Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 796

Chapter 796: Hunting Team
Chapter 796: Hunting Team
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The watches that the small motorcycles were made of were all Rolexes.

Even though Rolex was not the best watch brand in the world, it was still very well known, and the watches were quite expensive. This was especially so for these watches, which appeared from their color to be mostly gold.

Also because some of the wheels, frames, meters, and needles in the meters on the small motorcycles were gold in color, Li Du suspected that these watches were gold.

Li Du was only famous for having assisted in saving the four children but was not famous in the old goods trading market. Consequently, no one would be defensive when dealing with him.

While squatting in front of the small stall, Li Du got straight to the point and asked, "This desk is pretty nice. How much?"

The seller, an African American who was around 40 years old, spoke in a very fast manner. "Yeah yeah, this is a great rosewood desk. Are you Chinese? Chinese people love rosewood. This is rosewood."

Li Du could not help but laugh. "Rosewood? If that's the case, why isn't it red?"

After being briefly taken aback, the African American replied, "Must rosewood be red?"

In truth, rosewood was not necessarily red. Pterocarpus indicus was purple while some species of Dalbergia were, like the desk, brownish yellow.

Nonetheless, as the seller was speaking very quickly, Li Du followed suit and replied in a serious tone, "Yeah, it is red."

The African American pondered for a while and said, "You are not well versed in rosewood. Rosewood can also have such a color as this. I bought this from someone else. It has a certificate of authentication that proves it's rosewood furniture."

Li Du asked, "In that case. How much is it?"

The African American replied, "I bought it for 500 dollars. I'll sell it to you for 600 dollars. I just need to earn some money for transporting it."

The small watch motorcycles inside the desk were definitely worth more than 600 dollars and were estimated to be worth ten times or a hundred times more.

Despite that, Li Du insisted on bargaining with him for no other reason than to enjoy the fun of bargaining.

After a round of bargaining, the desk was ultimately sold for 200 dollars.

As the African American did not check the items inside the desk, he was very satisfied with the price. The stuff about the rosewood and the 500 dollar price was all made up, anyway.

After Li Du gave the seller 200 dollars, Godzilla walked over and carried the desk away.

When the group left the stall, Lu Guan asked Li Du, "Why did you buy this desk? What I meant was, do you want to know what that fella is saying about you now?"

With a smile on his face, Li Du asked, "What is he saying about me?"

Lu Guan replied, "He told the person next to him that he picked up the desk from a beach. Someone had thrown it away while tidying their yacht. He's surprised that he was able to sell it to you for 200 dollars. He called you an idiot."

Li Du only smiled and did not respond. After opening the drawer and taking out the small motorcycles, he found a secluded area and placed them into the black hole. In total, there were five small watch motorcycles that were all very valuable.

Besides the small motorcycles, Li Du was not able to gain much from the market as it did not have many antiques. It mainly had household items and diving equipment, which Li Du didn't need.

Having walked once around the market, Li Du gathered everyone and began making plans for the future.

As Hans felt that working with the ama was feasible, he would be staying behind with her to continue harvesting black gold abalone. Li Du arranged for Big Quinn to stay behind to help Hans.

Big Quinn's group, Hannah, and Stephen had to go back. Since their holiday was over, Big Quinn's children had to go to school, while Hannah and Stephen had to go back to work.

As for the others, Li Du took them to Lightning Ridge since he wanted to go take a look at the world famous Australian black opal mine. If there was an opportunity for him to harvest black opal, he would like to earn a huge sum of money while he was there.

With that, the seven of them, Li Du and Sophie, Brother Wolf and his daughter, Godzilla and Victoria, and Lu Guan, rented a Hummer off-road vehicle and a Chevrolet pickup truck, and headed to Lightning Ridge in force.

As there was the state of Victoria between New South Wales, which was located in the southeast region of the mainland of Australia, and Tasmania, which King Island was a part of, King Island was quite a distance away from New South Wales.

Having rented the vehicles in Melbourne, all Li Du and his group had to do was to drive directly north via the highway.

Truth be told, if they had not needed vehicles in Lightning Ridge, they could have taken the ferry and traveled by sea. Since the eastern border of New South Wales was adjacent to the sea, the travel distance was much shorter when traveling that way.

New South Wales was the first state in Australia to be colonized by the British, and was also the state that was the most populated, industrialized, and urbanized.

From a geographical point of view, News South Wales could be divided into coastal lowlands, the Great Dividing Range, and flatlands in the west, which was where Lightning Ridge was located.

Similar to the highways in America, the highways in Australia were wide, straight, and unobstructed. After Li Du and his group entered the flatlands in the west, the highway kept stretching into the distance like a long tape as far as the eye could see.

Both sides of the highway were barren lands where large areas of cacti could be seen from time to time. While taking pictures, Sophie laughed. "I thought we were back in Arizona.

Having set off from King Island in the morning, it was already afternoon by the time Li Du and his group took a boat to Melbourne and rented the vehicles. Due to this and mainland Australia's large landmass, they were unable to reach Lightning Ridge on time.

As a matter of fact, they were not even able to cover half the distance in an entire afternoon. Since they were traveling on land, it would take them 17 to 18 hours to reach Lightning Ridge.

In the evening, Li Du and his group found a small town to stay in. The town was called Rare Star and was a small mining town.

Such towns had a unique characteristic. When they were rich in resources, their populations, especially their fluid populations, were very high. However, as their resources began to diminish, the population would begin to decline.

Unfortunately, Rare Star had begun to decline and was a little rundown. Other than a few houses along the highway that were still being occupied, a large number of houses at the back of the town were vacant.

Li Du and his group found a motel to stay in. Besides being very amicable, the boss of the motel had great eyesight, even though he was getting on in years.

After waiting until Li Du came down and was about to leave, the boss, who kept glancing at him while he was checking in, asked, "Hey, sir, are you from China? Du Li?"

With a smile, Li Du nodded and replied, "Yeah, hi."

After suddenly letting out a cheer, the white-haired old man blinked at his wife, who was at the reception counter, and said smugly, "Well, I told you I recognized him."

His wife, who was also white-haired, ignored him and walked towards Li Du to shake his hand. With a smile on her face, she said, "Good lad, you saved four children and uncovered an evil criminal organization. You are really a good and amazing kid."

After speaking, she drew a cross on her chest, gave Li Du a kiss, and said, "God will bless you."

Having prepared coffee for Li Du and his group, the boss invited them to take a seat and have a cup. In a lively manner, the boss said, "It has been a long time since a celebrity has come to our town. Great, with you here, we have another celebrity!"

Li Du responded humbly, "I'm not a celebrity, sir. I was only doing what was right."

While the group was chit-chatting in the motel, someone popped his head in and asked, "Hey, Old John, do you want to join the hunting team? We are going to hunt kangaroos."

Old John, who was the boss, said, "Of course, of course. But I am not coming alone. I will be bringing someone famous."

He turned towards Li Du and asked, "Are you interested in having a look at a kangaroo hunt?"