Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Press Conference

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Brother Wolf began to attack so quickly that he beat up two people at once, and one of them fainted. This attack had happened in the blink of an eye and was bound to cause conflict. The opposition had no time to react as Li Du, Hans, Godzilla, and Big Quinn immediately rushed to stand next to Brother Wolf, ready to fight.

The two sides had not yet started to battle when a gunshot rang out. Everyone was startled. Tucson thought they were shooting and immediately backed up, trying to find a place to hide.

Immediately after the gunshot rang out, Li Du looked over and saw Nicole standing at the window, a shotgun in her hands pointing skyward out the window. A gold shell bounced off the ground.

Apparently, Nicole had fired the gun.

Nicole said coldly, “Get out of here and fight outside. My brother has poured years of his life into the Steampunk. Anyone who breaks anything will pay!”

A treasure collector who was not involved in the conflict whistled. “Wow, cool boy!”

Dressed as a gentleman in a black tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie, and a black top hat, Nicole looked violently dangerous holding the shotgun.

Hans immediately said, “Hey, Nicole, let’s be fair. Tucson, the son of a b*tch, and his gang started this. You heard what they said.”

Nicole turned the gun on them with a straight face and said, “I’ll be fair with my gun. Get out of here, or I’ll shoot!”

One of the treasure collectors shouted, “Don’t think she won’t. I swear, this girl is violent. She really will do it.”

“You know, don’t destroy anything in the hotel. Nicole guards her brother’s stuff really closely.”

“Son of a b*tch! Tucson gang, get out of here. This is not your place to be arrogant!”

The atmosphere was tense. The Tucson treasure hunters were angry to see Li Du and the others there. They did not want to stand down, but did not dare to start anything, either.

Li Du sneered. “You’re not fighting or getting lost. What do you all want?”

“Hey, boss, do you want to see the comatose guy?” asked Lu Guan.

Brother Wolf said, “It’s all right. He’ll wake up in a few minutes.”

Upon hearing this, Li Du had an idea, and then he was even less worried. He confronted the Tucson gang and waited for Princeps to wake up. Sure enough, after a little while, Princeps came to his senses. He groaned and rubbed his chin.

Tucson and his treasure hunters picked Princeps up. Tucson asked in a low voice, “Princeps, what shall I do? Do you want to start something?”

Princeps recalled the previous incident. He looked angrily at Li Du. “How dare you knock me out?”

Li Du said, “Control you and your men’s d*mn mouths. Otherwise, next time you’ll do more than just faint.”

While Princeps was seething and breathing heavily, someone behind him said, “Princeps, let’s beat them up!”

Godzilla and Big Quinn clenched their fists. They looked ferocious and domineering as the sound of cracking knuckles could be heard.

Princeps stared hard at Li Du and said, “No, let’s call the police”

“Go ahead, call the police. It will be even better if we go to court,” said Li Du, not to be outdone.

The roar of a sports car in front of the hotel could be heard as a red Ferrari drove up. An old acquaintance, the playboy Akkalou, appeared.

As before, Akkalou was accompanied by a beautiful woman. He walked in with his arm around her and asked curiously, “Hey, what’s going on? Are we standing here playing who moves first?”

Princeps, with a sinister expression on his face, said, “Playboy, it’s none of your business. Get out of the way.”

The playboy laughed, put his arm around Princeps’ shoulder, and said, “Of course it’s none of my business, but you have to be careful, man. There are many people who don’t like what you do.”

He looked at the Tucson gang, pointed at their chests, and continued, “And you guys, you really think you’re the Mafia or some yakuza? You are just ordinary people. Keep a low profile and don’t cause trouble, ok?”

The Tucson gang was impulsive and tried to push him, but Princeps blocked them. The playboy protected the beauty behind him, waved at the despised person, and said, “Eh, you seem very fierce. Come on, come on and beat me up. I like your hot temper!”

Princeps gave him a vicious look and said, “Must you meddle in our affairs?”

“Don’t make it sound like you’re a big gangster in Las Vegas or Chicago. I’m not meddling in your affairs. I’m just reminding you all to keep a low profile,” said the playboy.

Princeps’ expression was uncertain. He considered for half a minute and waved. “Let’s go!”

Most of the Tucson gang had already admitted wanting to fight, and some of them cried out in protest, “Just go? Princeps, we have to make them pay!”

Princeps did not reply. He just left without hesitation. Most of the people left with him. A few of them knew that they were too weak to do anything on their own, so they left, too.

Conflict resolved, Li Du extended his fist to the playboy and laughed. “Hey, thanks. Great timing!”

The playboy bumped his fist and said, “Say thanks to Bedes. He called me.”

Bedes looked calm and collected behind the counter. “Don’t thank me, I was just afraid that you would break my things,” Bedes said with a grin.

As the mood lightened again, Li Du clapped his hands and said, “Sorry, guys. I’m the one who caused the trouble. Bedes, I’ll buy everyone drinks. Drink whatever you like!”

The treasure hunters didn’t blame him. They were just watching the show. However, it was always good to have free drinks, so the group immediately cheered. “Li, cool!”

“I like your cheerfulness!”

“Death to the b*stards of Tucson!”

While they were drinking, a police car came by. Ollie frowned. “F**k, those sissy Tucson guys called the police?”

The police came in and asked, “Who are Li Du and Hans Fox?”

Li Du stood up and said, “That’s me, but I need to call my lawyer first.”

The policeman looked puzzled and said, “Why are you calling a lawyer? I’m giving you an invitation. You can take the invitation and call later.”


The playboy laughed. “Press conference invitation, right? Well, Li, you’re getting famous, and the government has made you the representative of warehouse collectors.”

The policeman handed him a fuchsia envelope and said, “Go to this address on the afternoon of July 1. Someone will pick you up. If you have any inquiries, you can call the number on there.”