Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 910

Chapter 910 Gift Giving 45

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Li Du wanted warehouse no. 221 more than warehouse no. 220 because there were
more star signature shoes inside, like Yao Ming’s shoes signed in Chinese.
If two warehouses were worth two million, no. 220 was worth half a million at most, and
no. 221 was worth two or three times that, a million and a half.
He was serious about what he said just now. Six hundred thousand was his highest bid.
If there were anyone who wanted to bid higher, he would give up.
As a result, no one can do that.
This time he offered half a million dollars, and if he could get the warehouse, he would
make a lot of money. Then he would reach the goal of that exciting bidding process.
He offered a high price on warehouse no. 220, threatening to undercut his rivals, who
had previously been pinned down and now lost confidence in bidding against him.
As soon as the price of half a million was put up, the treasure hunters pulled out, and
the auction was over.
Auctions are like battles, it is greatly related to rustic attitude. After all, people were
yelling at each other to bid.
The bid for warehouse no. 220 gave Li Du an absolute advantage. At warehouse no.
221, when Li Du raised the price again, no one had the courage to challenge it.
Conrad was quite honest too, and he turned and walked away, not wanting to stay to
see Li Du win.
The other treasure hunters left after him, and the local treasure hunters were too proud
to stay there and be angry seeing how Li Du wins.
Thus Li Du was happy, but he didn’t only want to take the two warehouses. The racing
car made out of matches’ warehouse was also his target.
He was worried that he would have to bid to take the warehouse, but now the situation
was better. Most people left, leaving only a few, and the competitive pressure was
He spent another five hundred dollars to get the matches racing car warehouse. The
warehouse owner came to see him personally, perhaps because he had never seen
such a big customer since he opened the warehouse company.

The boss, a bald man, shook hands with Li Du. “Mr. Li? Hello, you are an excellent
treasure hunter, I came just to see your act.”
“Oh, I thought you were going to stop me from taking what’s inside. Someone said
Indianapolis would not let their wealth flow to a foreigner,” said Li Du with a cold
Upon hearing this, the boss was in a rage. “Who’s talking nonsense? This is an
absolute geographic discrimination! I’m glad to see you take these warehouses, and
they’re in your hands.”
Li Du was his god of money and could show his anger to the boss. Before Li Du paid,
the boss was quite afraid to provoke him.
When the money was paid, the boss only charged him 1.1 million dollars, while the five
hundred thousand of the racing car warehouse were directly exempted.
Of course, if Li Du was the boss, he will get rid of the small amount money too. This was
actually a very small amount of money
Piles of shoeboxes were moved out. As quickly as he could, Hans hired local cargo
handlers to move things out left the auction.
This meant that Dun Jones certainly did not want to see his old collection of sports
shoes taken away. He may not have heard of the sale yet, so Li Du would have to leave
before Jones got the news, or he would run into trouble.
The shoes were loaded into two trucks, and Hans followed them from the land back to
Li Du went off first. They loaded the matches racing car into a helicopter and went to
Los Angeles first to give the gift.
As he left Indianapolis, he called Francis ahead of time and said he had prepared a little
gift as a token of appreciation for her.
Francis gave Li Du an address, the location of her villa district.
This villa area was not in prime location, but very upscale, with a small airport inside.
Even private planes can land there, and certainly a helicopter could.
Shortly after their landing, a small, smooth passenger plane landed as well.
Li Du asked big Ivan, “How much does this plane cost? It looks pretty good.”
Big Ivan took one look and said, “The Gulfstream G200, worth about twenty million, is

an ultra-medium business jet and one of the most luxurious planes in the world. It has a
flight range of 6,660 kilometers, a cruising speed of 849 kilometers per hour and a
maximum cruising altitude of 13,860 meters. It is capable of carrying eight to ten
Later he introduced some information about the engine and other components, which
were too professional for Li Du to understand.
“Can you fly this?” asked Li Du.
Big Ivan smiled and said, “Yes, I can even fly a bomber. Although I am a soldier, I was
trained to fly various types of aircrafts.”
“In that case, you should be the elite in the army, right? Why retire? Wouldn’t it be better
to stay in the army?” Li Du wondered.
Big Ivan’s smile faded and he said in a low voice, “Something happened. I did not obey
orders, and the salary that the government gave me was low.”
As he spoke, he shook his head, and his mood appeared to sink.
Li Du asked no more questions. Obviously, everyone had a story they didn’t want to
He patted big Ivan on the shoulder and said, “Let’s look ahead to the future and face it
Brother Wolf said, “Boss is right.”
As Frances waited for them at the entrance to the villa, Brother Wolf and Big Ivan
carried the car to her.
Seeing the car, Frances looked surprised. “Who carved this? It looks so beautiful.”
Li Du said, “It is not carved, but glued together from matches and then carved. Anyway,
I think you will like it. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?”
Francis shrugged her shoulders and folded her arms. “Of course. I now have one more
gem in my collection room.”
“Not one, two,” Li Du took out another watch car.
Frances looked it over and said, “What’s this? Hey, Rolex’s logo? Is it made from Rolex

Li Du said, “Yes, I happen to get this small gift. I though that, since you like to collect
motorcycles, you might like this as well.”
Frances smiled. “I’m very pleased. You’re as good as Chris Bell in dealing with people,
and I’m glad to have met both of you.”
Hearing this, Li Du understood at once. “Did Chris give you something?”
Frances nodded and said, “Yes, it’s a motorcycle, too. It’s a flying motorcycle from the
movie Out of Cloning Island — oh, don’t you know? He said you asked him to send it.”
Li Du sighed. It is no wonder Chris Bell is a son of god, he won over so many people’s
heart. He was now Chris Bell’s best friend too.
In addition to giving Frances a gift, he also gave one to Christian Bell. When he got
several cars, he gave one to Frances and two to Bell.