Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Pilot On Duty

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The specific model of the helicopter was the Mi-8 AMT, which was developed by a Russian helicopter manufacturing company 15 years ago and sold in the Australian market.

It incorporated some of the new technology adopted by second-generation helicopters. This greatly extended the Mi-8 AMT’s working life, which helped build its reputation in the civilian helicopter market for durability and reliability.

The fuselage structure of the helicopter was the traditional full-metal, semi-hard shell, short cabin and tail beam, which was divided into the front fuselage, middle fuselage, and tail beam. The tail beam was inclined with a fixed flat tail. The helicopter was mainly constructed with an aluminum alloy, while the tail was made of a titanium alloy and high-strength steel.

The cockpit could accommodate three pilots, co-pilots, and random mechanics. Behind the cockpit were areas for passengers and cargo. A large cargo hatch was located at the rear, and passenger boarding stairs opened downward in the middle of the rear section.

The Mi-8 AMT’s passenger area had 28 folding seats, meaning it could hold 28 people at once. Similar helicopters from Europe and the Americas could only accommodate half as many people but were certainly more comfortable.

In the past, Soviets seemed to be preparing for war all the time, so the Mi-8 AMT was less comfortable than other helicopters at the same price point and even less luxurious. It was all about speed, weight bearing, and survival.

Standing under the huge helicopter, Li Du reached out to pat its shell. The quality of old Maozi’s work was so good that the helicopter made a loud sound when he hit it hard.

Brother Wolf pulled open the cockpit’s door. There were large backward-sliding doors on each side of the cockpit. There was also a hatch on the ceiling.

Li Du climbed up and asked, “What’s up here? The ejector?”

Brother Wolf shook his head and said, “It’s to check the engine.”

In the cockpit, there were many instruments and all kinds of tools that Li Du did not understand. However, Brother Wolf was very knowledgeable them. He explained to Li Du, “This is the radio. It has a frequency range of 118-135.9 MHZ and a transmission range of 100 km.
“This is an in-flight calling device, a wireless phone. This is for the back cabin, and this is for the ground. The equipment was well maintained

“In front of us are the navigational instruments for all-weather flight, gyroscopes, airspeed indicators, turn indicators. This is the altimeter, and that is the climbing power indicator. Here is the magnetic compass and the astronomical compass for extremely low flight. There is also an automatic radio compass and a radio altimeter with a ‘dangerous altitude warning.’

“This is a civilian model. If it were a military combat helicopter, there would be an infrared jammer in front of the tail beam above our heads.”

Brother Wolf was very professional, and apparently, he knew more about this helicopter than the Dolphin business helicopter they had flown before. Unfortunately, Li Du did not understand, especially when Brother Wolf explained about the engine, rotor, and lubrication system. Li Du had no idea what those were.

Godzilla did not understand, either, so he admired Brother Wolf. “You are really good. You really know a lot about this helicopter.”

Brother Wolf smiled and said, “I received communication training in Russia. This was one of the most common helicopters at that time. I know only a little bit about it, and if our boss wants to operate the helicopter in the future, I can recommend a fellow pilot.”

“Can’t you fly this?” asked Li Du.

“This is a medium-sized helicopter. It needs two pilots. One pilot can’t fly it alone. It needs a co-pilot,” said Brother Wolf.

Li Du asked, “The comrade you told us about, can he be a co-pilot?”

Brother Wolf nodded and said, “He is a professional pilot, and he is very good at repairing these things. As far as I know, he is the best Russian helicopter pilot.”

After hearing Brother Wolf’s praises, Li Du said, “If you can bring him over, I’ll pay him a high salary.”

To get such a high recommendation from Brother Wolf, this man was definitely a great pilot. If Li Du wanted to hire someone, he would have to pay a high price. Without a recommendation, Li Du would probably never have the good fortune to stumble across an expert helicopter pilot the way he had been lucky enough to find Brother Wolf.

They continued their tour of the cockpit and then checked out the back cabin. The cabin was empty and spacious, bigger than the one in Steve’s helicopter. Its folding seats were installed alongside the walls, creating more space for cargo. There were lanyards on the floor with winches and pulley systems to guide them, as well as a system of hangers outside the cockpit to transport large cargo.

After touring the helicopter, Li Du said, “Are you sure this is not a military helicopter? Why do I think it doesn’t look like a civilian model? Why is the interior so poorly decorated?”

Brother Wolf replied, “It can be used for civilian purposes or industrial purposes, and for transporting goods, such as gemstones.”

In fact, the excavation of black opal was difficult, but transportation after grinding was more difficult. Li Du was able to easily dig out the stones because he had the little bug’s help. Otherwise, he would first dig out a lot of ore, polish it, and then look for gems.

Mine owners wanted to dig out the ore, send it somewhere, and then polish it. The helicopter was supposed to be used to transport the ore. This explained the helicopter’s role in mining. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, this mine’s owner ran away, and the helicopter was disassembled and left inside.

Li Du could not understand why the owner would give up such a helicopter, especially after he had inspected it with the little bug. The helicopter was fully equipped, and all its pieces were there, including the engine and all the other major components. Brother Wolf also checked, and he could not find out why the helicopter had been abandoned.

Now Li Du was the proud owner of his very first helicopter. Of course, the helicopter still had a long way to go before it could be operational. It needed to be reassembled, repaired, and equipped with rotor blades and tail fins.

Brother Wolf shook his head and said he would contact his comrade, Ivan Vladimir Gorchakov.

After the call, Brother Wolf said, “Boss, he will fly in from Crimea.”

“What about the salary? Meet and discuss?”

Brother Wolf said, “Yes, this will be a good negotiation. I believe he will be happy to stay with you. It’s easier to work, and he can make more money.” After a pause, he added, “And live with more dignity.”