Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 794

Chapter 794: A Bold Request
Chapter 794: A Bold Request
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With the grand closing party being held on the cross junction in King Island, the usually bustling black gold abalone market had become a place for entertainment.

On International Workers' Day, which fell on the first of May, workers from more than 80 countries around the world were given a short holiday. As such, it was very apt for the grand closing party to be held on this date.

"Do you know what's wonderful?" A hefty man, who was dressed casually and was covered from head to toe with branded goods, said to Li Du, "What's wonderful is that after the holiday ends, other workers still have to go back to work, while we will really get to take a break!"

The hefty man was a black gold abalone harvester. Presently, the people at the cross junction who were either harvesters or buyers were all wealthy.

As harvesters had to frequently endure wind blowing against them and the sun shining on them when at sea, all of them, like bitter sailors, had rough skin and poor temperaments.

Despite that, all of them were actually extremely wealthy people who were worth millions of dollars each and were able to wear brand-name clothes, drive luxurious cars, and stay in mansions when not harvesting black gold abalone.

After hearing the hefty man's words, Li Du nodded while smiling and said, "It is indeed wonderful."

Another harvester walked over. This harvester was decked out with jewelry including large gold rings on his thumbs and various types of gemstones on eight of his ten fingers.

The harvester interrupted. "Gale, you are wrong. It's us who have to take a break. Li Du can continue earning money. This lucky bastard, he can earn money all year round."

The hefty man, Gale, smiled. "It's only on paper. With the cold water currents from the South Pole arriving soon, who would still dare to go into the sea? Brother, it's best that you take a break!"

A waiter walked over with a serving tray that had beverages such as beer, champagne, and hard liquor on it.

Today, the harvesters would not hold back and would drink as much as they wanted. Previously, as they had to dive in the sea, no one dared to drink alcohol for safety reasons. Starting today, they were free to indulge.

Li Du took a cocktail. Gale was right. Even though Li Du was allowed to go into the sea and harvest black gold abalone for an entire year, he would not be able to safely go into the sea for a period of time.

A lot of people came over to speak with Li Du. By this point, the harvesters had pretty much become good friends with one another.

Just by looking at the party, it was impossible to imagine that not long ago, the harvesters viewed each other as competitors and guarded against each other as if guarding against thieves.

The harvesters did not come to talk to Li Du to put up a false front and get closer to him. On the contrary, they really did have matters that needed Li Du's help.

"Li, it's currently summer in the northern hemisphere. I'm planning to take my family to China for a holiday. You are from China, right? Mind recommending some places?"

"I'm planning to go to America for a holiday. Li, you and Mr. Hans Fox must be very familiar with America. Do you think I should go to Los Angeles or New York? Or Las Vegas?"

"Li, which Asian countries are suitable for a holiday this season? I have heard that Thailand is very interesting. What do you think?"

Li Du tried his best to tell them everything he knew. For those planning to go to China, he would give them some recommendations. For those planning to go to countries such as Thailand and Cambodia, he was unable to provide them with any assistance.

As the sky turned darker, the cross junction became more and more lively.

The streets, which were festooned and decorated, had bright lanterns hanging everywhere. At the corner of one street, there was a large stage with bands performing on it.

A large number of beer barrels, which looked like a small mountain when stacked together, were transported via water to the party. As the beer was free, party goers could either drink the beer or splash it on their friends for fun.

The grand closing party was organized by black gold abalone buyers. Since a lot of them were from top hotels around the world, organizing a party was an effortless and extremely easy task for them.

The majority of the black gold abalone harvesters were wealthy and were considered magnates. As manual workers, they normally found joy in life from superficial things such as jewelry, luxury cars, and luxury houses.

As such, when organizing a party for them, the party had to be grand, magnificent, and opulent.

There were many grills and various temporary kitchens erected along the cross junction. At the cross junction, one could find unique cuisines from over a dozen countries as well as a variety of delicious wines.

Although everyone was welcome at the grand closing party, guests had to pay a 50 AUD fee each, which entitled them to an unlimited amount of food and drink.

For most people, spending 50 dollars for a feast was decidedly worth it.

A lot of pretty ladies were also present at the grand closing party. As those ladies were beautifully dressed in either sexy or innocent ensembles, everyone would be able to find a lady who fit their tastes.

Rather than being hired by the party's organizers, those ladies came on their own for the purpose of finding a wealthy husband or to hook up with magnates.

The fact that black gold abalone harvesters were wealthy was known by everyone in Australia. Despite that, they were usually either busy diving or going overseas on vacation.

Consequently, the annual gathering of black gold abalone harvesters was a great opportunity for women to get close to them.

Those ladies clearly understood that if they were to be married to a harvester, they would be able to wear as much gold and silver as they wanted, and eat and drink whatever they pleased.

The grand closing party was indeed a grand party for chasing after beautiful ladies. With those beautiful ladies delivering themselves to the harvesters, the harvesters would definitely not reject them. Rather than only craving sexual relations with those ladies, the harvesters would also seek a relationship with those whom they were compatible with.

Quite a number of harvesters had met their wives at grand closing parties. Nonetheless, as most of the ladies attending such a party were after fame and riches, those couples usually did not have a happy ending.

Not having seen Sophie before, a few harvesters thought she was also there to hook up with wealthy men. As Sophie's looks and bearing were the best among the ladies, those harvesters would go over and greet her one after another.

Despite that, most people at the party knew Sophie and Li Du. Because of this, every time a harvester was seen going over to Sophie to flirt with her, there would immediately be people going over to look at the commotion.

Since Sophie was a gentle and introverted person, she did not mind those harvesters and would give a brief explanation to each of them.

Even if the harvesters had not met Li Du, they would have heard of his name. After all, Li Du was the biggest dark horse in the black gold abalone market and a hero who had uncovered the child trafficking scandal.

After night fell, campfires began lighting up everywhere. With beer being transported over like streams of water and a DJ guiding the crowd, constant wild screams could be heard along the streets.

By chance, Li Du spotted Brooks, who was drunk, among a crowd of people. As he knew that Brooks was looking for the ama, he preemptively brought the ama away from him.

Having seen this, Brooks, who had a beer bottle in hand, shouted at the top of his voice, "Dirtbag, you want to go against me?"

Li Du sneered. "Do you want to go back to the police station?"

Brooks threw the beer bottle viciously to the ground, swore, and left.

The ama smiled. "Thank you, Mr. Li. If it wasn't for you, I'm afraid I would be humiliated again today."

Li Du responded, "This is nothing. He was way out of line."

The ama said, "I have been wanting to leave him but haven't had a good opportunity to, until I met you guys. I have yet to properly thank you. Thank you for saving me."

Li Du waved his hand. "You are too polite. How is what we did saving you?"

The ama replied in a serious manner, "Of course it is. On a side note, sir, if I may be so bold as to make a request."