Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 916

Chapter 916 Surrender

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On that day, the hounds did not bark as loudly as they normally did. They occasionally barked a little, as coquettish as kittens, and no longer looked menacing.

They only barked a few times when their master ordered them, but once they stopped them, they immediately shut up.

Then, puzzled, Li Du asked, “What happened to the neighbors? Why aren’t they noisy today?”

“Maybe they were tired,” said Big Quinn, putting oil on the roast.

Big Quinn’s wife, Rosalind, was teaching Alain a lesson. “Look, you got into a fight only a few days after transferring? The teacher told me that you broke the poor child’s nose. Why? Want to show your bravery?”

Alain kept his head down and did not speak. His sister, Susanna, was giving a vivid account of his brother’s heroism at school to Ivana and the little girl, Victoria.

Walker, the eldest, looked at his brother from time to time with a funny expression while doing the clever job of helping Big Quinn.

Rosalind scolded him, and Alain kept his head down, unconvinced, and saying nothing no matter what.

Seeing she was helpless, she said to Big Quinn, “Come here. God, has this child entered a rebel period?”

Big Quinn handed over the brush to his eldest son, rubbed his hands, came over and smiled. “Alain, tell me, why did you bully your weaker classmate? If you want to prove that you are a man, I can tell you that, sorry, you have chosen the wrong way.”

“No, I did not bully them. These bullies bullied a little girl. They laughed at her looks and snatched her lunch.” said Alain.

“Really?” asked Li Du, who passed by.

Alain nodded and said. “Yes.”

Li Du gave him a thumbs up, “Cool, so you are a hero.”

“I didn’t want to be a hero, but my father said, as a man, if I saw people being bullied, I should stand out for them,” said Alain.

Rosalind called the teacher again, hung up the phone and complained, “Mr Hughes is not a good teacher. He hid the truth from us.”

Big Quinns patted his little son on the shoulder and said, “Obviously, we nearly blamed you. You did a good job, but remember what I told you? The best solution is never violence.”

“But they are scum. If I don’t use violence against them, how can they understand the pain when they use violence against others?” asked Alain , looking up.

Hans clapped. “Good point, lad, don’t give him a hard time. The boy is a good-natured boy. He would be a great man.”

Big Quinns laughed helplessly and said, “He must learn to restrain his anger.”

His two sons were tall and strong, inheriting his good gene. Alan was only six years old but was already as big as a ten-year-old.

“I’m not a bad person, I know how to restrain anger, but I have to be fiercer than the bad guy to teach them a lesson,” said Alain glumly.

Ah Meow and the other three nodded in agreement. “Meow, meow.””Ow.””Squeak.”

It was the end of the affair, and Alan was still a bit unhappy, walking around the yard in a sad mood.

Ah Meow ran over to look at him, wagging his tail and heading east. Ah Ow, Ali and even Crispy noodles followed. Alan looked at this curiously, not knowing what they were up to.

Seeing that Alain did not move, Ah Meow shook his tail again, so that Alan understood, Ah Meow was calling him.

Four little kids and a black boy, and the five little kids ran eastward, Alan said, “Hey, stop running. There is a fence in front and we would not be able to cross it.”

As he came closer to the fence, there was a gap in the fence, and as the kids got out one after another, Alan shrugged and climbed out.

Beyond a field of weeds lied the neighbor’s villa.

Because of the green valley’s groundwater, the grass here grows unlike any other place in Phoenix, was so lush and uncropped that it can be found as tall as an adult’s waist.

The four kids kept on running, and Alain followed them strangely. He didn’t know what they were doing.

Through the weeds, there was another fence.

The hole that was hit broken by Crispy noodles had been filled, but the bodyguards only closed it with a few pieces of wood because they want to save some hassle.

Crispy noodles found a pebble and keep beating. Pa!Pa!Pa! He made another crack.

He dropped the rock and went in. Ah Meow, Ah Ow and Ali followed, and Alain tried to get through the hole. Ah Ow kicked out his cat leg and stopped him from getting in.

Alain was puzzled and stayed outside.

After a few meows from Ah Meow, a few of them were spotted by the dogs resting in the shade of a distant tree.The dogs subconsciously turned and woke up, but when the dogs saw them, they quickly laid down again in fear.

The four little ones strolled around and tried to catch the dogs attention.The dogs were afraid to come forward. Instead, they ran with their tails between their legs.

This left the little four helpless. Apparently, they wanted to beat the dogs, but the dogs didn’t give them a chance.

With his head tilted thinking, he ran out of the villa’s fence with the other three.

Ali was at the end of the line, and as it tried to get out of the way, he blocked it from getting out with another kick and began to purr.

With its big eyes wide open staying by the gap, the kangaroos crept into the next field of weeds, which were so high and thick that they could hardly be seen from the outside.

Ali himself remained on the villa’s lawn. He bounced around helplessly, squealing, and the dogs in the distance were again drawn to him.

They stood up and watched, their tails between their legs, ready to escape.

When they looked closely, they found only a small kangaroo who had bullied them. The worst cat and Wolf were gone. The raccoon with the pebbles was gone too.

The hounds were shrewd, vindictive, and seeing only thelittle kangaroo which looked easy to bully here, the dogs came running together.

Glum, hostile: Aren’t you good at kicking? Come on, and kick me again!

Seeing the pack of hunting dogs, Ali ran out quickly and jumped into the grass.

The hounds started to run after each other, trying to get their revenge first.

They chased him into the grass, their noses twitching in search of the scent left by the kangaroo. Easily they found Ali’s whereabout.

However, the smell is not quite right, a bit confused

The hounds subconsciously perceived something was wrong, and the hound in the front tried to stop and see what was going on, but there was a crowd of companions running behind him, and as soon as he stopped, the two dogs successively came up and rolled him against the grass.

Rolling on the ground, he found a brown, spotted fur paw in front of him, and the pit bull looked up in astonishment to see the big bad cat that had torn them into pieces appeared in front of him!

“Ow!” The pit bull screamed in fright and turned to run, only to find a fierce hungry Wolf was blocking in its back.

The grass rustle.A raccoon came out with a pebble in his paw.