Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Ah Meow Did It Again

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Those who could afford to stay at the four seasons hotel were either rich or were executives from major companies. These people were all in good shape because they were usually busy during the day and were used to going to the gym at night.

Li Du’s group entered the lounge. It was a secluded space divided into two large sections. One section was modern, with gleaming steel tables and chairs, and a full computer network. The other section was primitive, with natural lawns on the ground, vines growing on the walls, and insects flying around. Steve clearly preferred the former environment.

Li Du brought Sophie along, and they met up with Marceau and two other tall, attractive, beautiful girls. Li Du felt that these two beauties seemed a bit familiar, and that they were probably also stars, but since he did not usually pay attention to things like that, he was not familiar with them.

Seeing Sophie, Marceau smiled and waved, while the other two smiled politely. Sophie walked over to talk to Marceau, then ran back and said excitedly, “They invited me to go to the spa, so I will see you later.”

Li Du nodded and said, “Okay.” If Sophie stayed with Li Du and the other men, she would have nothing in common with them and nothing to talk about. She would have a much better time going to the spa with Marceau. However, instead of leaving directly, Sophie whispered, “If I ask Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen for their autographs, would it be inappropriate?”

Li Du asked, “Who are they?”

Sophie looked at Li Du in shock. Steve and Elson laughed and said, “Li is a role model for men. You give the best answers to your girlfriend.”

However, Sophie knew he was telling the truth and whispered, “You really don’t pay any attention to showbiz. They are two very famous supermodels.”

Li Du suddenly remembered. No wonder he thought the two beauties looked familiar. It turned out that they were supermodels. Li Du said, “You won’t need to get their autographs. If they are knowledgeable, they will talk to you themselves. Remember, Steve and I are friends and business partners, and I saved his life.”

Sophie didn’t quite understand what he was saying, but Li Du guessed that if any of the three girls knew Steve’s identity, they would ask about Sophie’s relationship with Steve.

Over dinner earlier, Elson might have revealed that Steve came from an old family in Boston that goes back hundreds of years and was now a big influence in Europe, America, and the world.

Sophie gathered up her things and went to join the other ladies. Like other American girls, Sophie clearly had an uncanny love of showbiz and was happy to be with these iconic stars.

Meanwhile, Li Du and the others relaxed and chatted. Steve kept asking him for information about black opal, so Li Du began to talk about searching for fire opal in the national park and about searching for black opal in Lightning Ridge. He told some stories and explained about the skills he had acquired during this period while Steve listened with great interest.

Learning that they had met a Mexican wolf in the national park, Steve asked, “Your Ah Ow, could it be his baby?”

Li Du knew he had either recognized Ah Ow’s identity, or that Elson had investigated and knew the identity of all the people and animals around him. He laughed. “No, I got her out of a wonderful misunderstanding. A Mexican wolf was drawn to her while we were in the national park.”

He then went on to talk about the warehouse auction business, and how a scavenger used Ah Ow to impersonate a Czech wolfhound before trading her to him. Hearing his explanation, Steve suddenly sighed. “You have had a lot of interesting experiences. I really envy you.”

Li Du did not know why Steve felt that way and could only say, “I’m only telling you about the interesting stuff. In fact, everyone is the same. Life is like drinking water. Only we, ourselves, know if it is warm or cold.”

After the break, they went to the gym, and Bradley was still there, looking for them. When he saw them, he came up to talk to them. Steve was so good-natured, he would have talked to him, but Elson shook his head and said, “I’ll talk to him. There’s something wrong with that boy.”

They didn’t know what Elson and Bradley talked about, but Bradley didn’t get any closer after that. However, he did not leave, either. He just stood to the side resentfully.

Li Du and Steve did some stretching exercises, then ran and swam. Steve was certainly much better now than he was when he had first met Li Du. When he ran, he was breathless, sweaty, and just a little pale, but nothing else unusual.

After Li Du exercised, his face was a little bit reddish and sweaty, but it gave his skin a healthy luster.

Steve said with envy, “You have a healthy physical quality that I’ve dreamed of since I was a child.”

Li Du said, “In fact, what you see is not necessarily the truth. In the future we will be digging gemstones together, and then you will find that my physical fitness is not good. I often feel tired.”

After exercising, they washed and left, and Bradley still followed them.

Seeing this, Li Du said in discontent, “D*mn, has he not left yet?”

Steve didn’t care. “It’s okay, I’ve seen so many of these people. If you ignore them, they’ll eventually see reality.”

At that moment, Ah Meow suddenly turned around to frighten Ali. Ali jumped up and down to escape while Ah Meow and Ah Ow gave chase. They all started playing in the hall.

Li Du hurriedly ordered, “Come back. Come back here!”

The three kids were in chaos when they ran to Bradley’s side. Ah Meow jumped and pulled the zip on Bradley’s sports bag.

“D*mn it,” Bradley muttered.

The zipper opened, and the bag’s contents were scattered. In addition to some clothes and shoes, two small pink objects appeared. The two little things were a bra and panties, a matched set with luxury lace trim.

When the two little things fell out, everyone in the hall looked at Bradley. Ah Meow and Ah Ow ran quickly back. Ali tilted his head and looked at them, then jumped back, too.

Bradley was dumbfounded. Facing the crowd’s teasing, wonder, and disgust, he quickly explained, “These aren’t my things. I don’t know where they came from. God, it’s none of my business!”

A nearby hotel employee smiled ambiguously and commented, “It’s nothing, sir. Having a woman’s stuff in your bag is nothing at all. Whose bag does not have their wife’s things in it?” It’s true that it was not a big deal to find women’s underwear in a man’s bag, even if it seemed a bit awkward at the time.

However, Bradley had a problem with it, and a security guard came to politely help him clean up. After seeing the lingerie, he chatted with his colleague on the intercom, and then said to Bradley, “Sir, please come with me.”

Li Du knew it had nothing to do with Bradley. He looked at Ah Meow helplessly. He must have done it again!