Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 912

Chapter 912 Waiting For The Night To Fall

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Li Du knew that it was useless ringing the doorbell, and he also had a hunch that his door-to-door communication might be useless. The music was so loud that no one could hear the doorbell. Choosing to play such harsh music showed that they had no intention of getting along with their neighbors anyway.

He had expected it, but he still had to show some attitude. Li Du, an intellectual who had been trained in etiquette and Confucianism, felt that the best way to solve problems was to first show respect, and then use violence when respect did not work.

Sure enough, he pressed the doorbell several times and no one came out of the villa.
Like the house they lived in, the villa had a fence, not high, with a loop of wire wrapped around it, apparently protected by an electric grid.

The young people hosting the party were not in the villa. They were in the courtyard. The trimmed lawn had been trampled and was littered with junk food, bottles of wine, bones and so on. There were even a few dogs searching for food there.

Twenty or thirty youngsters were hopping about on the lawn, playing guitar, singing at the top of their lungs, and dancing. The scene looked crazy.

Li Du could not understand these people. He did not mind the neighbors singing and playing the guitar, as long as they did not use high-powered speakers. A lower volume would not affect him.

But these people had powerful speakers, and the noise was so loud that he couldn’t understand how they could hear anything, whether they were singing or playing.

Nobody paid any attention to the doorbell, and he was ready to burst through.

Suddenly, a flaming red Porsche 918 came up from behind, its engine roaring loudly, and the brakes screeching to a halt beside Li Du.

A bald guy emerged from the car. From his appearance, Li Du guessed that he was a youth. He was totally bald and only had a faint needle-like covering of hair. He looked impatient and extremely unruly.

Looking at Li Du, he asked, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Li Du smiled and asked, “Are you an acquaintance with the owner of this villa?”

The young man did not answer. He sneered and got back into the car, hitting the steering wheel hard to press the horn.

The car horn sounded louder than the doorbell. The young man punched it hard, and the horn blared and blared, rapidly diminishing Li Du’s patience.

Attracted by the sound of a car horn, someone turned to look at the car. Then the gate opened, the Porsche roared and it drove in with four plumes of smokes coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Now that the door was open, Li Du was no longer polite. He went in with him.

When he was outside the fence, the dogs in the villa looked down for food and did not respond, although they looked up at him occasionally. As he entered the villa, the dogs raised their heads in unison and roared toward the door, their teeth bared, their eyes and their expressions were fierce.

Li Du regretted that he didn’t insist on bringing the four little kids, even if only Ah Owwith the Mexican Wolf’s brave character, these dogs would not have been enough for her to play with.

The dogs were divided into two breeds, Pitbull and Rottweiler, both of which were fierce and powerful dogs with amazing bitting strengths.

Seeing them barking, Li Du quickly backed away.

He didn’t want to fight with these dogs, and although he had the ability to ward off attacks using the little bug, he did not have an advantage in fighting with them. These two dogs, in addition to their amazing biting strength, had thick skin and rough flesh and were difficult to hurt without weapons.

Seeing Li Du backing off and running out of the villa, a few youths who had noticed him burst into laughter.

When Li Du left the enclosed area, the dogs immediately quiet down. They stared at him fiercely but did not continue to attack.

This revealed that the dogs were well-trained, implying that their owners were unusual. It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a bunch of such good dogs.

When they saw the dog running toward the door, two young men came forward. They were similar in height, body shape, and appearance, and they were either twins or brothers.

The young man ahead shouted, “Hey, what are you doing? Lost? Don’t wander around and be careful that you don’t become my dog’s food.”

Li Du said, “No, I’m from the neighborhood, are you the host?”

Standing in front of Li Du, he looked down upon him. “Yes, you’re the neighbor? You bought a house here?”

Li Du said, “Now I live here, over there. I want to talk to you. Can you please lower the volume? The noise is too loud for us to rest.”

The two young men laughed at his words.

One of them calmly said, “If the noise is too loud, just close the windows.”

Li Du’s patience was almost gone. “We need to have a chat in the yard, and it’s a bit stuffy when the windows are closed in this weather. I hope you understand.”

The young man said impatiently, “We are listening to music. I hope you can understand too.”

“You’re not listening to music. You are disturbing the neighborhood,” said Li Du.

The young man raised his middle finger impolitely and said, “In that case, why don’t you call the police? Go, go to the police, let the police come and deal with things for you, coward!”

At this moment, their attitude made Li Du feel that he longer had to be polite.

“Maybe we don’t need the police. We can settle it amongst ourselves,” Li Du sneered.

He called Brother Wolf, and soon he, Big Quinn, Godzilla, Big Ivan, and others came.

Godzilla and Big Quinn’s body features always had a powerful effect on people. As they approached, the two young men’s faces shifted slightly, and the dogs behind them howled wildly, “Woof woof woof!”

The young man leaned forward, pointed at him, and said, “What, sir, preparing for a fight? Ha, very good, we will as well!”

The young men in the back rushed to the villa, followed by a dozen or so of them with baseball bats, Japanese sabers, axes, and even hunting guns. They were fierce.

Li Du’s face sank. Brother Wolf tapped his shoulder and said in a low voice, “They’re drunk, and I smell cocaine. They’re all in an ill mental state, be careful.”

With the support of partners and weapons, the youth became more arrogant, pointing at Li Du and shouting, “Go on, call more people, call more b*tches! If you have guts, come insee if I’ll dare kill you!”

After listening to his words, Li Du smiled and waved his hands to leave.

The young men grew louder and shouted, “Coward, don’t go! Come on, let me see how hard your bones are!”

“F*ck you, I want to kick your damn *ss!”

“Don’t bother me again, or I’ll kill youhahaha!”

Li Du didn’t go far when he took his men with him. He looked up at the sky and said, “Just a minute. Wait for the night to fall and we’ll ‘play’ with them!”