Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 913

Chapter 913 God Says No Light

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The sun set, but the moon did not rise.

Li Du was delighted with the beautiful weather. He felt that these b*stards needed to be taken care of and given a dark, gloomy sky.

If there weren’t any lights on, the sky would be really dark and gloomy. A light came on inside the villa. There was also another one similar to a searchlight that lit up the place.

“D*mn it! This is annoying,” Li Du cursed.

Brother Wolf rubbed his hands together. “Let me cut their power cords.”

This was his specialty. He definitely did not miss this training in the army.

Li Du laughed grimly, “It’s alright. I’ll have Ah Meow deal with them.”

This was just talk. As a matter of fact, Ah Meow could not be allowed to execute the plan because he would only take advantage of the confusion to mount a sneak attack.

Both Brother Wolf and himself wanted to go cut their electricity. However, he did not have to do it himself. The little bug was the best candidate to solve this kind of issue.

The little bug flew into the villa and found the fuse box and used its time capability to age it. Suddenly, a flash of light appeared and the villa fell into dark silence.

“God says, No light.” The deafening speaker became silent. Li Du took a deep breath and laughed. He felt that the world was beautiful.

Shortly after, the villa began to fill with vulgar words and voices of complaint. Without a doubt, the group of punks, youths and hippies had become angry.

Li Du brought Ah Meow back to the villa, preparing to spend the night leisurely.

However, after he had been back just for a while, a group of youths rushed over aggressively.

The fencing of his villa had no wires. There were two of them who jumped in and shouted, “Get out here, wherever you are! Get out here!”

How could outsiders behave atrociously at my place? Brother Wolf and Big Ivan rushed out. The two youths in front of the crowd didn’t react in time. They threw the youths to the ground and ferociously beat them like punching bags.

Ah Ow rushed out, raised her head and howled, “Ow, wuu wuu!”

The rest of the youths were terrified and ran back in a hurry.

Li Du casually walked over and asked, “Why did you come over?”

One of the youths got up in frenzy and grimaced. “F*ck, that hurts! Stop pretending. You cut off our electricity, didn’t you?”

Li Du was puzzled. These guys are pretty clever. They managed to suspect Li Du and his group in a brief period of time.

The other punk said, “Don’t deny it. It was definitely you people. That b*stard who used to live here tried the same thing. It was a tragedy for him. Do you know what happened to him?”

Li Du was too lazy to reply. But someone had cut off their electricity in the past. No wonder these youths immediately suspected them.

This was the best strategy to deal with them.

“We found evidence to support that the b*stard damaged our electric circuit, and handed him over to the police,” the punk continued.

“That’s right. Don’t think that we have no proof. Just wait and see. We installed surveillance cameras, which have an independent power supply. They must have caught you guys in the act.”

Li Du smiled from ear to ear. “I didn’t think that you have no proof. Why don’t you go back and look for evidence? I hope you manage to find it.”

Looking at Brother Wolf, Godzilla and the others, the two youths did not dare act rashly. One of them, who seemed strong in appearance but weak in will, said, “Just wait and see.”

They left immediately after that. Big Quinn seemed very frightening at night, and the same went for Ah Ow. Those scary green eyes were extremely frightening.

Li Du grinned. “Wait? I’m not going to wait. To hell with you youths!”

He turned to Big Ivan. “Did you have any battles at night during your time in the army?”

Big Ivan laughed, “It’s a routine exercise. About twice a week.”

Li Du said, “Listen, I’ll provide you with night vision. How about the two of you go and teach these youths a lesson?”

Big Ivan was baffled. “Boss, do you even have a night vision device with you now?”

Li Du beckoned for them to wait. He pretended to get something upstairs. In fact, he was fetching two US military field pieces of equipment from the little bug’s black hole.

When Brother Wolf and Big Ivan saw the equipment, their eyes lit up. “This is so cool. Ground combat team lightweight helmet (LWH), FROG fire mask, FROG battle suit, Combat Desert Jacket (CDJ) . . . ”

“Look at these, OKC-3S bayonet, Modular Tactical Vest (MTV), M16A4 assault rifle, TA31 rifle scope, AN rifle scope. Oh, God! There’s also an AN/PRC-152 handheld radio,” Brother Wolf laughed.

The two of them were like two youths who had found their favorite toys. They were studying each of the pieces of equipment.

Most of the equipment would not be useful. The most important one was the AN enhanced night vision goggles. This thing operated with an infrared sensor. Everything became green once the goggles were put on.

The two of them put on the fire mask and night vision goggles. Then, they planned a simple surprise attack.

The plan was very simple. Brother Wolf, who specialized in field battle and surprise attacks, would take the lead. He had to search for the surveillance cameras and destroy them. And then, Big Ivan would have to sneak into the villa. Their strategy was to outflank them from two different directions to take care of these irritable and aggressive youths.

Li Du saw that the youths had guns with them. So, he told the two of them to put on bulletproof vests just in case.

Brother Wolf confidently said, “That’s not necessary, Boss. We have professional field equipment. Why would we need bulletproof vest against these youths?”

The two of them took off. Li Du sent the little bug to follow them.

At first, Brother Wolf used a small flashlight to search for the cameras. They were easy to find. It was like he had known their locations in advance. After sneaking into the compound of the villa, he immediately went to a tree and found the first camera.

After that, it was like following the vine to get to the melonhe destroyed all of the external cameras within the compound.

Big Ivan managed to sneak in like a ghost. He was waiting on the east side while Brother Wolf was heading to the west side. Then, both of them began their moves nearly at the planned time.

On Brother Wolf’s side, a youth was preparing to use the toilet. He snuck up to him, grabbed the boy and covered his mouth. He turned back and pressed the him against the ground. As he was about to cry for help, he clenched the young man’s neck with his hands. A few minutes later, his legs twitched and then he passed out.

Brother Wolf took out tape and fishing line. He attached the tape onto the youth’s mouth, placed his hands behind his back and used the fishing line to tie both his thumbs together.

He did not bother with the rest of his body and left him like this.

On the east side, Big Ivan found a couple. Taking advantage of the dark environment, the couple carried on a clandestine love affair. The girl took off her dress and sat on the guy. She was grinding erotically on him.

With a method similar to Brother Wolf’s, Big Ivan tied them up. He tied them so close to one another that he kept their posture intact.

These guys were not fooling around. It was extremely easy for the elite special forces to deal with ordinary people.

They managed to tie them all up, a total of close to thirty people.

Towards the end, a few youths realized that the situation was far from good. They took their cellphones and ran wildly all over the place.

In the end, they did not manage to escape. On the contrary, the duo defeated them one after another and tied them up with ease.