Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Get Help

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As Li Du had said before, mining was difficult. Even if they had an idea of where the gems were, if they hadn’t had the little bug to help, they could only mine blindly. With the little bug’s help, Li Du could determine the direction of the vein and create a map of the exact location of the gem. From there, making an excavation plan was relatively simple.

However, Li Du could not have found this gem vein without Hans’ help. In this case, Hans had done a great deal of good work. Li Du gave him a ten percent share, simply because Hans had found the vein. Li Du felt that ten percent was enough, because Hans only provided information on the vein’s location. He was not going to contribute anything else, and he didn’t have to take any risk.

The ten percent also earned Hans’ gratitude, because he did not know Li Du had the little bug to help locate gem veins. He thought that Li Du could only blindly mine ore to find gems, just like everyone else. Hans was actually embarrassed by the ten percent and said, “No, mate. I don’t need so much money out of it. In fact, I don’t need anything.”

Hans tried to refuse, but Li Du wouldn’t let him. Li Du said, “Sentiment is sentiment, and business is business. You need not be modest. You deserve it.”

Li Du conservatively estimated that the mine would give him $1,000,000,000 in income. In the future, Hans would be grateful to him. However, Li Du still needed help getting started. Fortunately, Steve was still in Sydney. Li Du remembered that when he first met him at the showcase, Steve said he had bought an island. He called Steve and asked him how he was these days.

Steve was well and on his way back from his recent trip to Australia. He asked Li Du, “When are you going back? Remember to go to Boston, and I’ll introduce you to some friends.”

With this commitment, Li Du would definitely go to Boston. Though he was not particularly clear about Steve’s status, connections, and background, at least he knew that he was being led to the big shots. Steve’s friends were certainly not far behind Steve in status. If Li Du had stayed in America, there would have been plenty of advantages to networking with them.

“No problem. When I come back to America, I will go to Boston first. Right now, I’m looking for some help with something,” said Li Du.

“What is it?”

“I want to buy an island, but I don’t know what to do or who to turn to for help. I thought of you and I wanted to ask you about it.”

Steve laughed and said, “Haha, Li, have you investigated me?”

Li Du was confused and asked, “Why do you ask?”

Steve said, “I bought an island during my vacation in Australia. I’m very familiar with the process. You found the right person.”

Li Du was embarrassed. Steve had forgotten he had told Li Du this at the showcase in the beginning. He could only pretend to be confused and ask, “Did you buy an island? What island?”

“Turtle Island,” Steve said cheerfully. “The island I bought is called Turtle Island. It is 9.41 hectares, has many indigenous plants, and is close to the port city of Gladstone.”

In Australia, most of the islands were leased, not sold. However, Turtle Island was sold as a life estate, which meant that the island belonged exclusively to Steve. The resources found within the island belonged to him as well, and he could pass them on to future generations. As a result, although the area was less than 10 hectares in size, Turtle Island was not cheap, with the lifetime rights selling for $5,700,000.

Steve told him that the island had a large, 600-square-foot house with a view of other islands to the east, even including the Great Barrier Reef.

“That’s expensive.” Li Du hesitated.

Steve asked, “What about the island you want to buy?”

Li Du replied, “It’s a nameless island, located on the border of the Bass Strait and Tasman Sea, east of Cape Barren Island. It’s a large island, around 200 square kilometers!”

Steve whistled. “Wow, cool. Two hundred square kilometers? That is a big island.” One square kilometer was 100 hectares, so the size of the island was more than two thousand times that of Turtle Island!

“What do you think such an island would cost?” asked Li Du tentatively.

Steve laughed and said, “I don’t know, Li. I can’t put a value on it. If you’re sure the island hasn’t been named, it’s a deserted island. The Australian government might not have given it a price yet. If you want to buy it, it would be a complicated process.”

“The first issue is the price. If it’s expensive, then never mind,” said Li Du. His money had mainly been used to buy shares in the Henry Winston group, and those shares could not be cashed out, though he now had more than $20,000,000.

“The island you’re looking at is not the same as Turtle Island, which used to be an old resort with some resources that were expensive,” Steve said. For example, his villa on the island, which was very luxurious, had a large kitchen and entertainment room, including a bar and music room. In addition to the main house, there were separate rooms, bathrooms, and balconies. There was also a built-in swimming pool, a private dock, and even an airport runway.

After a conversation on the phone, Steve invited him to meet in Sydney. There were some things he needed to discuss. If Li Du wanted to buy the island, Steve could find an agent for him.

The helicopter was convenient, but the trip wasn’t easy, either. They had to fly to Melbourne and then Canberra before they could get to Sydney. However, the helicopter was fast, taking less than five hours to get there and making the journey much shorter.

This time in Sydney, Li Du and almost all of his gang came just at the same time Brother Wolf had made an appointment with the doctor to prepare Ivana for surgery. Steve was recuperating at an upscale nursing home that had a tarmac. Ivan had contacted the appropriate government agency ahead of time and landed the helicopter at the tarmac.

“We’ll have to buy private planes. Helicopters are still too slow,” said Li Du.

Hans replied, “When do you want to buy one? Take me to the factory, and I’ll take a look at the plane’s manufacturer.”

Li Du glanced sideways. “Private jets are so expensive. Do you think I can afford one?”

Hans nodded continuously. “Sure you can afford it. You can even afford an island!”