Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Taking Care of Them

When Li Du was discharged, April had arrived.

Hans stopped ridiculing him. His cold had lasted for a week, which was much longer than they had expected. If Li Du continued in that state, Hans had planned to send him to a national hospital.

Li Du was hoping to transfer to Saint John Red Cross Hospital, but considering that Sophie was a specialist, his sickness was not in her field, so he gave that hope up.

Hannah came every day to visit and provide him meals. She was the most self-reliant. Rose disliked housework, while Hans wouldnt even eat the food he cooked for himself.

As for his cold, Hannah said, puzzled, "You havent gotten a cold in the half a year you have lived in Flagstaff; why was this one so bad?"

Li Du was sensitive enough to pick up on the implication of her question, and asked, "What the h*ll kind of look is that? Stop making fun of meI was just drenched in the rain!"

Hans laughed and didnt say anything. He waited until Hannah left before pulling a chair over and sitting down.

"What?" Li Du could sense that his attitude was different.

Hans said, "I have something I need to tell you. Prepare yourself. Since I think you have a big heart, I bet you wont be bothered, but this kind of thing"

"Dont beat around the bush like a sissy! Spit it out!"

"Okaybecause you were down with a cold for so long, the treasure hunters spread rumors that you werent down with a common cold, but that you contracted HIV and have AIDS."

"Huh?" Li Du was stunned. "AIDS? Which piece of sh*t made that up? Who the hell would be so vicious?"

To hear Hans say this so seriously made Li Du believe it was clearly a big issue. If not, he would have said it as a joke.

Hans said, "Dont be afraid, youre not infected"

"Of course Im not infectedIm still a virgin!" Li Du furiously interrupted. "How the hell would I have contracted HIV?"

As he had not fully recovered, he started coughing due to his raised emotions.

Ah Meow nimbly ran over with a paper cup in its mouth that was half-filled with water.

Hans gestured to him to stay calm. "I know youre not infected. In fact, the hospital had speculated such in the preliminary stages of your stay. Because with such a serious cold, it showed that your immune system had some problems."

The HIV virus that leads to AIDS was not directly harmful to persons life, but it would slowly destroy the immune system. Once that immune system was destroyed, the person would have no protection against foreign organisms.

If the common cold virus infected a normal person, it would be cleansed by their immune system within a few days. But when an AIDS patient was infected, it would become a heavy cold and then worsen into meningitis, pneumonia,...and could ultimately lead to death.

"The hospital tested you for HIV and found that there were no issues; just that your CD4 and CD8 immunity cells were low. Of course, after treatment, youre healthy again."

"CD4 and CD8? What are they?" Li Du was confused.

Hans gave him an expression that said: "Youre really a bumpkin."

"They are the crucial immunity cells within the immune system. But thats not whats important. Anyway, youre healthy now."

Li Du knew, of course, that he was healthy. But other people might not think so.

On the second of April, the skies were clear. After the storm, Flagstaff had warmed up; it was full of lush greenery, and flowers bloomed all over.

In the morning, Li Du was about to go out for a walk, when he received a call from the owner of Phoenix Steampunk Hostel.

On the phone, Ironman Bedes first inquired about his health, and then said, "Li, dont lose faith in life. AIDS is actually not that scary. I have an old friend that has carried the virus for over 20 years. He knows a lot about this. Do you need me to introduce him to you?"

Li Du said helplessly, "Bedes, I dont know where you heard these rumors, but I dont have AIDS!"

"Ah? D*mn it, did someone spread this rumor? Then Im sorryI thought that it was unlikely you would have contracted AIDS. Enjoy the sun; see ya, buddy."

This call made him realize the gravity of the situation. When nighttime arrived, Li Du called Hans over. "Bring me to a treasure hunters bar."

Hans said hesitantly, "I thought you didnt like going to bars."

"Im curious, alright?" Li Du said.

"Sure, youre my brother. Ill back you up. Lets go."

The bar Hans drove to was near the foot of the hill where Li Du found Ah Meow. That was the red-light district of Flagstaff, with many bars around.

The place they went to was called "Primal Desires." The atmosphere was wild and rough. The bar, chairs, and tables were made of granite and basalt. The ornaments were made from wood, and there was a simple rock painting on the wall.

Hans said, "The owner is a smart man. Treasure hunters are often ill-mannered men. They start fights after having too much to drink and frequently destroy the furniture. But with granite, they are fine."

"Why not make whoever damages the furniture pay up?"

Hans laughed. "Youre nave. First, do you think these rednecks would have the money to pay? Secondly, cleaning up and refurbishingwouldnt that waste a lot of time?"

The bar was noisy, and the thick smell of alcohol lingered in every corner.

A woman dressed provocatively was pushing herself through the crowd, with people constantly touching her breasts and butt. Womens shrieks, mens vulgar laughter, flirting sounds; these resonated around their ears endlessly.

"Such a mess," Li Du lamented.

But Hans liked this sort of chaotic environment. The moment he entered, he started moving his body to the beat.

People soon noticed him, and called out, "Big Fox, why arent you taking care of that poor guy in his bed? What brings you here?"

"Ha! He must have gotten tired of the kids hole..."

"Are you guys blind? Thats his partner, the cunning Chinese Li!"

The last sentence was very loud and made many people turn their heads to stare. Li Du also looked around and saw a familiar face. It was Lambis, whom he had beaten at the Harley Davidson storage auction.

Lambis noticed that he was observing him, and gave a vulgar smile while making the gang-like action of cutting the throat.

Hans said, "If you care about his bullsh*t, then youve lost."

Li Du scoffed and sat down. "Give me a glass of milk."

Hans stared wide-eyed at him. "What the hell? We drink alcohol here!"

Li Du said, "Its fine. If anyone calls us sissies, well compete with them!"

Hans curled his lips in a smile. He recalled the time when Li Du easily brought Buffalo Lucas down with that terrifying drinking capacity.

The bar was not a friendly place. Even if you didnt want any trouble, it would just come looking for you. They had just sat down when a drunk ruffian came walking over.

"Hey kiddo, wrong place. This isnt the gay bar."

Homosexual relationships were stereotyped as one of the main ways to spread AIDS. Infection through blood had been well-controlled in America.

Hans pushed him away while saying, "Picardo, get back inside your bottle. We dont talk with damn alcoholics."

"An alcoholic can live until eighty, but can one live another eighty months with AIDS? Ha!" The ruffian gave them the middle finger.

A treasure hunter walked over to them. "We dont discriminate against gay people, but we dont want to hang around with someone who has AIDS. Big Fox, can you get your friend and leave?"

The others started adding oil to the fire.

"F*ck, I still want to go home and hug my kids. AIDS, get away from me!"

"No wonder this guy always seemed to get the treasureshe must have made some dirty deals with those storage owners!"

"I heard that he made a deal with the devil though. Ha! The devil took him from behind, and then he contracted AIDS."

Li Du ignored the chattering and asked Hans, "Do you know who spread these vicious rumors?"

"I can find out. Do you want me to take care of him?" Hans said.

Li Du coldly scanned the room of treasure hunters. "No need. Ill take care of everyone here. The one who started this wont get away!"