Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 838

Chapter 838: Ah Meow The Thief
Chapter 838: Ah Meow the Thief
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The room was fantastic. The only thing Li Du was displeased with was that the president of the Australian branch of LVMH, Bradley Bolton, was next door.

Li Du went out. As Sophie wanted to visit Marceau, he went to find Cole to ask if it was appropriate for her to do so. After Cole, who had connections to Marceau, helped Li Du ask her, she said that Sophie was very welcome to visit.

Li Du was initially in a very good mood. In the end, when he returned to his room, opened the door, and was about to go in, he just so happened to spot Bradley walking out from the adjacent room.

Both of them gave stiff smiles when their eyes met.

After Li Du went into the room, Sophie, who noticed that he was not very happy, asked, "What's the matter? Mrs. Marceau isn't free to meet us? It's ok."

Li Du replied, "No, Marceau said it's fine. She said that you are very welcome. It's because I saw Bradley. That fella is next door to us."

Sophie pursed her lips and smiled before walking over to comfort him with a passionate kiss. "So what? Think of it this way, he was the one who brought Mrs. Marceau over, and we should be grateful to him for that. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to meet her."

Li Du scratched his head and said, "I'm also not sure what's the matter. Anyway, I feel annoyed whenever I see him."

He turned to look at Brother Wolf and asked, "Are you annoyed? Is there a problem with how that fella looks?"

Brother Wolf, who was reading a newspaper, sat upright and replied, "I am annoyed, and there's a problem with his looks."

Li Du opened his arms at Sophie and smiled. "See, I'm right."

With a smile on her face and Brother Wolf tagging along, Sophie left the room.

There was now no one else in the room. After Li Du took some food and gave it to the four furry children, he said, "What do you guys think? Is that fella next to us very annoying? Do you guys hate him?"

While biting on a small piece of dried fish, Ah Meow raised his head and looked at Li Du with a thoughtful expression on his plump face.

Li Du rubbed his knuckles on Ah Meow's head and laughed loudly. "Look at you. Why? Thinking of a way to help daddy deal with him? Alright, I'll let you eat in peace. You can take a nap after you are done eating."

Even though sitting in the helicopter was more comfortable than sitting in a car, it was still tiring.

After taking a brief nap on the soft bed, Li Du opened his eyes and saw that Sophie had not yet returned, and that only the four furry children, Ah Meow, Ah Ow, Crispy Noodles, and Ali, were next to him on the bed.

With a smile, he reached over and patted them one by one before grabbing his clothes and getting ready to get off the bed.

When he reached out to grab a shirt, he was stunned. It was a checkered shirt that did not belong to him. Not only did he not have such a shirt, the smell of the shirt was also not his. The shirt had perfume on it.

He sat up and looked at the bed's headboard. Other than the shirt, there were several shirts, pants, and shoes, none of which were his.

What's going on? Li Du felt that something was amiss. Did someone come in? Was the person who came in a man? And did he take off his clothes and place them on the headboard?

His body tensed. He hurriedly released the little bug and opened up the black hole to retrieve a gun from inside.

As he was afraid that he might encounter danger in Australia, he had brought a gun from America for protection.

However, even though he had been attacked a few times after arriving in Australia, with Brother Wolf following him closely, he hadn't needed to do anything and consequently, had not needed to use the gun.

There was no one in the room. Li Du searched the room again. There were definitely no intruders in the room.

Furthermore, with the four furry children beside him, they would not have been so unresponsive if there had been an intruder.

What's going on? Is there a ghost?

When Li Du went back to take a look at those clothes, he realized that there was not just one set but several sets of clothes on the headboard. If someone had taken off their clothes here, they were definitely not alone!

Thinking of this made his gut clench. It was exhilarating just thinking about it.

Noticing Li Du staring at the clothes, Ah Meow put on a heroic posture by raising his head and sticking out his chest.

Li Du knew the reason for Ah Meow putting on such a posture. Ah Meow was seeking a reward from him.

But Ah Meow did not do anything today. Why is he deserving of a reward?

While Li Du was pondering, Ah Meow used his gaze to give him a hint. After staring at those shirts and pants, Ah Meow turned his head and looked towards the wall at his side.

There was nothing on the wall. However, right across the wall was Bradley's room!

Li Du came to a sudden realization. When he took a look at the checkered shirt, he felt that it looked more and more familiar. Wasn't that fella, Bradley, wearing that shirt in the morning?

"Oh f*ck, you couldn't have, right? You stole his clothes?" Li Du inhaled sharply.

Ah Meow was waiting for his reward. Thinking that Li Du had not gotten what he meant, Ah Meow walked about with graceful cat steps and swayed his large plump buttocks, which were plump due to eating too much fish, before running towards the balcony.

After Li Du followed him to the balcony, Ah Meow gave him a demonstration.

There were decorative patterns popping out of the balcony's walls. With these patterns all along the walls, the walls looked more three dimensional and beautiful.

Ah Meow made use of these patterns. After leaping from the balcony, Ah Meow ran up a wall by lightly stepping on the patterns. As there was a statue in the middle of the wall, he jumped on the statue and continued to run up the wall before finally jumping onto the opposite room's balcony...

While seeing the entire demonstration, Li Du held his breath and was unable to look away. It's too risky for Ah Meow to take such a path. The statue is fine but the patterns on the wall only extend by ten centimeters at most. He actually dares to step on them. So brave!

After briefly walking back and forth, Ah Meow jumped back. This time, he had a slipper in his mouth...

Seeing Ah Meow waiting for his reward with his head raised and chest out, Li Du was completely lost as to what he ought to do.

Scold him? Li Du was afraid that doing so would lower his confidence. Compliment him? Would it not make him braver and do even riskier things in the future?

After pondering for a long time, Li Du angrily rubbed his knuckles on Ah Meow's head and said, "Don't do something like this again. In the future, before doing anything, you have to inform me first!"

After returning to the room, Li Du was faced with the problem of how to deal with the clothes and shoes.

Knock on Bradley's door and send them back to him? What would he say? If he explained the situation in detail, Ah Meow would be considered a thief.

Get Ah Meow to send them back using the same method? Li Du would not allow it, as it was too risky. With the presidential suite on the highest level of the Four Seasons Hotel, which was hundreds of meters tall, Ah Meow would turn into cat meat sauce if he were to fall!

While he was still pondering, growling could be heard coming from outside the room. When he opened the door and sneaked a peak, he saw Bradley, who was wearing a bathrobe, bellowing, "...are there ghosts? D*mn it, what exactly is going on? Where are my shirts and shoes? Is this how capable your hotel's bodyguards are? Bring me your manager and tell me what's going on! Give me an explanation!"

The four furry kids looked through the gap of the door with Li Du. The four heads were stacked on top of each other. Ali was at the bottom, followed by Ah Meow's head above. Crispy Noodles, who was standing up, stacked his head above Ah Meow's and at the topmost was Ah Ow's head.

Li Du pushed them aside, went out of the room, and said, coughing a little, "President Bolton, could it be that you sleepwalked or had some bad habits that caused you to throw your clothes out the window?"

Bradley bellowed, "Are you mad? What nonsense are you talking about? That's definitely not possible. A thief must have broken in! This has nothing to do with you. Don't interfere!"

Li Du snorted. Alright, since you said that it has nothing to do with me, I won't interfere anymore.