Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Make A Pig Of Yourself

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They had come to Indianapolis this time for Pacers Storage Company, a warehouse located at the border of the city.

Li Du didn’t understand. In any case, Dahntay Jones was a basketball player with an annual income of a few million. Why didn’t he rent a better warehouse for these sneakers? For instance, those smaller storage companies that target household users.

Pacers Storage Company owned a few hundred warehouses. Its service targeted the masses, and the warehouses contained all kinds of items. This kind of warehouse was not suitable for storing high-value items.

The warehouse was located beside Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This race track was massivethe Indianapolis 500 was held annually here.

Every year, at the end of May, this speedway became packed with a sea of people. During that time, the number of spectators exceeded 450,000 people.

This time, twelve warehouses would be participating in the auction. Li Du found out about the warehouse numbers through Kobe: they were warehouses 220 and 221.

Li Du would have actually still been able to find them even if Kobe hadn’t share this information with him.

The little bug searched all twelve warehouses; only 220 and 221 were entirely stored with sneaker boxes. These boxes were densely packed and piled up in these two warehousesthere were probably more than a thousand pairs of sneakers.

Li Du reckoned that there would be quite a few people who knew about this information. Without a doubt, Kobe had to have known this information through some NBA players.

The other treasure hunter had their own connections. The storage company certainly knew about the sneakers. They just wanted to generate profit, so that is why they took the initiative to spread this information.

This was not illegal. As long as the storage company did not reveal the brand names, and merely described the appearance of the boxes, then that would be enough to attract many treasure hunters.

The little bug flew in and out of the boxes for a quick look. The sneakers were new and consisted of a few brand names, including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, etc. There were also Chinese brands such as Li-Ning and Anta.

The sports industry here was well developed, and Americans had a strong interest in sneakers. Many of them loved collecting shoes. Thus, exclusive models of shoes had become very costly.

For instance, every Christmas, all the big brands would release Christmas sneakers for their own sports star. On top of that, they would also release an exclusive version with the star’s autograph. These shoes were even more expensive.

Li Du did not understand this sneakers trend. He had no knowledge of the value of each sneakers model. He only knew that the ones with autographs were more valuable.

The autographs on the sneakers were very sloppy. He could only recognize a few of them. There was one interesting autograph, which was signed in Mandarin: Yao Ming.

Between these two warehouses, 221 contained more autographed sneakers compared to220. It was estimated that the storage mainly consisted of special edition sneakers.

Aside from these two warehouses, there was one other that was pretty decent. It had a race caran unusual race car.

This race car was only a model about one meter in length. The unique feature of this race car lied in its material: it was comprised of small wooden sticks.

Li Du turned back time with the help of the little bug’s ability. He realized that this material was not a bunch of ordinary wooden sticks but matchsticks.

The creator was a middle-aged man. He removed the match heads and kept the remaining matchsticks. He glued the matchsticks together and then used a small knife to carve the piece into the desired shape. At last, the car was created.

Once this car was placed in a house, it was absolutely a fine piece of decoration. Although it was a minor piece of construction, the final product was exquisite and perfectly replicated a real race car.

It could be seen that this was the creation of a race car enthusiast. In Indianapolis, similar artwork was pretty common. There were a lot of crazy race car fans who would also construct this type of stuff.

Li Du wanted this race car, but not for himself. He had a feeling that it would be a great gift for Frances.

He’d previosuly organized an event for Bruce. Frances had donated the Batman motorcycle at no cost, so he had to repay this huge favor.

Furthermore, after looking at this DIY matchstick race car, he thought of another item of his own: the Ferrari-watch-motorcycle he’d bought from the flea market in Australia.

These little cars had been put aside when he got them. He did not bother with them and had actually forgotten their existence until now. The truth was that they were exquisite works of art, and also very appropriate gifts.

In that case, he decided to take a shot at this warehouse and to gift this matchstick race caralong with his little Ferrarito Frances. The fact that he owned many watch-motorcycles meant he could gift another one to Christian Bale.

All the preparations were ready except for one crucial item.

He could scan all twelve warehouses easily with his current ability. In terms of energy, there were no issues at all. Even after studying all these warehouses, his mental condition was great.

Then Hans, Brother Wolf, and he went to the speedway nearby to experience the local’s craze for racing culture.

This speedway was the place of interest in Indianapolis. It covered a huge area and was packed with tourists. Hans went to buy the tickets. Then, the three of them queued up and entered.

First, they went the Hall of Fame museum. There were 75 race cars on display in there, and most of the cars had been driven by champions.

Besides that, there was an enormous glass trophy in the hall. This trophy had been gifted from Tiffany’s; it weighed about 500 lbs and its height was almost equivalent to a human being. People could take photographs next to it.

When they were done with the tour, they continued the adventure by indulging the culinary delicacies.

Indianapolis was a famous city farm. It was for this reason it had been dubbed “Big Farm.” It contained many agricultural and grazing lands for farming. Thus, it naturally produced many farming and animal products. It also had been nicknamed, “Hometown of Corn.”

They happened to be in the suburbs of the city. Many farmers’ markets were located here. Products in these farmers’ markets consisted of fresh pork, mutton, vegetables, cream, butter, as well as other non-staple food. These products could be purchased and then later brought to a restaurant to be prepared into ameal.

Just like Australia’s seafood restaurants, these farm-to-table restaurants also had their own distinguished feature. The locals loved it as the food was fresh and affordable.

Hans asked some friends for recommendations and they gave him the name of a restaurant: “Make a Pig of Yourself!” This was not only the restaurant’s name, but also the reality once inside. The boss and employees of the restaurant were all massive, truly the result of making pigs of themselves.

The three of them sat down. A fat teenager, who was about 300 lbs, came over and placed three huge beer mugs on their table. He poured something into the mugs.

It was the locals’ homemade soda, Anxious Root Beer. The weather was sizzling hot and the soda was iced. As the soda was poured into the mug, fog appeared on its surface.

Hans handed over the purchased goods to the waiter. The waiter suggested the cooking method and the payment method. He also introduced a few of their specials. They ended up ordering a whole lot of food without even noticing.

After placing the order, Hans became depressed. “This is way too much. How are we supposed to finish this much without Godzilla and Big Quinn?”

The fat waiter laughed, “Brothers, good food, good life! Eat hard, guys. Make a pig of yourself!”