Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Appointment

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The Apple-1 was something that could be sold for a lot of money either at auction or to a passionate collector. Otherwise, people wouldn’t pay that much for a useless machine.

Li Du wanted to ask for help putting the machine up for auction. Hans shook his head and smiled. “I’m Big Fox. It’s time to show off Big Fox’s connections.”

He went to make a phone call, and when he came back, he said easily, “Ok, somebody is willing to buy it for $650,000. We’ll send the machine over.”

Shocked, Li Du asked, “Are you kidding me? To whom did you sell it?”

It was amazing that Hans could sell the machine so quickly.

“That’s the powerful relationship of Big Fox. You’ve only seen part of it. If I show you all the energy, it will burn your soul!” said Hans proudly.

Lu Guan, who was beside him, gave a growl. “Aha!”

Li Du looked at and asked, “Why is your throat inflamed?”

Sophie, Brother Wolf, and the others laughed as Lu Guan said, embarrassed, “That is the burning legion attack sound, boss. Can you cooperate?”

“The burning legion’s control is in my hands,” said Li Du. He snapped his fingers, and Ah Ow raised her head and howled, “Owww!”

It was empty around the villa, and the nearest house was half a kilometer away from them, so Ah Ow could howl at the top of her voice, and no one would complain.

Li Du asked Hans, “Seriously. Who is the buyer?”

Hans replied, “It’s Pastor Potter. Do you remember him? That rich, nerdy guy in Los Angeles. I knew he would love it.”

Hearing the answer, Li Du suddenly realized and said, “It was him.”

This guy was really rich. He once bought two paintings that cost tens of millions from him without hesitating. He presumably knew Pastor Potter’s identity. The Potter family was famous in the United States. They were involved in automobile production and steel processing. The family’s assets were scary, as they were one of the famous conglomerates.

Hans had to send the machine himself. Potter was a serious otaku, and he didn’t want to leave Los Angeles if he didn’t have to.

As it happened, Li Du and his crew arrived at the port in an Australian helicopter. They had to pick up the cargo from the port of Los Angeles, and then they took off.

Arriving in Los Angeles, they first went to see Potter in Beverly Hills, only to find out that he was no longer there. He was currently living in the West Hollywood area. With the best fashion boutiques in Los Angeles, West Hollywood represented the City of Angels. Many stars, directors, and producers loved to shop there, and there were many handsome men and beautiful women with dreams of fame.

In addition, the famous Sunset Boulevard was there. There were many private clubs on both sides of the road. There were many paparazzi waiting outside to take pictures of the private activities of famous people.

As they drove by, Hans leaned on the window and looked out. He kept babbling, “Oh, look at this beautiful girl. Her long legs are amazing. I bet she could break a man’s waist!

“Oh my God, such a pretty girl. Pity, she’s with a pig. I guess she is someone’s mistress.

“I like this girl. Her skin reminds me of my favorite chocolate candy when I was a child. This is great, hugging her in my arms would remind me of my childhood”

Li Du looked over and said calmly, “Is it because of her big boobs? You snuggle in her arms and think of your childhood milking a cow?”

“Shut up!”

Potter met them on his electric scooter. He waved politely, as he was far away. “Here, Mr. Li and Mr. Fox, please come here.”

Seeing each other, Li Du felt that the boy was not in good spirits and asked, “Hi, buddy, what’s wrong with you lately?”

Potter, apparently aware of what he was saying, shrugged his shoulders and said wryly, “Nothing. I’m looking into a girl. It’s not going well, and I feel quite miserable.”

At this, Hans got into a good mood and said, “I thought it was a big deal. Let me help you out, Big Fox is a lover!”

Li Du glared at him and told him not to mess around.

Potter’s status was unusual, and his quest for a girl may not be what they thought, as the fair lady and gentleman fit together. It might involve the relationship between the two families. He could not let Hans interfere, and if anything should happen, they might not be able to take the responsibility.

Entering a restaurant, Potter greeted the owner and went to a quiet corner before Brother Wolf took out the Apple-1. Hans helped to connect the power and turned on the computer. Potter nodded with satisfaction.

“I just found a Star Trek tape from 1977. Is this computer the CPU of the Motorola 6800? I remember it could be worn, couldn’t it?” asked Potter.

“No, its CPU is Motorola’s MOS6502. Woz optimized the system based on this CPU, but I’m sure it will be able to carry the Star Trek of ’77. I’m confident,” said Hans.

After a cup of coffee, the deal was done. Potter was definitely the descendant of a rich man. He had no trouble paying more than $600,000.

At this point, Li Du could tell that the girl Potter was looking for must be unusual, or his financial ability alone would have been sufficient for 90 percent of American girls to fall for him. The two had a chat, and Potter invited Hans to play computer games with him to experience the romance of retro games.

Hans asked Li Du, “Are there any plans after this?”

Li Du said, “No, you can go. Brother Wolf, Big Ivan, and I are going to pick up the helicopter. We will pick you up when it is time, and we’ll fly back.”

After listening to them, Potter laughed and said, “Wow, your business is really getting bigger and bigger. Now you can even buy a helicopter?”

Li Du shrugged and said, “We got it through the channels of business. It didn’t cost much, as someone had abandoned it.”

Potter said in surprise, “This is so cool. You guys are so lucky.”

After the two sides separated, Li Du and his car prepared to leave, but when the car was not far away, an unexpected phone call came. It was from NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

Li Du answered the phone in surprise. In his view, he and Bryant had exchanged contact information just for courtesy’s sake. Both sides would have no future contact. Bryant would not call him, and he would not disturb Bryant, either.

However, Bryant had actually called him. “Hi, Li, are you in Beverly Hills? You came over here, didn’t you? I have friends who have seen you.”

Not sure if any of his friends knew him, Li Du was fairly sure it was the bodyguard he brought with him that day. Li Du said, “Yeah, I’m in the Hills. Hi, Kobe.”

Bryant said, “I’m here, too. I have something to ask you. How about we meet up?”