Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 906

Chapter 906 Ali The Little Bomb

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The three of them drank root beer, and before long, trays of food arrived.

Country spicy hot dogs, pork tenderloin with sauce dripping, fried cheese with a strong aroma, a large plate of ribs, and a big bowl of corn pudding, a wild style of tasty food.

Not only that, but after they ate a while the waiter brought over more food:

Chili five-spices roast beef, corn lamb, chocolate cake, a pizza covered with prawns, and a large plate of smoked sausages cut into chunks.

Looking at the plate of sausages, Li Du said, “Waiter, these are not our dishes, right? Who ordered this stuff?”

Hans and Wolf shook their heads. They hadn’t dared to order. There was too much food.

The waiter laughed loudly and said. “They’re from our boss. Our specialties. They are praised by people who taste them.”

What could Li Du say with the enthusiasm of the boss? He took large bites to show his gratitude.

They could not eat it allthere were too many dishesso brother Wolf called Big Ivan and asked him to come at that instant. The four of them devoured the food.

Fortunately, Li Du’s use of the little bug consumed a lot of energy and he could eat a lot. Otherwise, they would have wasted a lot of food.

A table of delicacies, they devoured almost all the food. The four of them one by one unfastened their belts. Big Ivan looked thin but his belly was bulging after the meal.

The boss was very generous. He gave them another order of spicy smoked sausages when he saw them eating so much.

What could Li Du say? They could eat here for their next meal too; it wasn’t too long until it would be time to eat again.

When he left the restaurant, Hans said, “The owner is so good at doing business. No wonder he has so many customers here. There must be many people who come back to eat again.”

The Indianapolis white people were more or less prejudiced against people of color, but the restaurateur and waiter were white and they weren’t prejudiced.

Leaving the restaurant, they didn’t take a taxi. Instead, they walked back.

Hans went to the food website to give the restaurant a good review. Then he saw the comment on the website and said, “Hey, interesting. Many customers left messages saying that the boss doesn’t care about race, that what matters was whether they could eat their meals or not. To them, people who ccan eat a lot are their friends…”

“The boss is obviously a smart guy. For a restaurant, the customers who eat a lot are suitable friends,” said Li Du.

They might not be friends with the boss, but they would return to dine there.

The next day he went to the auction. The group then went on eating and drinking in that restaurant.

The restaurant had a private room. Li Du took Ah Ow, Ah Meow, and the other two into the private room to order food.

The waiter was still a big fat man. He smiled and said, “Have you brought your own ingredients? What do you want us to do this time?”

Li Du was stunned and asked, “What ingredients?”

The waiter continued with a chuckle, “The dog and the big cat. Kangaroos are nice. I haven’t eaten kangaroo meat. I heard they are chewy and taste like beef.”

Ali jumped up and punched him on the knee. The kid didn’t grow up, actually, it wanted to punch the waiter in the stomach.

This time Li Du knew the waiter was joking. He said with a wry smile, “They can’t be eaten. They’re family.”

Satisfied, Ali returned to Li Du’s feet and jumped up, rubbing his small head against his thigh.

Joking was one matter but bringing animals into a restaurant was inappropriate. At last, the waiter said, “I hope you won’t let these animals out during the meal, will you?”

Li Du said, “Don’t worry, no problem.”

However, bringing a pet into a public place could easily lead to conflict, and this time was no exception.

After a good breakfast, they left.

The little kids also had a happy meal. The restaurant provided them with meat bones, fish and shrimp, which were all fresh and suited their taste.

As they left, they entered the hall and heard a disgruntled complaint, “Hey, what’s going on here? Why did someone come in with an animal? No wonder my breakfast smelled weird.”

This voice, this tone, was familiar to Li Du, who frowned and looked in the direction and saw a nasty face: Conrad Anthony.

Fortunately, this time only Conrad was here. Princeps and the Tucson gang were absent.

Li Du was quite depressed, and said helplessly, “I should look through the yellow calendar before I go out the door. Damn, are these my bad luck days? Why do I always meet idiots?”

“The yellow calendar? What is this?” Hans asked curiously.

Li Du said, “Next time I will have a good look at it before I go out to warn us about idiots.”

He was too lazy to argue with Conrad, and this conflict could be avoided as long as he didn’t respond.

Big Ivan’s temper flared, and he raised his middle finger at Conrad. “There is a bad smell, but it’s coming from your mouth. Your nose is near your mouth so only you can smell it.”

Hans almost clapped. “Well said!”

Li Du nodded; this counterattack was really sharp.

Conrad kept his insidious eyes on them and tried to fight back, but there was nothing he could say except a moody, “Do you want to get beaten?”

When he heard this, Brother Wolf said nothing. He could not help laughing, however, as if he had heard a joke.

It was a joke to him, of course. He had beaten Conrad up a few times; it was like hitting a rabbit.

There were a few more white people around Conrad’s table. They spoke up,

“Don’t keep talking, leave quickly. This is a restaurant, not a zoo.”

“Damn it, I hate cats and dogs. I can’t eat this meal.”

“I have no appetite when I see yellow skins, hahaha.”

The last words were inevitably spoken by a young white man. Li Du also faced racial discrimination in the white-supremacist city of Indianapolis.

Li Du, who had wanted to leave, turned around, looked at the young white man, walked slowly by, and then asked, “What did you say? Do you have the guts to repeat what you just said?”

The young man did not know Li Du’s identity. He lounged in his chair, leaned back and said, “I said I can’t eat when I see you, what’s the matter? Are you going to beat me?”

Ali followed Li Du. It was sensitive to his anger and saw his clenched fists.

So without waiting for Li Du to start, it jumped up on the high stool, continued to hop on the table, and then jumped up at the young man with a thunderbolt; the small fist with claws gave a hard punch to the young man’s face!