Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 897

Chapter 897 The Real Batman

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It was late afternoon, and it was relatively quiet in Salem Harbor. Everyone was staying in their houses to avoid the summer heat, enjoying air conditioning and electric fans. There were only a few stray dogs on the street. Their tongues were dangling as they searched for some food.

Stray dogs had a hard life in the slums. Even though America consumed the most food everyday throughout the whole world, in Salem Harbor, most people did not have enough to eat, and they did not mind finding food from trash cans.

Just when a stray dog had found half a rotten turkey in the trash, a car suddenly roared onto the street. It was a huge Benz. The huge car had the force of a mountain. Its engine was roaring, the exhaust pipe was whirring loudly, and it scared the stray dog. The Benz was accelerating all the way, zooming forward just like a crazy bull. Finally, it came to the entrance of an abandoned factory. The front of the car suddenly turned and then rushed into the factory’s main entrance.

At the factory’s entrance, there were a few old men chatting under the shade of the trees. They all jumped in shock at the roaring car that had suddenly appeared. Some of them jumped up and yelled, “You think you are so great driving a Benz? F*ck you! I will kill you if you run into me.”

“Don’t be too f*cking arrogant, b*tch. Do you know where you are? This is Salem Harbor. You better watch out if you are not driving a tank!”

“Get out of the car now. You shocked me, you son of a b*tch!”

The car actually stopped. As the car door swung open, a few hunks hopped out of the car. They had paint on their faces, guns in their hands, and tattoos all over their naked torsos. They looked sinister.

Watching the scene, the angry old men shivered as everyone else quieted down. The hunks were not bothered by them. After getting out of the car, they went straight into the building aggressively. The last one who got out of the car was a man with a painted clown face. He shook out his fluffy green hair, and he wore a purple suit to compliment it. He looked really absurd.

After getting out of the car, the Joker looked at the few old men, and then he covered his mouth with his right hand. He had bright red lipstick drawn in the shape of lips on the web between his thumb and forefinger. It looked like he was smiling strangely.

An old man screamed in shock, “Oh, sh*t, SH*T! The Joker! It’s the God d*mn Joker!”

The hunks ran into the building where Rex was talking to Bruce and the other kids. The men pointed guns at their heads. Bruce and the other kids were all stunned. What is happening? However, they did not panic. In a place like Salem Harbor, there were gunfights almost every day. They had many past experiences of being at gunpoint. This was nothing new.

What made Bruce completely shocked was the person who came in last. It was the Joker, Batman/Bruce Wayne’s lifelong nemesis, one of the most famous villains in America’s comic history, the Joker!

Mini Donkey, who was behind him, said stupidly, “Huh, what is happening? How did the Joker come out of the comic books? Hey, look at me. Hey, Joker!”

Bruce quickly pulled him back and said in a hushed voice, “Shut up! Shut up! Don’t draw any of their attention!”

He had not figured out what was happening right before his eyes, but he knew that the incident was very peculiar. This must be some trick. It was best if they were not involved.

Then Mini Donkey said something smart. “There’s no use, Bruce. They have their attention on us. Look, all of their guns are pointing at us.”

The Joker held his green hair as he sashayed over to them with his feet wide apart. He pinched Mini Donkey’s face and asked with a smile, “Why are you looking for me? My little friend, are you calling for me? Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Bruce pulled Mini Donkey away from the Joker. Mini Donkey was not afraid. He said indifferently, “I asked you to come over and see. This is Batman. He will take care of you.”

F*cking hell, Bruce cursed inwardly with some Mandarin phrases he barely remembered. Now he felt like he should beat his pal up. Wasn’t this just asking for trouble? Considering that this child had some problems in his brain, Bruce forgave him. He was always saying stupid things, anyway.

However, he had to keep them alive, so he smiled gently. “Mister, please don’t mind my little brother. He likes to say stupid things. In fact, I will tell you, he is actually drunk, haha.”

The Joker looked at him with much interest and said, “Drunk? How come I can’t smell any alcohol? Buddy, this lie is really insincere. This makes me very unhappy.” As he spoke, he took out a gun from his pocket.

Seeing the gun appear in front of him, Bruce felt like his blood was solidifying. This madman is ill-intentioned! What is he doing, taking his gun out?!

The Joker played with his handgun and said, “Your answer just now really upset me. I have decided to kill one of you. Come, you choose one. Who do you want me to kill?”

Bruce stared at him nervously as he slowly moved in front of Mini Donkey to protect him with his own body. All of a sudden, he was scared and could not speak.

Just at that moment, there was a roaring engine sound coming from outside again. The roaring sound came from afar, but it was rapidly approaching. A few voices spoke again.

“Oh God, who am I seeing now?”

“D*mn cell phone, I need to take a video of this!”

“I must be dreaming, d*mmit. Am I f*cking going crazy? Or am I tripping?”

The crowd looked out as they heard the commotion. They saw a black motorcycle appear at the factory’s main entrance, and a man dressed in black rode the bike. The motorcycle was very long, the tires were very wide, and the design was really outstanding. There were even two small caliber machine guns attached on the front of it.

The man in black was almost sprawled over it, and his black cape was flapping in the wind. He was wearing a back mask that showed half of his face. He was calm and yet wild. He was obviously Batman!

“Wow, cool, Batman Batman! It really is Batman!” Mini Donkey screamed excitedly.

Bruce was even more excited. He stared wide-eyed as he looked at the Batbike zooming over and saw Batman on it. This really was Batman. He could recognize him at first sight. The man on the bike was Christian Bale, the Hollywood superstar who was famous for the “Batman” movie trilogy.

Bruce could not be mistaken. After all, he had seen all the Batman comics, cartoons, and movies. Bale’s, “Batman: Batman Begins,””Batman: The Dark Knight,” and, “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises,” that was just released not long ago, were his favorites!

“Oh, God!” Bruce cried, “I see Batman!”

Seeing Batman zooming over from a distance, the Joker scolded, “D*mmit, the bastard has come again. Buddy, let’s retreat! Retreat! Retreat!”

Mini Donkey yelled, “You can’t run, Joker. F*ck you.” He kicked the Joker as he was yelling. Bruce was shocked. In the end, the Joker was not as arrogant as before. He was so scared, he was peeing himself, and he even let Mini Donkey take his revenge.

The story was getting really weird, though. Up until now, Bruce had not figured out why the Joker from the comics and movies had appeared, or why Batman had also come there.

If this Joker was a serious cosplayer, then what about this Batman? He could not be mistaken; this really was the Batman played by Christian Bale!