Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 798

Chapter 798: Threw Out A Joey
Chapter 798: Threw Out a Joey
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Two thudding sounds sound could be heard, one after the other. Almost immediately afterward, the exclamations of the people in the group filled the air.

Knowing that being hit with the immense force of an adult kangaroo would surely kill him, the old man closed his eyes and awaited death.

Despite that, after a short wait the old man realized that he was safe and unharmed, and hence, opened his eyes. Instead of seeing a red kangaroo in front of him, he saw that the red kangaroo that had rushed towards him earlier was currently on the ground with blood gushing out of its neck.

Ah Ow had knocked the red kangaroo aside and had bitten it on the neck.

Although the red kangaroo was very strong and was struggling to get back up, the deep cut on its neck was causing its life force to rapidly slip away. Consequently, when it turned around and tried to flee, it was not able to hop as quickly as before.

Old John promptly raised his rifle, and another gunshot could be heard. Because the red kangaroo was closer to him this time, the bullet struck the red kangaroo and caused it to collapse to the ground!

Seeing their friend brought down by a wolf and then shot by a human, the other kangaroos, who were initially watching the commotion from a distance, were frightened by the sight and hurriedly fled in panic.

The red kangaroos fled at an astonishingly fast speed and quickly vanished.

However, the red kangaroo that had run over toward them earlier was unable to flee. With its carotid artery severed by Ah Ow's bite and a fatal shot from Old John, the red kangaroo was already dead.

Li Du asked, "What now? Continue our pursuit?"

Old John pointed at his leg and said, "With our old arms and legs? Forget it, let's go back. We have fulfilled our quota today. We have hunted a kangaroo."

The old man, who had been targeted by the kangaroo, had fallen buttocks-first onto the ground and was leaning on his rifle gasping for air.

"How are you, Clinton, old mate," Eric walked over and asked.

While gasping for air, Old Clinton replied, "I, I, I thought it was a dream. D*mn it, when the grim reaper approached me, I thought I was about to go. Really, I thought I was about to go."

"Thank Li, here. Thank this good fella and his hound. He saved your life!"

"It was really dangerous earlier. Nonetheless, Li Du did great, and his hound was superb!"

"We are really silly. We should have raised hounds. With the help of hounds, it would be much easier to drive kangaroos away!"

After lifting himself up using his rifle as a support, Clinton vigorously shook Li Du's hand and said, "Thank you for saving me, mate. Even though being old means that I have lived a full life, I do not wish to meet God yet, if possible."

Li Du smiled. "You don't have to thank me. Since we are now comrades, we ought to be helping each other."

Clinton sighed. "I initially just wanted to frighten them. Little did I know, I would be nearly frightened to death by them instead. Evidently, driving away kangaroos is not an easy job."

Old John gave a hearty laugh and said, "What's the matter old mate, were you scared out of your wits? Look at me, I killed one of those sons a b*tches earlier."

"Well done, Old John. However, shouldn't the credit go to this hound?" Eric smiled.

Old John replied, "Of course. Although part of the credit goes to the hound, part of the credit goes to me too, right? Haha, just kidding. This dog is really superb. What breed is it?"

Seeing people gazing at her, Ah Ow firmly wagged her tail before opening her mouth and barking, "Ow wuff wuff!"

Li Du smiled. "It's a Czech wolfdog."

"Ah, Czech wolfdog. So this is one of those legendary Czech wolfdogs," Eric marveled.

Having bagged a large kangaroo after setting out, they decided to go back.

Evidently, Clinton's close call had frightened them. As the old men were all frightened, they gave up on pursuing the large kangaroos, wanting to go back and recuperate.

Despite that, the hunt this time around was pretty fruitful, as the old men would usually only drive the kangaroos away and would rarely have the chance to hunt something.

After Li Du called Godzilla, Godzilla came over and carried the kangaroo back.

To show off their achievement, the old men found a small car, placed the kangaroo on it, and drove once around the town.

Then they cleaned, skinned, and cut the kangaroo into a few pieces. Having split the pieces among themselves, they brought the pieces home. With its high protein content, kangaroo meat was a pretty nutritious food.

Australians did not like using seasonings when cooking meat due to their preference for the original taste of the meat. Because of this and the fact that the smell of kangaroo meat was rather strong, Li Du was not used to the smell and was not fond of it after having eaten it before.

After staying in the town for the night, Li Du and his group set off the following day, even before the sun had risen.

They had no choice. As they were still currently in Victoria, they had to set off early or they still might not be able to reach Lightning Ridge before sunset.

As the cars drove out of the town, Brother Wolf and Godzilla subconsciously drove at a faster speed.

Brother Wolf, who was driving the car in front of Li Du, suddenly stepped forcefully on the brake and turned the steering wheel sharply. At the same time, Li Du spotted a dark figure in front of the car.

"F*ck!" Li Du exclaimed instinctively.

Having received special training before, Brother Wolf was superb at driving. After Brother Wolf's maneuvers, the tail end of the car swayed forward, and the car drifted.

Sophie, who was in the car with Brother Wolf, asked in a shocked tone, "Oh my, did we hit a person?"


Brother Wolf replied calmly, "Not a person."

Li Du inhaled a breath of cold air. What's going on? Did they encounter a ghost?

When Brother Wolf pushed open the car door and stepped out to take a look, a figure that was more than a meter in height could be seen hopping unsteadily in front of him.

Since the sky was still pretty dark, Li Du was not able to see the figure clearly at first glance and hence, thought that he had seen a zombie. What else hops around other than a zombie?

After seeing the figure clearly, Li Du realized what had happened. Apparently, the figure was a kangaroo that wanted to cross the highway, and it was hit by the car even after Brother Wolf had quickly brought the car to a halt.

As there were blood stains on the hood of the Hummer, Sophie said, "It's hurt."

Ivana, who was also in the car, was laying next to a window looking outside.

Seeing this, Brother Wolf immediately said, "I will chase after it to have a look at its condition and treat it."

He could not let his daughter see his heartless side.

Having recalled the scene from the previous evening of Old Clinton nearly being attacked by a kangaroo, Li Du said, "I will go with you. It's safer with two people."

The injured kangaroo was much smaller than the red kangaroo from yesterday and was strenuously hopping forward at a much slower speed.

When Li Du and Brother Wolf chased after the kangaroo, the kangaroo's long ears trembled, and it turned its head around. When the kangaroo saw that there were people chasing it, it was taken aback and hurriedly increased its speed

Seeing this, Li Du shouted, "Don't run. We are not going to kill you. We want to bandage your wounds!"

It would have been better if Li Du had not shouted, as the kangaroo became even more frightened. While the kangaroo was hopping away, it swung its claws and threw an object onto the side of the road.

After seeing what the object was, Brother Wolf, who was running in front of Li Du, was immediately taken aback. He said, "Boss, it's a joey."

Li Du squatted down to have a look. Indeed, the object that had been thrown by the kangaroo was a joey. The joey, which had just been born not long ago and was approximately the same size as Ah Ow, was staring fearfully at them with black eyes.

When Sophie and the others came over, the joey was scared out of its wits and peed itself. Not knowing what to do, it forcefully hopped onto Li Du and burrowed into his embrace before forcing itself into his pocket...