Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 907

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Ali’s movements were extremely fast. The velocity of the kangaroo was stunning. It
jumped from the ground up to the chair, from the chair to the top of the table, and then
hopped upon the table and gave the young man a punch.
The entire process seems slow when described, but it actually happened very quickly.
In a moment, Ali was on the floor, with three thump thump thump thuds, and the young
man was screaming as he covered his eyes and fell backwards.
All was suddenly in chaos. Conrad and the two white men beside him stood up
furiously. Using the plates or the cutleries in their hands, they attacked Ali.
Ali was fearless. It continued jumping with thump thump thump as it avoided the
stabbing cutleries and the thrown plates. It jumped left and right on the table, swung one
punch after another, and gave the three men a few punches in the midst of the chaos.
In fact, kangaroo boxing was just a gimmick, a scene in cartoons. In reality, most
kangaroos had skinny upper bodies, and could not take heavy attacks.
Ali, however, was a mutated specimen. The little bug could change these animals’
abilities. For instance, the hyper reflexes of Ah Meow, which were rare for an ocelot, the
strength of Ah Ow, and the intelligence of Crispy Noodles.
Ali’s muscle lines were superior to its species. Even though it was still young, it had
grown to be very strong. The muscles in its skinny upper body were also well
developed, andthe strength of its punch was pretty strong.
Conrad was furious with being hit, and moved forward with the intention of grabbing Ali
to attack it.
Ali’s reaction speed was faster than his, however. As the man came forward, Ali found
its chance and jumped ahead once again. When it landed, it used its thick big tail to
support its body, and as its whole body rose up, it used its hind legs to kick with all its
This was a display of the true attacking skill of a kangaroo with high damage power, the
upright trample.
When a kangaroo fought, if it only used its claws to scratch, that was no big deal.
However, once kangaroos began to support themselves with their tails and kicking each
other with their big hind legs, things would get serious.
A kick from an adult red kangaroo could cause sternal fracture, and the stronger the
man, the worse it would be. Any weaker man would be kicked away, the power would
be dispersed and there would be minor fractures at most. But strong men could stand
still, and such force could even break internal organs.

Ali gave him a kick, and the unlucky Conrad screamed in pain as he rolled back onto
the floor.
It was suddenly chaos at the diner. The patrons stood up and watched the fun. Some of
them ran outside in fear, some seemed to think the spectacle entertaining and whistled
at the fighters. It was a mess in the hall.
The few round-bodied waiters in the hall saw the fight between Ali, Conrad and the
others without being anxious or mad. Instead, they were happily watching the action.
One fat waiter even laughed, “A kangaroo punching a man, this is the first time I see
something like this!”
Once Ali took action, Ah Meow and Ah Ow reacted and came forward to help. They
often fought among themselves, especially these two silly bears, who were always
bullying Ali.
When faced with outsiders, however, they were united. Ah Meow jumped up and gave
one big white guy a scratch in mid-air. As he danced around swinging his claws, the big
guy’s clothes were torn into half at the collar area.
Ah Ow pushed a guy over and opened her mouth in a growl. The growling was so scary
that the man kept screaming, “Oh God, help! Oh, call the cops, quick! Oh, help, help!”
Crispy Noodles ran over slowly and steadily. He went over to the young man’s face and
pooped on him.
The young man covered his eyes as he pushed the animal off and yelled, “F*ck you, I’m
gonna kill you all!”
Someone beside him knew how dangerous a coati was and reminded him, “Go and
wash up, a coati’s poop has baylisascaris. You can’t see its eggs clearly, but it will go
into your brain!”
The young man yelled in shock, “Give me a jug of water to wash my eyes!”
Someone passed him a jug, and without thinking twice, he said ‘thanks’ and poured the
water over his face.
Splash, a wave of hot water poured out, and the young man screamed pathetically, “Oh,
sh*t! This hurts!”
Big Ivan, who passed him the jug of water, shrugged and said, “I just passed you the jug
so you could take a look, and I was about to tell you that the water in a jug like this will
be hot, and you can’t use it to wash your face but you were too hasty.”
The owner of the diner ran out, holding a kitchen knife. Li Du didn’t want to make a
scene, so he whistled to summon Ali and the others to leave. Hans took out one

thousand dollars, handed them over to the owner and said, “Sorry, buddy. This is to
compensate you for your loss.”
The messed up area did not go beyond that one table, and they only broke a few plates.
The loss was not great, certainly not worth a thousand dollars.
The owner seemed to calm down. “Alright then, don’t cause any trouble.”
The gang quickly left before the cops could come.
Li Du was a bit worried. “If the cops arrest us, would we miss out on the auction this
Indifferently, Hans said, “Don’t worry. They wouldn’t dare to call the cops. Anyway, we’d
just say it was them who started with racial slurs first. We have many witnesses.
Moreover, we didn’t do anything, it was the pets that took action, so who can blame
“Are they getting ready to join the auction too?” Brother Wolf said. “Then they wouldn’t
call the cops, or else they would miss the auction as well.”
This was reasonable.
Not long after they arrived at Hummer Warehouse Auction Company, another truck
entered. Li Du turned around to see, and then he smiled. The ones getting off were
Conrad and his friends.
There were not many storages for auction this time, only twelve of them. Nevertheless,
over a hundred people were gathering for the auction. It was obvious most of them were
here for the sneakers storage.
Li Du observed for a while, and saw that the treasure hunters who joined the auction
were mostly white men. There were very few colored people. This was something he
rarely saw during his time in the auctioning career.
After getting off the car, the young man who had a panda eye saw Li Du. He pointed at
him and scolded profusely: “S*n of a b*tch, let’s see where you’ll run now, show me
where you G*d d*mn run now?!”
Upon hearing these dirty words, Li Du walked towards him. Ali and the fellows followed
as well.
Since the young man was badly beaten earlier, with one eye punched by Ali and half a
face scalded with hot water, he was pretty nervous when he faced the four little ones.
Without thinking, he backed off.
Conrad stepped forward loyally, and said sternly, “Du-Li, this is not your Arizona. This is
the East side, Indiana! Don’t be so arrogant!”

Li Du walked towards him. Conrad seemed shaken. As the two of them faced each
other, Li Du suddenly raised his hand. Instantly, Conrad swung out a punch.
Li Du used the little bug’s ability of Time Deceleration. This way, the speed of Conrad’s
punch became much slower. He easily dodged it, then used his hand to sweep
Conrad’s collar and said, “There’s some dust on your shirt, please keep clean.”
After saying that, he turned to leave, and added, “Also, this is Indiana, so be braver. I
never thought of hitting you, I was just trying to sweep the dust from your collar.”
Big Ivan, who was standing next to him, whistled loudly and high-fived Hans. Laughing,
he said, “Boss, you’re so cool.”
The treasure hunters who were looking at them were confused. The crowd did not
understand what just happened, but everyone could feel that Conrad and the gang were
cautious about Li Du. And they had seen Li Du’s confidence and demeanor as well.