Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Role Of Connections

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Li Du was riding in Cao Fan’s car. When he had just gotten into the car, Cao Fan stood outside and winked at him. “The girls back there are all rare. Are you interested?”

Wang Zhongshi, who was nearby, also said, “Humans are not licentious only in poverty. Brother Li, you are young and have much energy. Don’t you have any interest?”

Li Du shook his head and said, “I brought my fiancee to the showcase. We are engaged and looking forward to getting married.”

Hearing this, several girls who had been interested in him immediately left. They were not to there to sell themselves. They were there to hook up with the rich. Their purpose was to catch a single rich man to marry and be a rich lady. If that was not possible, they were willing to be a mistress, and then slowly climb up to the position of a rich man’s wife.

Li Du had a fiancee, so their interest reduced by half. With him taking his fiancee everywhere, the remaining half of the interest was also gone. Since he had a partner, it meant they didn’t have a chance. Why would they waste their energy, then?

Wang Zhongshi looked at Li Du’s expression. He saw that Li Du was not being polite or saying something against his own will. He said, “Ok, Brother Li. I’m still single and have activities going on later.”

Li Du could guess what activities he meant.

People had said that Wang Zhongshi was afraid to play with women in the Congo. The reason was not that he did not have an interest in their beauty. It was because there was a 20% chance of HIV infection among Congolese women, and that was enough to calm him down. That being the case, if he met beautiful ladies in Sydney, how could he be willing to sleep alone?

In addition to Li Du, Cao Fan also had to give another two people a ride, so the car was full. There was another man who wanted a ride and wanted to sit in the front passenger seat. Brother Wolf stopped him, smiled, and said. “Excuse me, sir. I have to sit here and protect my boss.”

That person looked at Li Du in surprise and said, “Brother Li, with Sydney’s public security, you still bring your bodyguard around when you go out?” What he really meant was that he thought Li Du was making himself seem overly important, like royalty.

Ignoring his taunts, Li Du said simply, “I was kidnapped in Las Vegas, so now whenever I’m traveling, I’m more careful about my safety.”

Upon hearing this, Cao Fan frowned and said, “You were kidnapped in Las Vegas? Is it settled? What I meant was, did you manage to catch the person who kidnapped you?”

“Yeah, it worked out pretty well with the help of a friend in Las Vegas,” said Li Du.

Cao Fan asked, “Who helped you?”

“His name is Alessandro Ferrari. He owns a local casino,” Li Du said.

As soon as he uttered the name, Cao Fan laughed and said, “Knight! Are you friends with him? That Italian bro is not an easy guy. He’s ruthless and hot headed, nevertheless, he is quite helpful.”

“Do you know him?” asked Li Du.

Wang Zhongshi laughed and said, “Brother Cao knows all the American gangster bosses, right? If it happens again in America, remember to contact him. He could settle it for you.”

Li Du hesitated. He didn’t understand Cao Fan’s true identity, but he knew it was more than just an executive at Zhou Da Fu. During the gathering just now, he had picked up from others that Cao Fan seemed to have a gang in America.

Cao Fan pushed Wang Zhongshi aside and scolded him with a laugh. “Go and enjoy your d*mn nightlife. Don’t talk so much. If you are so free, then send Old Zhong back. We will take our leave now.”

The Maybach started moving. Li Du had the intention of asking about Cao Fan’s specific identity, but they had just met for the first time. If he asked too much, he would inevitably make people feel that he was not mature. What’s more, it was simply not appropriate.

Back at the Four Seasons, Sophie had not yet gone to sleep. She was lying on the sofa reading.

Ah Meow, Ah Ow, and Crispy Noodles were gathered together, sleeping soundly. Ali was awake and accompanied by Sophie, but the kangaroo was also very sleepy. Its little head kept nodding, but each time it fell asleep, it tried to wake up.

When the three little ones heard the door open, they did not respond. Their ears twitched, and they rolled over and continued sleeping. However, Ali jumped to its feet in excitement, and its sleepiness flew out the window. Ali jumped into Li Du’s hands.

Sophie closed her book and went to make a cup of tea for Li Du.

“It’s okay, I’m not thirsty,” Li Du said.

Sophie replied, “It’s not to quench your thirst, but to relieve your drunkness. My god! Did you drink all night? You must have drunk a lot.”

Li Du put his arm around her and gave her a passionate kiss. He pressed his forehead against hers and smiled. “I can’t help it. It is part of social activity. You know I don’t like to drink.”

Sophie patted him and said, “Ok, have your tea first, then take a bath.”

Li Du said, “If I agree to your arrangement, do I get a reward?”

Sophie laughed and said, “Yes”

Li Du was immediately interested and said, “What kind of reward?”

His blood was boiling. He had been surrounded by pretty girls, and though he had no intentions toward them, the temptation had been present, and his body had reacted.

Sophie said, “I want to give you a chance to accompany your woman whale watching. I saw a whale watching group in Sydney earlier. I want to visit it.”

Li Du spread out his hands and said, “Of course we will do that, but can we change the reward? For example, should we”

Sophie smiled and said, “No! Some things will have to wait until marriage, but we can get engaged. You’ll have some extra treatment then.”

These words made Li Du’s spirit alive, and he said, “Let’s get engaged tomorrow!”

The following day, there would still be showcase events. Jewelry stores and luxury goods companies would be showing off their upcoming products.

The next day, Li Du took Sophie for a tour of the exhibition hall and then spoke to Cole about taking her to see whales.

Cole was with a millionaire at that moment, and when the millionaire heard that Li Du wanted to go out to see whales, he said, “How are you going to watch? I have an Abyss Dragon yacht that I can lend you.”

Li Du said, “My girlfriend wants to join a tour group. I asked the hotel clerk to contact me earlier. I don’t want to bother you.”

The rich man held out his hand and said, “No trouble. My name is Gail Jacob. I am Cole’s best friend. Are you Li? I know you. You’ve helped him a lot.”

Li Du smiled. “Hello, Mr. Jacob. We are partners. He has helped me a lot, too.”

Cole said, “Li, you don’t need to be too courteous to Gail. Trust me, you’ll be pleased to see his Abyss Dragon yacht. If you’re going to the ocean, this yacht is the best choice.”

Jacob nodded and said, “It would sound a little arrogant to say that, but I don’t think there’s a yacht in Sydney better suited to the sea than my Abyss Dragon.”

Since he was so enthusiastic, Li Du couldn’t refuse again or else it would have been rude. He thanked Mr. Jacob, who then told Li Du to go to the pier and that someone would pick him up.