Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 914

Chapter 914 First Encounter

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The next day, just after dawn, the doorbell in Li Du’s villa rang.

Ah Ow woke up and howled twice. Li Du went downstairs in his pajamas and looked outside. He saw three policemen at his doorway.

He went out in a daze and asked, “Hey, officers, what’s going on?”

A policeman saluted him and took out his little book. “Hello, sir. Something happened to your neighbor last night. We have questions to ask you, please cooperate.”

Li Du was immediately stunned and said, “Something happened to my neighbors? Can I ask what happened?”

The officers looked at each other, and the black policeman nodded. “Of course. They were kidnapped . . . ”

Li Du shook his head with a smile. “That’s impossible, they had dozens of people over. A lot of people. Young, strong people. To silently kidnap them . . . you would have to use an army.”

The policeman immediately caught a flaw in his remark and asked, “Two questions. One, how did you know there were many people in their house? Two, how do you know kidnapping them requires silence?”

“It’s simple,” Li Du said. “I went over last night, talked to them, and saw from the door that they had a lot of people over. As for the silent kidnapping? Still very simple. I am their neighbor, so if I did not hear anything, of course, it was silent . . . ”

Apparently, the police suspected he was the culprit. Of course, Li Du certainly would not admit to anything.

Li Du did not think that he’d kidnapped themkidnapping and ransoms often went together. Brother Wolf and Big Ivan had only tied them upthey did not ask for a ransom.

He understood that they had committed a crime, but he did not believe that the police could find evidence.

Brother Wolf and Big Ivan had been very meticulous. They even covered their shoes with cotton clothes before entering the villa. There were no sign of them entering.

He followed the police to check the situation. Several police cars arrived at the villa. The four little kids joined in with him, chasing each other around him.

A few young men sat slumped on the grass, looking spiritless with coffee or cigarettes in their hands.

A few youths were fighting; two police officers went up to try to break up the fight, but they were punched by them. The officers were angry and simply ignored them.

Looking at the young men’s inner conflict, Li Du asked in surprise, “What are they doing? Is there something fishy going on between them? Like, maybe they did this kidnapping?”

“No. One of them picked up the other’s girlfriend, ” grumbled a handsome policeman. “Apparently these two unlucky couples secretly made love while there was no electricity in the villa. Then they were tied together. After daybreak, the girl’s boyfriend saw the scene . . . ”

The policeman next to him interrupted and laughed, “Oh, my god, that must have been very exciting. No wonder they fought.”

The handsome policeman smiled too. “Yes, apparently the girl’s boyfriend was not far away from them at the time, and they slept together right by him. You can imagine how angry he was when the dawn rose.”

Li Du knew it was the first couple that Big Ivan had tied last nightthey had been doing some “business.” He thought they were a coupleit turned out that it was a secret affair.

Big Ivan had done this for fun, but it had resulted in tragedy. The man who was betrayed felt too miserable. His girlfriend riding a man beside him was definitely a big loss.

Seeing Li Du, one of the youths was angry and came over to start trouble.

The police stopped the young man and said he was here to cooperate with the investigation. The young man shouted angrily, “He did it. He must have done it. ”

Li Du spread his hand and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The young man was furious and pointed at him, shouting, “It must be him. Check the surveillance camera: it was his men who cut off the electricity and then kidnapped us. Send them to prison”

“Sorry, sir,” one of the policemen interrupted him. “According to our investigation, your villa’s electric shortage was because your electric box is oldno one touched your main electricity. There was no suspicious thing on the surveillance camera.”

Li Du innocently said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

The youth was enraged. He ordered his dog nearby, and said, “Charles, Halley, up, go kill this b*stard!”

The dogs were trained and understood his gesture. They jumped for Li Du.

Li Du did not move. He had not come alone!

Seeing the dog rush forward, the four little kids started their war. Ah Ow was the first to dash forward and went to the pit bull. It was known as a fierce dog, but It was a medium-sized dog, smaller than a wolf. Ah Ow was a powerful Mexican Wolf, and she crashed into the pit bull like a tank crashing into a truck.

To be sure, trucks are fierce, but their fate is to dent when a steel monster tank collides with them.

The pit bull was knocked to the ground with a scream!

Ah Meow jumped into the air, brandished his paws, and tore a gap in the mouth of the dog fighting with him.

Ali attacked from the side; he jumped over to the side of a dog. The dog jumped to the ground and, taking advantage of its new strength, Ali gave him a good kick with its tail on the ground balancing.

The dog was kicked to the ground with a whine as if it had been hit by a car.

Crispy Noodles used his direct style.

Raccoons have five toes and a thumb on their forefeet, which allows them to pinch food, pull out plugs, open bottle caps, unhook ropes, and even turn the door handle to open the door.

Crispy Noodles picked a stone up from the ground and ran to a dog. It smashed it on the dog’s face and its mouth became slanted!

When the two sides met, the crowd felt dazzled and the several dogs were beaten up.

After the chaos, the police had to send Li Du away to prevent them from fighting again.

As Li Du suspected, the police were helpless and could not do anything to him, and there was no reason to prove Li Du and his gang had done it.

And, after learning of Li Du’s ownership of the Winston group, some of the young people’s families no longer held him accountable.

It was a bit confusing for Li Du, but Cole called him later. He wondered how Cole knew the news.

From the phone messages, it appeared that some of the young men had parents who were connected to the Winston group. They were confronted by Cole and they did not continue to pester Li Du.

Given that the kidnappers did no harm to them, did not steal anything, and did nothing but bind the people, the case was hardly seriousmore like a prank.

The police investigated for two days and finally came to an end.

The young men, chastened, did not stay any longer, but went back to their homes and looked for their mothers.

After all, the people who tied them up didn’t do anything, but it didn’t mean it would be the same next time. It was very obvious that with this opponent’s ability, they could easily finish them.

For the sake of survival, the young, arrogant people became afraid after all.