Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 836

Chapter 836: A Battle Of Words
Chapter 836: A Battle of Words
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After seeing Li Du, Cole excitedly walked over to him, extended his hand, and smiled. "Hey, Li, my good friend. How was the journey? Smooth?"

"Extremely great," Li Du said a few courteous words. "But the helicopter pilot, d*mn"

At that moment, another helicopter flew over. The engine roared, and the helicopter's rotor generated strong winds. All of a sudden, Sophie's skirt blew up.

Li Du hurriedly helped Sophie keep her skirt down. Luckily, as Sophie wore a cardigan with her straight skirt, her skirt was not blown up too much. Otherwise, she would have suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

The helicopter slowly landed on the adjacent helipad. The Four Seasons Hotel, which had a luxurious design and covered a large area, had four helipads on its roof.

While Li Du was hugging Sophie, Brother Wolf stood in front of him to block the incoming strong winds.

Finally, the helicopter's rotor stopped spinning. By that point in time, Li Du had already become extremely angry.

Cole was also angry. The enthusiastic look on his face was nowhere to be seen and had been replaced by an irritated look.

However, after seeing the logo on the helicopter clearly and the four large letters, "LVMH" next to it, Cole scoffed and said with disdain, "Ha, no wonder."

Li Du asked with a frown, "What?"

Cole replied, "Do you know who has just arrived? The president of LVMH's Australian branch, Bradley Bolton. Has to be him, it all makes sense now."

Still frowning, Li Du asked, "What do you mean by 'make sense'? I would like to know what's up with the helicopter. Did they not see that there are people on the helipad? Why couldn't they wait in the sky for a while?"

Cole scoffed. "This rascal is doing it on purpose. In the past, LVMH wanted to buy out our company. However, they weren't successful. For the jewelry showcase this time around, LVMH also wanted to organize it and was unsuccessful as well. Our relationship isn't great."

LVMH referred to the famous Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Although most people did not know much about this company, most of them would know how great it was by the brands under their umbrella such as Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, and Dior.

Even though Harry Winston was a world-leading jewelry company, its reign was only limited to jewelry, more specifically, diamonds.

It was not even close to being on the same level as LVMH, which had influence over pretty much the whole of the jewelry and luxury product industries. LVMH was valued at more than 80,000,000,000 USD and had annual profits of 40,000,000,000 USD from the sale of luxury products!

However, Harry Winston's market value was only around 1,500,000,000. Furthermore, this was due to the company's reputation being saved by the release of a new line of opal jewelry. Prior to Li Du having relations with the company, its market value had fallen to a mere 1,000,000,000 USD.

From this, it was clear that Li Du had entered the company at a very apt time. Having spent millions to acquire Harry Winston's shares, the value of his shares had risen to 150,000,000 USD or possibly even more.

After the cabin door of the helicopter opened, someone helped a woman exit from it.

Taken aback from seeing the woman, Li Du asked, "This can't be the president, right?"

With an excited look on her face, Sophie replied, "Of course not, that's Sophie Marceau!"

Indeed, the person who exited the helicopter was an extremely gorgeous woman. She had an exquisite look that was rare among Caucasians. Even though she had warm, girl-next-door features, she exuded elegance and competence like that of a big sister. Furthermore, she walked like a princess slowly walking through a palace.

Despite that, she was currently already around 40 years old. It was hard to imagine how God could have been so biased for her looks to remain so youthful.

Sophie tightly grabbed Li Du's hand while she spoke. In an excited manner, she whispered, "Yes, Sophie Marceau. That's really Sophie Marceau. My whole family is extremely fond of her."

Li Du smiled and asked, "Don't tell me your name has something to do with her."

Sophie pursed her lips, giggled, and replied, "It's really as you suspected. My dad really loves the series of 'La Boum' movies that she was in. After I was born, he felt that I would become a beautiful lady like Sophie Marceau, so named me after her."

Li Du responded, "In the end, what he predicted happened. You have become an even more beautiful lady than Sophie Marceau."

Sophie pinched her skirt, curtsied like a noblewoman, and giggled. "Thanks for the compliment. You flatter me."

While the two of them were conversing, a man had exited the helicopter.

The man looked like he was around 40 years old, had golden hair that was very neatly combed, a handsome appearance, and a pair of sparkling blue eyes. He exuded toughness, walked with a swagger, and had the air of a nobleman.

Cole motioned with his chin and sneered. "Ha, such an imposing presence. That's Bradley Bolton."

With Bolton and Marceau walking over hand in hand, both parties met before long.

As if having only just noticed Cole, Bolton said in a surprised manner, "Hey, president of Harry Winston. Are you here to personally pick us up? I'm flattered by your gesture."

Cole beamed and replied, "It's my honor. Truth be told, I'm here to pick up our shareholder. I didn't expect to meet you."

"It's not very friendly of you to say that. Nonetheless, I believe that you are joking with me, right?" Bolton laughed loudly and reached out his hand to pat Cole on his shoulders, like a boss patting a subordinate.

Cole moved half a step back to avoid him and raised his hand to high five Bolton instead. Cole said, "I'm very friendly, but you didn't tell me what time you would arrive. I'm very sorry that I'm unable to personally pick you up."

Both of them began having a battle of words. Evidently, their relationship was not very good.

Since this had nothing to do with Li Du, he and Sophie smiled at Marceau and began conversing with her.

"Hi, Mrs. Marceau. I'm very honored to meet you. My girlfriend's family and I are big fans."

Marceau finally smiled. She blinked and said, "It's my honor to be loved by you guys. Sincerely. God knows how beautiful and cute your girlfriend is. Whoever has a fan like that ought to be proud."

After pausing for a while, she added, "So sorry about the hasty landing of the helicopter earlier. I know that it has affected you guys. Hopefully, you can forgive me."

When the battle between the two presidents ended, Bolton turned to look in Li Du's direction. After noticing Sophie, he paused briefly and smiled even more sincerely.

Bolton introduced himself to Li Du and Sophie. Even though his relationship with Cole was not good, it was still necessary for him to be respectful when socializing.

Li Du looked displeased with Bolton as Sophie had nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction while his helicopter was landing earlier. Although Marceau's apology was very sincere, the incident had nothing to do with her. Li Du believed that Bolton was the one behind the incident.

However, Bolton seemed to have forgotten about the incident. Rather than showing that he was apologetic, the first thing he did after opening his mouth was compliment Sophie.

Having noticed that Li Du was hostile towards him, Bolton took the initiative to ask, "Hi Mr. Li, did we have any misunderstandings in the past? Why does it seem like we did?"

Li Du replied, "No, no misunderstandings. Why would you say that?"

"You seem to be in a bad mood. Could it be because I greeted the beautiful lady next to you first?" Bradley smiled.