Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 797

Chapter 797: Ah Ow Go
Chapter 797: Ah Ow, Go!
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He entered the small town with a kangaroo safari.

After a long day in the car, he was actually a little tired, but the boss invited him so warmly, and he had never seen anything like kangaroo hunting, so he joined the hunting team.

Old John changed into his hunting clothes, grabbed his shotgun, and joined the party. All five of them were old, except the man who had invited Li Du.

On the road, he told Li Du that the town used to produce mineral products. As the mining industry dried up, the residents lost their income, and their living standards began to decline.

Then more than a decade ago, the mayor had an idea to change the development model of the town. It was to use ecotourism to make money.

When the mayor realized that many tourists came to Australia for the kangaroos, he decided to breed kangaroos.

So how did ecotourism there develop?

The town raised some kangaroos, invested a lot of money, and filled the pit with trees and flowers, creating an artificial kangaroo habitat.

They brought in some big red kangaroos and waited for the visitors.

After a few years, not many tourists were interested, and the town's economic environment continued to deteriorate. A large number of residents left, and eventually, the mayor ran away.

"It turned out to be a wrong policy." Li Du laughed.

Old John sighed. "Yes, it was the wrong policy."

The town had spent a lot of money to get the kangaroos, and they spent a lot more to keep them alive.

Actually, they hadn't needed to pay that much. Kangaroos were very capable of survival. After a couple of years without predators, they not only survived, but their population boomed.

Female kangaroos had two wombs, and the wombs could take turns conceiving. For example, when the baby on the right was just born, the womb on the left could get pregnant. It was an amazing ability.

Thus, by the time the first kangaroo grew and left the pouch completely, the kangaroo in the other womb had begun to develop. Then the other uterus could conceive, and so on…

Mother kangaroos kept reproducing if conditions were suitable.

What's more, young kangaroos could be born in about 30 to 40 days after fertilization. However, at that time they were very small and needed to stay in the mother's pouch to live.

In this way, kangaroos began to breed like crazy. Within a few years, the number of kangaroos in the town exceeded the environment's ability to support them.

By that time, kangaroos were no longer the hope of saving the town's economy. Instead, they had become the killer of the town's environment.

"They are herbivores and eat a variety of plants. They like tender grass that is short and green and close to the ground. They don't like long grass or hay," Old John explained.

"In this way, when they eat young grass and tree shoots, the grass and trees no longer develop, and when they lack food, they run to our vegetable fields for food."

Old John shook his head. "Speaking of which, these bastards like to move at night. They have a strong body, and when they dash into our village, they cause a lot of damage."

The middle-aged man named Karic said, "This is harvesting season, and we have to send people to watch over the fields at night. You see most of the old people in our town here. How can we cover the night watch?"

Li Du understood their helplessness. What could these old people do if they went to the farm and met a kangaroo who was causing trouble? Kangaroos tended to live together in groups and were strong in fighting. They could kill someone just by stepping on them!

So every fall, the town organized a kangaroo hunt.

It was not an easy job. Kangaroos were very capable of running away, and the old men were not so good at shooting them.

It was late in the afternoon when the kangaroos began to come out of the fields behind the town. Far away, Li Du saw a few reddish-brown creatures jumping in the field.

The hunting group cursed angrily. "Oh, god, here come the d*mn things again!"

"Take them out," Karic said. "Today we have to take out at least one."

"Hey, you guys, keep it down. This time we'll shoot a little closer."

"Yes, we're getting closer. Everybody bend down. Old John, bend down!"

"I've bent down. That's the flexibility of my old waist. If I bend down again, I'll break!"

Li Du asked the three small animals to move silently. The three of them honestly kept quiet, laid prone on the ground, and silently moved forward.

The kangaroos that appeared in the fields had short reddish-brown hair and tawny fur on their limbs, pointed ears, strong hind legs, and a thick tail to support their body.

Their destructive power was even more amazing. They walked through the farmland, trampling down large areas of wheat. They looked at the old gentlemen with an expression that was obviously very distressing.

Under the cover of the weeds, the party drew nearer to the field, and then an old man about the same age as Old John rushed up, pulled the trigger, and shouted, "Son of a b*tch, die!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud shots echoed across the moors, and the kangaroos jumped in fright.

These kangaroos had a very amazing jumping ability. They could jump eight to nine meters each time. The straw flew in the wind created by their jumping, and it was like a tornado had blown through. This scene made Li Du dumbfounded.

One kangaroo was so frightened that it jumped towards the old man that was shooting. It jumped fast and could jump two meters high at a time. It was several meters away, and with several jumps, it ended up in front of the old man.

The old man was frightened and faced the angry kangaroo, but his hands were shaking, and he was in a panic. He wanted to shoot and wanted to run away at the same time. His brain was stunned, and he could not think, so he just stood still.

It seemed that a tragedy was about to happen.

Just then, Li Du calmly waved his hand and shouted, "Ah Ow! Go!"

Ah Ow, who was laying on the ground, suddenly stood up. She stared at the kangaroo with a cold look, her back muscles tensed like a bowstring, and with a swoosh, she jumped.

The two brutes faced each other, but Ah Ow executed a clever change of direction. After her first jump on the ground, she twisted to the side of the kangaroo.

In the blink of an eye, Ah Ow had jumped up and with a boom, she pounced on the kangaroo!

That moment the kangaroo had rushed to the old man, the old man saw its eyes. They were filled with anger, and were fierce and cruel!

It is the eye of death. The idea came to him, and he closed his eyes.