Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Go To The Toilet With A Flashlight

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They quickly sent Steve above ground where Elson and Steve’s two bodyguards were anxiously waiting. Elson was calm and directed the bodyguards to administer first aid. One of them brought the examination equipment, and the other prepared the medicines.

As soon as Steve appeared, one of the bodyguards calmly pricked him with a needle, while the other connected the ECG to his body and put on an oxygen mask.

“What is this? Why did this suddenly happen? What triggered this, do you know?” asked Elson.

Li Du said, “Electricity suddenly appeared from underground. D*mn, I do not know how such a thing happened. The underground equipment is insulated, and it should not leak electricity.”

Not only that, but the voltage used by the machines was not strong enough to create an electrical field around the mine, even if any leakage hit the ground. However, it must have been electricity that caused Steve’s problem. Electricity was what had affected Ali, and Ali was the first one to come into contact with it.

If one wanted to create an electrical field in the earth, doing so would require a high-voltage device to provide the electricity. Otherwise, it would not be possible. Luckily, the voltage wasn’t strong enough to cause any permanent damage to a human, while Ali was too small to have much contact with the charged ground. Even so, Ali still received a shock that resulted in dizziness, convulsions, and weakness.

However, Steve suffered a transient heart attack as a result of electrical stimulation, but he quickly recovered after being treated professionally by his two bodyguards and Elson.

Li Du was relieved to see him open his eyes and take off his oxygen mask. It would have been terrible if Steve had died on his property.

“What happened just now? Did I do something wrong? How can there be voltage in the mine?” Steve managed to get up, holding Godzilla’s arm.

Looking at Li Du with a frown, Elson asked, “Is there a machine or tool that is leaking electricity?”

Li Du was not sure, but he had noticed before that there were not many machines in the mine and that tools requiring less power, such as the crusher, were powered by diesel.

Brother Wolf pulled him aside and said in a low voice, “Boss, look west. Those guys have a problem.”

Li Du looked west and saw Lennon’s number 121 mine. Not far away, on Lennon’s property, they had also dug a mine at the edge of the area, and there were people looking out over the top of the shaft.

Lennon’s mine was supposed to have been abandoned because Li Du had dumped fecal water into it. It should have been impossible to go into the mine without heavy sanitizing and cleanup.

Li Du had also been watching with the little bug, and the mines around him had been suspended. Seeing someone hiding in the mine’s entrance, Li Du immediately thought the other side might be playing tricks on him.

He let the little bug out to fly over and investigate. Li Du’s mine and Lennon’s mine were not far from each other, so it didn’t take long. First, Li Du saw York and Lennon and another neighbor, Ulysses, lying face down in the entrance. Then the little bug flew into the mine and saw someone else. There were three or four people standing in the tunnel with a machine next to them, like the heart monitor Steve had used before, but with multiple lines and multiple joints.

At this time, the joints were crammed into the tunnel, and the machine rumbled as a few of the joints gave off electrical sparks. See this, Li Du understood what was going on. Apparently, his neighbors were up to something! It was not only York and Lennon, but also his neighbors who were in the two mines, each with a generator working.

The two mines were not far apart. In addition to one that had been previously excavated by York and Lennon, there was a new one that could be seen from within the first tunnel. The mine was just being dug, and the two shafts in the number 121 mine were close enough for him to look into. Knowing all this, Li Du finally got it. No wonder his neighbors didn’t fight back after he poured dung into the mine.

The other day he had been surprised that Australia’s mine owners were mostly grumpy roughnecks, and that his neighbors were unreasonably weak. After today’s events, it made sense. Looking at the group of neighbors who were talking and laughing underground, Li Du was very angry.

He did not know how much voltage the two generators had, or how much damage the current being transmitted at that distance could do, but he knew that these people were really trying to kill him.

Mine environments were closed, and accidents in such places often turned into irreversible tragedies. In Steve’s case, as a person with physical problems, electrical stimulation could be very harmful.

Steve had had an accident in Li Du’s mine. Although it had been said that Li Du was not responsible for the accident, now that it had happened, he couldn’t be completely without blame, either. However, the truth was that Li Du didn’t want to take the blame. Whoever caused the accident was the one who must be held accountable.

The little bug confirmed the conditions in the two mines. With a wave of his hand, he rushed directly into the 121 mine with Brother Wolf, Godzilla, and Aubrey, and shouted, “See what the problem is!”

Other than Brother Wolf, no one had expected him to do it, and no one understood why he did it. However, Godzilla was very obedient and followed Li Du’s orders, while Aubrey’s gang blindly followed him.

Elson nodded at both of Steve’s bodyguards and said, “Follow and see what’s going on.”

“Yes, sir.”

When Lennon, who was watching at the mouth of the pit, saw Li Du and his men wending their way into the mine, he jumped up and said, “What are you doing? You’re trespassing on my property.”

Li Du pushed him away and got angry when he saw him wearing rubber boots and gloves. Brother Wolf and Godzilla went down the mine while Li Du took Aubrey and the others to the mine next to him. After they got down, they quickly climbed back up.

After discovering the truth, Li Du’s side was holding back, but Steve’s two bodyguards suddenly made a move. With the plot exposed, a line of mine operators in the mining machinery scrambled up. They did not have time to escape. The two bodyguards had already given them a good beatdown!