Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 783

Chapter 783: Open The Box
Chapter 783: Open the Box
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Smuggling in any country was monopolized by local gangs, which meant they were in trouble with the local gangs.

However, Li Du was not afraid. They had already offended the gang. Obviously, the smuggling was done by a local gang called the Poisonous Fang Gang.

He was sure that there was someone in the box. He had the gang's evidence, and he was sure he could deal with them as soon as the police arrived.

Australia, after all, was not Somalia, where the police may be cooperating with gangs. Besides, it would impossible to defend the gang when the evidence was so strong.

As more and more stevedores rushed in, Li Du and the others were in a losing position.

It was not a good choice to fight or to settle it by obeying their orders. Li Du could only deal with these people through judicial means. He waved his hand and pointed to the container and said, "First, seize this thing!"

Brother Wolf was first to rush into the crowd when he received the order. He jumped up in the air. His long and strong legs kicked two men down.

The two men, like sandbags, were kicked out of the room.

After a stable landing, Brother Wolf dashed into the crowd. His two fists were like vipers, and his knee raised like a thunder hammer, repeatedly hitting the people in front of him and knocking them to the ground.

The driver, who was about to rebel, rolled his eyes with a shriek and was dragged back like a dead dog.

Brother Wolf's valor shocked the stevedores. They were only big and powerful workmen, fighting by brute force. They were considered great if they could beat up two men.

But Brother Wolf? He was a fighting machine that Germany had spent a lot of money training!

Suddenly, he caught the opposition by surprise and succeeded in taking the driver as a hostage.

Dragging the driver back, Brother Wolf threw him to Godzilla and snapped, "Who dares to come back? Get out of here, or I'll make you leave the hard way."

The driver was stubborn, bellowing, "Barf, come, come on!"

He had been nearly strangled by Brother Wolf, and when he was passed to Godzilla, who was stronger but didn't use a choke hold, he was relieved.

Hearing his roar, the stevedores were excited. "Tough guy, Big Hammer, well done!"

"Don't you dare hurt him! The Poisonous Fang Gang has no soft men! The Poisonous Fang Gang does not give warnings!"

"You all are so dead. The Poisonous Fang Gang will let you bleed to the last drop of blood and die."

His companion's support made the driver even more excited. He opened his mouth and wanted to speak. Brother Wolf gave him an iron fist to the liver.

The driver, who had just opened his mouth, was in a miserable state. His eyes suddenly popped out, and his legs became as limp as noodles.

No one knew what he was feeling, but he turned his eyes out as if he were a dead fish, and his hands clung to his stomach. There was no sound.

The crowd's roar was instantly deafening.

Brother Wolf ruthlessly said, "This is the first punch. I can break a person's liver with three punches. Believe me, after the third punch, even God won't be able to save him!"

A big fellow looked at him angrily and shouted, "Who are you? How dare you do that?"

Brother Wolf said, "Shut up and get out of here. Ask your leader to come out. The others don't deserve to talk to me!"

"I am the leader!" The big fellow continued shouting.

As soon as he spoke, Ah Ow pounced forward. Her speed and explosive power were much stronger than that of human beings. Her speed was as fast as a leopard.

Both of the groups were only about ten meters away from each other. The crowd was not able to react to Ah Ow's attack. They felt like their vision had blurred and the next second, the big fellow was knocked to the ground.

Ah Ow hit the big man in the chest like a musket ball. She hit him with her forehead that was like an iron skull. The big man was knocked unconscious.

Ah Ow got up and grabbed the man's clothes. She pulled the man with all her might, dragging him back like a sack.

For a moment, the stevedores were silent and watched in horror.

With two hostages in hand, one of them being the gang leader, Li Du felt confident.

He smiled and said, "Now, let your leader speak."

A**hole, who would dare to speak? They had taken their leader captive as soon as he opened his mouth.

At the same time, the dock police were alerted, and another tram came, this time a police tram. Two white police officers rushed down and asked, "What's the matter?"

At the sight of the police, the stevedores came to their senses again. "These people bullied us and seized our truck."

"No, they kidnapped our man."

"They're here to grab territory? Officer Drew, they must be people from a gang."

Li Du also wanted to explain, but the police didn't want to listen. They pointed to them and shouted, "Shut up, put your hands over your head and squat down!"

Hans took out his passport and cried, "We are Americans, Americans! Our safety is threatened by your Australian mafia. I want to see the embassy! Where is our aircraft carrier fleet?"

"D*mn the aircraft carrier fleet." A stevedore stamped his foot angrily. "Who do you think you are?"

However, it was a bold statement. The United States was the only country with a global maritime hegemony, and they relied on those aircraft carriers.

Seeing the passport, the two officers were kinder to them. An officer with a golden mustache asked, "What's going on?"

"We suspect they are engaged in smuggling," Li Du snapped. "There are people in this container!"

He knew it was true, so he sounded very certain.

Hearing this, a group of stevedores was stunned and burst into laughter.

The two policemen laughed and asked, "What? Smuggling? Smuggling where?"

"I don't know," he said coldly. "There are people in this container."

One of the stevedores took a step forward and said, "Don't be silly. We're just dockers. All the stuff has nothing to do with us. Even if there is smuggling activity, it has nothing to do with us, understand?"

Li Du sneered, "Why, are you scared?"

The stevedore stared at him in a rage, and Ah Ow stared at him and then charged forward.

She had two previous strikes that had knocked two people over. One was still bleeding at the corners of his mouth, and the other was even worse, fainting to the ground without waking up.

So the stevedore, startled by Ah Ow's attack, hurried back into the crowd.

"Did you see that? They're really scared. These bastards are doing an illegal trade!"