn't been small, Godzilla would have already pulled the driver out of the truck through the window.

However, the situation became even more dangerous due to the truck having small windows. With the driver frantically trying to steer the truck due to his body having gotten stuck in the truck's window, the truck swayed from side to side dangerously.

At this moment, Lu Guan suddenly frowned and pointed at the trailer. "Hey, what's inside that?"

While looking a little puzzled with her head slanted, Ah Ow flapped her ears and stared at the trailer as well.

Paying no attention to Lu Guan and Ah Ow, Li Du hurriedly ran toward Godzilla and grabbed hold of him. Can't let him continue running amok. We'll be in trouble if the truck crashes.

With Godzilla dragged away by Li Du and Brother Wolf, the driver was finally free from the big man's clutches.

After escaping from Godzilla, the driver, who was also hot-tempered, stepped on the brake pedal, picked up a walkie-talkie, and called for assistance.

Soon after, two swarthy Asian men ran over. The man running in front frowned and asked, "What's going on? Quickly bring our cargo container to the port."

The driver bellowed, "F*ck the cargo container. Didn't you see that I was bullied? I want to beat up these sons of bit*ches!"

All of a sudden, the Asian man who had yet to speak gave a fierce look, clenched his fist, and was about to open his mouth to say something. The man who had spoken earlier held him back with a glare.

When a group of workers from the port hurried over to their side, someone bellowed, "Who bullied a member of our Poison Fang gang? Brothers, go over and beat them to a bloody pulp!"

Brother Wolf stood calmly in front of Li Du. "Boss Fox, Lu Guan, stand behind me."

Lu Guan was not with Li Du and the others. He was standing next to the truck with his ears against the cargo container and was trying to make out the contents inside.

While standing next to him, Ah Ow also placed her pointy ears against the cargo container and, like Lu Guan, focused on trying to make out what was inside.

Having noticed their actions, Li Du frowned. "What are you guys doing? Quickly come over."

With an astonished look on his face, Lu Guan said, "Boss, there's a person in the cargo container!"

Li Du, whose eyebrows had become even more closely knitted together, asked, "What? A person? Are you kidding me? Who would place a person in a cargo container?"

Ah Ow raised her head and began howling. "Awoo! Awoo!"

After howling twice, Ah Ow closed her mouth and vigorously scratched the iron wall of the cargo container with her claws. Evidently, something in the cargo container had captivated her.

Li Du immediately released the little bug. Among the numerous cardboard boxes inside the cargo container, he saw a large wooden box that indeed had people inside. The large wooden box had a total of four children. Of the four children, three were unconscious and one was hitting weakly against the wooden box while mumbling something.

He felt that that child looked a little familiar, as though he had seen him somewhere before. As ten-plus stevedores hurried over in force when he was about to take a closer look, he had no choice but to return his sight from the little bug.

The driver pointed at Lu Guan and Ah Ow and shouted, "That man and his dog is with these sons of b*tches. Don't let them go!"

Thinking that Ah Ow was a wild dog, one of the stevedores swung his leg toward her.

Little did he know, Ah Ow was a Mexican wolf who was great at fighting.

At present, Ah Ow was no longer the young wolf she used to be and possessed the physique of an adult wolf.

Faced with an imminent attack, Ah Ow contracted the muscles in her four limbs and leaped three feet into the air. After dodging the incoming kick and landing on the ground, Ah Ow immediately pounced on the burly man who attacked her and tackled him. With a bang, the burly man collapsed onto the ground.

As Ah Ow knocked her head against the burly man's jaw when she tackled him, the burly man cried out in pain and spit out a mouthful of blood: his entire jaw was slanted!

Having effortlessly dealt with her attacker, Ah Ow leaped into the air and stared viciously at the stevedores. Following which, she opened her mouth to reveal her ferocious-looking teeth and let out a deep howl. The look that Ah Ow had on her face was exceptionally fierce.

Frightened by Ah Ow, the stevedores retreated one after another.

After running over, Lu Guan told Li Du, "There's a person in the cargo container. Seems like it isn't just one person."

Hans immediately figured out what was going on and exclaimed, "Illegal immigration!"

Li Du became puzzled. Since people usually immigrated illegally from third world countries to first world countries, and Australia was a first world country, where were these people illegally immigrating to? Furthermore, the people in the wooden box were children. Where were the children illegally immigrating to?

Brother Wolf whispered, "If it's illegal immigration, we're in trouble."