Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Trap Inside A Trap

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There were many things the government had reserved, and these things filled 120 warehouses, both large and small. Li Du spent a whole day looking around.

There were too many warehouses and not enough time. He couldn’t use the little bug’s ability to turn back time indefinitely, so he had to take a quick look and couldn’t be in control of the whole situation. Even so, after looking around, he thought the situation was quite optimistic. There were several warehouses that were very good, and he could earn a lot if he bid on them.

On July 1st, he spent half a day in his hotel, and then after lunch, he drove with Hans to the seat of the state capital to attend the conference.

Arizona’s budget deficit was a bit high, and the state was probably in a hurry to take every opportunity to make money. They looked upon this auction as such an opportunity and invited many media outlets to cover it.

In the parking lot, a lot of cars had TV station logos on them. Hans read them off to Li Du, “U.S. News & World Report, Phoenix Cable Television, Arizona Brothers Television, Arizona Broadcasting. There’s a lot of media here.”

“More than when we saved a child from abduction in Tasmania. Don’t be nervous. Go in, and remember, we are the stars of the show,” said Li Du.

Hans said, “Nervous? Why would I, Big Fox, be nervous? This is exciting. I finally get my wish.”

“What wish?”

“When I was in Los Angeles, I was at a government auction in California, and I watched the press conference. I’ve been waiting for the day where I would be the star of the press conference,” Hans said cheerfully.

As he spoke, he searched for a parking space. Because there was a press conference that day, there were more people and cars, and the parking lot was mostly full. Hans drove around in the parking lot and, seeing a Range Rover ready to leave, he drove into the lane to get the spot.

When the Range Rover left the parking space, Hans stepped on the gas and tried to get in. At the same time, the Range Rover suddenly reversed. As Hans was driving in, the car reversed again, causing the two vehicles to hit each other with a loud bang. It had happened so fast.

Li Du got hit on passenger’s side and skidded forward. Fortunately, he was wearing a seat belt. Otherwise, he would have been thrown forward. On the whole, the accident was not serious. Everyone was ok, and only the two cars were damaged.

Hans had borrowed the car from Bedes, and the accident happened within half an hour of Hans taking the keys. Naturally, he was depressed and angry. How would he explain this to Bedes?

In particular, the accident was not his fault. The responsibility was actually the other car’s, as they had already left the parking space. Even if the owner of the other car had changed his mind and wanted to drive back into the parking space, it should have been done slowly, not so abruptly that Hans had no time to react.

Hans jumped out of the car discontentedly and roared, “Hey, what’s the matter?”

The man in the Range Rover was even more fierce and shouted even more loudly, “Hey, stupid, what do you want to do? Want to crash and kill us?”

Seeing who the man was, Li Du understood in a split second what was going on. The owner of the Range Rover was none other than Princeps, the boss of the Tucson gang, whom they had just clashed with two days ago.

Today’s car accident was not Hans’ fault. The other party had set a trap for them. They must have deliberately driven backward quickly so that the two cars collided.

Hans responded with a sneer. “Why, I thought it was someone else, but isn’t this the great Princeps?”

Princeps glared at him and growled, “Don’t act like you know me, *ssh*le. You crashed my car.”

Hans retorted, “Seriously? It’s your responsibility, obviously, and of course, I know you did it deliberately. You disgust me.”

Hearing this, Princeps laughed. “Are you sick? You really think highly of yourself. Do you think I’d risk a car accident just to disgust you?”

He pointed his thumb at the young man next to him and said, “Mentioning it is just disgusting. Even if the car accident had killed you, I wouldn’t take the risk. Otherwise, Conrad would get hurt, and I would be finished.”

Hans said, “Don’t talk nonsense. No matter what you say, it’s your responsibility to fix my car.”

Princeps came over to Hans and said angrily, “Are you blind? Your car hit the back of my car, and you are saying it’s my fault? F*ck off, d*mn you!”

Hans was getting increasingly angry. Li Du stopped him and said calmly, “Don’t lose your temper. It’s a plot he cooked up. There is definitely a surveillance camera in the parking lot, so we can go and check it out. The truth will be revealed.”

The young man beside Princeps expressed his displeasure and said, “Your car hit our car, and you want to pass the buck? Shame on you Arizonans, you sissies!”

Hans cast a sidelong glance at him and said, “What are you to Princeps? Are you his son? This is a conflict between adults. It has nothing to do with you, kid.”

The young man’s face changed abruptly as Hans finished speaking. However, Li Du was sensitive enough to notice that when Hans said this, Princeps smiled.

If there was no surveillance camera, the accident would be their fault by law. Princeps designed a very good trap. They were the rear car, and the rear car hit the front car, so the responsibility was on the rear car. However, Princeps did not smile as they fell into the trap. Instead, he smiled when Hans commented on the boy. Because of this, Li Du immediately understood that the youth’s identity was not ordinary, and this was Princeps’ real trap. Let them and the young man have grudges against each other!

The young man’s face changed. “Hey, son of a b*tch, what did you say with your foul mouth? You dare to insult me?” He rushed forward and pushed Hans with both hands.

Hans had also been a ruffian in his youth. He had been in a lot of street fights. Now he ran around with Li Du, diving and doing sports. His body was stronger than before, and he could fight better.

When the young man reached out, Hans quickly dodged, grabbed the young man by the shoulder, and pushed him with all his strength into the car beside him before shouting, “Trying to fight? Go away!”

Seeing that Hans was entangled with the youth, Princeps’ face became more and more cheerful. Li Du sighed, knowing that he had fallen into the trap completely. However, he was not afraid. He was no match for Steve.

There must have been a lot of young people in the United States who had a stronger background than Steve. With Princeps’ identity, how could he get close to those people? However, he did not want to indulge Princeps, so he went and pulled Hans off of the youth and said, “Calm down. We have fallen into a trap.”

Hans let go of the youth, but the youth did not want to let go of him. Hans easily pressed the youth into the car, so he was ashamed, which made him even more angry. Regardless of who was responsible, the youth took a swing at Li Du!