Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 911

Chapter 911 The Noise From Neighbor 5 5

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Christian was better in recognizing the value of the gift. When Li Du gave him the little
Rolex car, he recognized the real identities of these cars.
“This is a masterpiece of Rolex’s chief watchmaker, Quinill Phillip. Mr. Phillip used all
the broken watch pieces that he had accumulated during his time at work to make a
series of artwork after he retired.”
Christian reminisced as he drank his coffee: “Besides little cars, there is also an animal
series. I have seen it in the house of one of the Warner Pictures’ directors. It was
extremely beautiful.”
He accepted the present with a smile. There was some progress in the relationship
between them.
Last time Christian was only called by a friend to help out. It had nothing to do with Li
Du, who was at most his acquaintance.
This time he accepted Li Du’s present. They could at least call each other friends now.
Li Du insisted on coming back in person to give the presents, as his goal was to
enhance the relationship with Frances, and also with Christian. Both of them were stars
with great acting skills. They had great networks and good knowledge, and would
definitely be helpful to his career development.
Of course, his career meant the Harry Winston Group. He must have good relationships
with the social celebrities in order to stay in the jewelry world.
After stopping for a short time in Los Angeles, Li Du flew back to Phoenix.
The distance was very short for a helicopter. They returned quickly, and the helicopter
landed at the track field next to the villa. They even saved the downtime fees.
After Li Du came back, he saw that Sophie’s expression did not look that good. “What
happened, sweetheart?” He asked, concerned. “Are you not feeling well?”
Sophie shook her head. “Nothing,” she said, obviously in bad mood.
After looking at her face, Li Du knew there must be something. , “What’s the matter? I
am your fianc, just tell me, what made you upset,” he said.
He gave the four little ones a wink, and the furry children rushed over to Sophie without
taking turns. Ali hopped as it rushed over, gave a flying leap when it was almost there,
and went straight into Sophie’s embrace.

The little kangaroo had grown a bit, and the force from its leap could cause a large
impact. Sophie reached out to hug it, but once it leaped, she took two steps stumbling
backwards. She almost fell down.
Looking at the furry children improved Sophie’s mood a lot. She was rubbing this one,
kissing that one, and soon she was cheered up.
Once her mood was better, Li Du asked again, “What exactly happened?”
Sophie hugged Ali while leaning on Ah Ow, and said sadly, “It was very difficult to find a
job. After you left Phoenix, I tried to look for work around here, but there was nothing.”
Upon hearing this, Li Du let out a sigh. He thought something bad had happened.
As he touched his chest and was about to say something, Sophie spoke first. “You want
to pay for my living expenses? No, I don’t need you to do that. I have a doctorate
degree. I am an outstanding surgeon. Why can’t I find work?”
Li Du was really about to say that, but once Sophie spoke he quickly changed direction
and said, “No, of course I know you need a job. This isn’t about money, my Sophie just
wants to do something fulfilling, right?”
Sophie smiled and said, “Yes, that’s about right.”
“Then why can’t you work for me? You have superb medical skills, and I don't have a
doctor in my current team.”
“Your team?” Sophie seemed disappointed. “What’s the need for that? Of course I am
your doctor.”
“Not my personal doctor,” Li Du said. “There’s also Godzilla, Brother Wolf, Big Ivan,
Hans and Lu Guan, and there’s even Obradovich.”
“But if you guys need to, you could go to a hospital.”
Li Du said, “If we were going to Australia like last time, to search for something out in
the wild, then it would be much safer to have a doctor on board, wouldn’t it?”
Sophie smiled and said, “Well, then, if you decide to go on a trip, I am willing to join you
as the team’s doctor. But right now I think I still need to look for a job.”
“I’ll help you,” Li Du said. “I know quite a few people in Phoenix.”
Sophie shook her head determinedly, “No, I want to do it on my own. I don’t need Dad
and Mom, and I don’t need your help either. I will just do it on my own.”
Li Du laughed. “I know you are a self-reliant lady. What I mean is, I have nothing to do
right now, so I can help you find the classifieds and see what jobs openings are

Sophie smiled, and said with a sly wink, “You’ll find yourself busy at night. It’s not like
you have nothing to do.”
Upon hearing this, Mr. Li felt a hot, exciting flash. “What do you mean? Are we going to
do anything at night?”
Sophie gave a mysterious smile. “Yes, we’re going to do something at night.”
Li Du pondered, has this little lady opened up her mind? Doesn’t she listen to the Words
of God anymore? Is it finally time for my own sexual life to take off?
He could hardly believe this, but Sophie did say she was planning to do something at
Hence, he happily took a nice bath in the afternoon, scrubbed his body up and down till
he was squeaky clean, and ate some okra and mutton. Some said these could help
boost men’s sex drive.
He waited until nighttime in a very good mood, and cooked dinner himself. He prepared
a whole table of Chinese cuisine feast. Godzilla, Brother Wolf and the two girls gorged
down on the food, and seemed very happy.
Sophie kept looking out of the window and checking her watch.
In the middle of the meal, when the sun was about to set, she said, “Alright, it's almost
“What is almost here?” Li Du asked.
Just as he spoke, he heard a string of drumming beats and the screeching sounds of a
The noises kept getting louder and louder, until they were impossible to ignore.
Li Du frowned and asked, “What is this?”
Sophie smiled gently and said, “Hadn't I told you there's something planned for tonight?
This is it. You have to go and talk to our neighbors, those people are too noisy.”
In the morning, her depression was not just because of unsuccessful job hunting, it was
also due to lack of sleep.
The villa next door was occupied by a group of youngsters. Every evening around
seven, they would start making a riot. They liked playing music, hosting parties, and
being noisy, which affected their neighbors.
Their dinner was now interrupted in such a way. Li Du and the guys couldn’t enjoy
eating with that music blasting in their ears.

After perfunctorily finishing the dinner, Li Du said, “I'll go and take a look.”
Brother Wolf, Big Ol and Godzilla all stood up together.
Li Du shook his head and said, “There's no need. I'll go over and take a look myself,
and try to talk to them first.”
The villas here were considered high-end type, and the distance between houses was
quite far apart. Even so, Li Du could still hear a thudding noise at his place. He could
only guess what the volume was like at his neighbors’.
The four little ones initially followed him to see what was going on, but halfway there
they could not take the noise and turned to run back home.
Li Du reached the door of the villa. By this time, the noise was deafening. It thumped
loudly in his ears, reverberating through his body.
Stoking his grudge, he pressed the doorbell.