Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Ten Million Club

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Although Li Du had his back towards the young man, Brother Wolf, who was beside him, did not. The young man swung his fist, and Brother Wolf immediately rushed over and grabbed his arm. He twisted both of the young man’s arms towards his back without any effort. Brother Wolf was grabbing the young man as if he were grabbing a little chick. He pulled him aside and then pushed him towards Princeps as he let him go.

Obviously, he had also seen through Princeps’ trick. That was why he was not as fierce as when he had dealt with Princeps before. Otherwise, the young man who initiated the attack on Li Du would have two broken arms.

Seeing that Brother Wolf had not hurt the young man, Princeps seemed perplexed by it. He seemed like he was at ease, but at the same time like he was sorry.

The young man was not stupid. He knew that he could not get anything out of the confrontation, even if he continued making a scene, so he pointed at Li Du angrily as he said, “Very well, Chinaman and Fox. I swear that I, Conrad Anthony, will never let this go!”

Li Du shrugged. “The last man who said that has already been mixed with cement and thrown into the South Pacific Ocean by me.”

Just when the two of them were about to start a verbal war, a young white woman quickly rushed over and asked, “Are you Mr. Li, Mr. Fox, and Mr. Anthony?”

Li Du nodded towards the young woman and said, “Ms. Julie Antoine?”

On the way to the press conference, Hans had contacted the person in charge by phone as stated on the invitation card. The voice on the other side was the same as this young woman’s voice. Her name was Julie Antoine. She worked for Arizona’s Department of Public Services.

The Department of Public Services was in charge of the logistics for the American state governments. The staff of this department was pretty good at customer service, so Julie Antoine was already waiting for them at the parking lot entrance before they arrived. However, she had never thought that both of them would arrive together, and that they would get embroiled in a conflict so quickly.

After confirming the identities of the three, Julie changed the subject. First, she said the reporters were already waiting for them, and then she gave them each a bottle of mineral water while handing them each a pass on a lanyard to wear.

Once he heard that there were many reporters, young Anthony became calmer. He pointed fiercely at Li Du, then pointed at Hans and said, “This is not the end of it!”

He turned to leave as Princeps soothed him from behind saying, “Conrad, don’t be mad. I swear I’ll take care of these sons of b*tches. I’ll make them regret pissing you off.”

Li Du said coldly, “Princeps, you should change your name to Princeps Dog.”

Hans laughed. “Don’t humiliate dogs.”

Princeps turned around and showed them both his middle finger. He had a smug look on his face.

After the both of them got a bit further away, Li Du frowned and said, “Conrad Anthony, do you know him?”

Hans let out a sigh and said, “I don’t know about Conrad, but I do know about his last name, Anthony. George Anthony is the real king of treasure hunters, the king of treasure hunters in the entire state of Arizona.”

After hearing him say that, Li Du remembered. He said, “George Anthony, the only $10,000,000 club member from the state of Arizona, that fellow?”

George Anthony was a legend in the storage auction industry in Arizona. He started off with $50 and began auctioning storage units. In the end, he was worth tens of millions of dollars and became a member of the $10,000,000 club. He got famous in Arizona, but after that, he left Arizona and went to the richer state of New York. Thus, Li Du had not heard much about him. It was just sometimes when he was idly chatting with other treasure hunters, someone would mention this name.

George Anthony was really good. His nickname was Golden Eyes. That was because his observation was very acute. Whenever he came across storage units that were worthy, he could always notice their value.

However, the treasure hunters of Arizona were not very fond of him. After George moved to New York, he told everyone that he was a New Yorker. This made the local treasure hunters of Arizona upset, as they felt that George had abandoned their hometown.

Of course, Arizona’s economic status was incomparable to New York’s, which was the world’s finance center, trading center, and economic center. If you wanted to find big bucks, you would have to go there. Staying in this piece of desert would not do any good.

“Yes, that is him.” Hans said helplessly, “Could we be so unlucky that he is George’s son? Our luck is really terrible if he is.”

Julie, who had been quiet all this time, answered his question. “Conrad Anthony’s father is George Anthony. I guess you are in a little trouble right now.”

“What kind of trouble?” Li Du asked casually.

Julie answered, “You have pissed off George Anthony’s son.”

Li Du shrugged and said, “What do you mean, we have pissed off Anthony’s son? It was him who pissed us off. Fine, the incident has already passed. Let’s just get ready for the press conference.”

Julie pouted and said, “Mr. Li, you are a brave man.”

Of course Li Du was brave. George Anthony was not George Washington. He was not related to the current president, senators, or anyone in that field. He was just a treasure hunter with a little bit of money.

They were treasure hunters, too, but Li Du was actually richer than Anthony was. Moreover, it was George Anthony’s son who pissed him off first. Why would he be afraid?

The state office lobby was currently set up as a stage for the press conference. There was a podium right in front, and there were cameramen who had their cameras facing that spot. Behind them were many reporters who were holding microphones.

After entering the office lobby, Li Du met with another acquaintance. He was a famous treasure hunter in California, Magic Hand Johnson.

When they saw each other, Johnson flashed his neat, white teeth and gave Li Du a big smile. He shook hands with Li Du and Hans as he said, “Hey partners, we meet again. What a pleasure!”

After both parties exchanged a few words, Johnson went straight to the point and asked, “Hey Li, what is your target this time? Bring me along to make some money.”

Li Du shook his head. “It should be you who brings me along to make money. You must have earned quite a lot last time during the villa auction in Los Angeles.”

“But I’m sure it won’t be more than you earned recently. I know that you had your hands on an abalone harvesting permit that is worth four or five million dollars, and you have earned a lot from harvesting abalones,” Johnson said.

As the two of them were chatting, a man wearing a suit, shiny shoes, a necktie, and a meticulous hairstyle walked towards them.

Li Du thought he was a government staffer, but Johnson and Hans straightened their backs as they saw him. Hans said in a low voice, “The great Chris Bell. He is a tough character… a tough character in the $10,000,000 club!”

Li Du stood up straight without realizing it upon hearing the introduction.

Although he was now a man who was worth billions and who might have a chance to get up to several billions after buying Seagull Island, he still had the utmost respect for the top king in the same industry.

This was the respect for the strong. As he was in the industry, he knew the difficulty of earning money in it, so he definitely was a king among the people since he could become a member of the $10,000,000 club.

Chris Bell walked over to them. Johnson waved to him as he said, “Hi, brother. Chris, what is so hot in storage this time that got you to come here, too?”

“I am here to meet two young talented men.” Chris Bell smiled and said, “An outstanding talent is always the most precious treasure.”