Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Joint Forces

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Not everyone left in a panic. The electrical circuits in the villa were repaired. The twin brothers stayed, along with a few companions. The brothers hired bodyguards, and in the courtyard, the number of dogs and burly men had increased.

Whether it was the police’s warning or the elder’s punishment, those kids in the villa had become peaceful. They stopped playing loud and intense music. They would still occasionally play some songs but not as loudly as before.

However, it would be wrong to think that they had become honest and sincere. Those b*stards had just found a new way to entertain themselves. They began to train the dogs during their free time, causing the dogs to constantly cry out. It was still creating a lot of violent noise.

Fortunately, the dogs would eventually get tired and stop crying. Li Du did not want to lower himself to their level. He’d scold them but stopped dealing with them beyond that. Although he was too lazy to be bothered, the four little ones had different ideas. They had the time and energy to deal with them.

The dogs constantly cried out and had become a serious inconvenience. The four little ones had excellent hearing that was extremely sensitive compared to that of humans. The high-pitched howling had made them terribly depressed. Hence, three days after the incident, it became more than the four little ones could bear.

Early in the morning, the dogs started crying again. The four little ones ran unhappily out from their den. They gathered in the courtyard and furiously stared towards the east. After a while, Ah Ow opened her mouth and wanted to howl, while Ah Meow gestured with his paws, “Meow meow meow!”

Ah Ow, Ali, and Crispy Noodles stared at him, waiting for the boss ocelot’s advice. Ah Meow was definitely short-tempered. He stopped Ah Ow from howling, not because he didn’t want her to lower herself to the dogs’ level, but because he wanted to use a better method to deal with them.

He paced in the courtyard for a while. Then, he flung his tail backwards and charged towards the east. The three little ones followed him, passed through the fencing, and appeared at the villa next door.

The fencing of this villa consisted of electrified fencing. Hence, it was extremely dangerous. Ah Meow looked at the electric fence for a while and tried to recall something: Li Du was afraid that they would touch it. He had brought them there once before. He demonstrated to them with a piece of paper not to touch it. Once the paper came in contact with the fence, the paper started to burn.

Thus, he gave Crispy Noodles a look and then meowed twice at the fence. Crispy Noodles went to get a stone. He ran towards the fence with the stone and beat on the fence. Clink clank clink clank… A gap soon formed.

A few dogs heard the sound and boldly ran over. The dogs in this villa had grown in number, doubling from four or five dogs to more than ten dogs. However, only three of them came over.

The three dogs saw that it was Crispy Noodles who had damaged the fence. They became angry. They opened their mouths, revealing sharp and ferocious teeth. They ran over viciously and released a bellow of rage on the other side of the fence. Crispy Noodles gave them a contemptuous look and then slowly moved away.

Ah Meow and Ah Ow charged as fast as lightning and made their way through the fence. Those three dogs were Rottweilers. In terms of fighting strength, they were considered very strong bandogs. However, they were only bandogs.

What about an ocelot and a Mexican wolf? Those were ferocious beasts! Ah Meow jumped head on while one of the Rottweilers confidently came up and bit at him but missed. The ocelot wriggled in the air with his slender body, dodged the dog’s attack with ease, and then landed next to it. He placed his claws on the dog’s body and dragged them across it. The Rottweiler’s skin was cut open, and the pain caused it to tremble. It was whining and rolling on the ground.

Ah Meow jumped and continued to stomp on the dog. He brandished his claws at lightning speed. His attack resembled the legendary swordsman, Fu Hongxue. The Rottweiler was torn apart like a zebra. There were deep and painful cuts all over its body. It was a wretched sight!

The situation for the other two was even worse. Ah Ow pounced on one, knocking it to the ground. She smashed its head twice and knocked it half unconscious while Ah Ow held the other dog. Then, Crispy Noodles used a stone and furiously hit the third dog on its head until it almost fainted.

These three dogs were beaten up terribly. They got up and escaped in a hurry. Ah Meow and Ah Ow stood at the fence and were joyfully licking their paws while watching the dogs escape.

Those three dogs had learned their lesson. They knew that they were no match for the opponents. Hence, the dogs ran back and howled with the intention of bringing the other dogs along to avenge them.

Even stray dogs knew to attack as a pack. Could there be any difference with these well trained hounds? They ran over aggressively. The ten incoming dogs called to mind an impressive scene of a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

However, a few of them began to tremble as soon as they saw the four little ones. They slowed down and quietly fell back behind the pack. They had been defeated by them not long ago and were still in a state of shock.

The four little ones were fearless, even when they saw the pack of dogs approaching. Ah Ow led at the front, Ah Meow was ready for a flank attack, Ali was hopping while waiting for an opportunity, and Crispy Noodles was posturing in a defensive stance with a stone.

About five or six dogs violently charged towards them and immediately launched their attack at close quarters. Ah Ow pounced forward at lightning speed. First, she pushed one of the dogs onto the ground and rolled over twice with it. Then, she opened her jaws and bit its chest. Fresh blood splashed on the dog’s chest. The dog almost had a chunk of its flesh bitten off.

Moving forward, Ah Ow got back up and smoothly drove a pitbull in front of her to the ground. She pressed its neck down and used her forehead to hit the dog on its nose, knocking that dog out completely.

Pitbulls and Rottweilers were different from one another. Rottweilers had strong biting abilities but like other kinds of dogs, it could feel pain if it was attacked. What about pitbulls? Their peripheral nerve was underdeveloped. Therefore, they would not feel pain if they were attacked and could continue to fight. However, their nose was their weak spot, just like all other dogs.

Ah Ow had found this out from experience. She grew up in an environment where she was involved in street fights against all kinds of dogs. She became very experienced in paw-to-paw combat.

She defeated two dogs in quick succession. She was persistent. She jumped back up and pounced on another dog. This unlucky dog was the one she had previously beaten up. As she knocked it down, it did not dare to make a move. It hid its head in the grass and did not even dare to strike back.

Woof, useless scoundrel. Ah Ow felt that it was beneath her dignity to even touch this weakling. She climbed back up and looked for another opponent.

At this moment, Ah Meow had already defeated two dogs with his quick claws. He had left them with scratches all over their faces.

Ali kicked and overturned one of the dogs. Crispy Noodles went over to assist. He used his stone to smash the dog’s nose. The dog was so beat up that it lost control over its bladder and bowels.

The other three or four dogs who witnessed the situation were scared to death. They immediately turned back and escaped.

Just like that, the four little ones had joined forces and achieved a heartfelt victory. Ah Ow and Ah Meow stood side by side. The sunlight shined on them. With their heads held high and chests puffed out, they looked extremely powerful.

To the east, a few of the dogs became true stray dogs. They ran away extremely quickly. A few others were on the ground, howling in grief. They did not even dare to run.

Finally, the hounds’ condition caught the attention of the bodyguards. They were shouting and running over. Ah Meow flung his tail calmly, gathered the three little ones, and ran back to where they had come from.

As the bodyguards approached the scene, they gasped. “Oh, my God! Did a tiger do this? Who did this to the hounds?”