Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 917

Chapter 917 Another Celebrity

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Allen, who was crouching in the underbrush, was dumbstruck. He was frightened from what he had witnessed right before his eyes. The four little ones, who usually appeared to be very cute and friendly, were tearing and biting, kicking and smashing. They had defeated over ten valiant dogs on the grassland. They were badly beaten and in so much pain that they wished they were dead

“Oh, God. What did I just see?” Allen mumbled.

Two of the dogs could be considered fish that had escaped the net. They ran away as quickly as they could. The rest of the dogs had been thoroughly beaten.

The hounds became sincere after the continuous defeats. A quick-witted Rottweiler turned over to reveal its belly. Among wild animals, exposing its weak spot after a physical conflict was an act to admit defeat to an opponent. Ah Meow freed this Rottweiler. He then turned away and attacked another dog.

That dog was so terrified that it urinated. It turned over and showed its belly, too. However, it was still passing water out of its little willy. Evidently, it was really so frightened that it peed itself!

The rest of the dogs followed the example of those two dogs. They showed their bellies, one after another. Some of them barked in a pleading manner. Allen felt that their barks meant, Stop it, big brothers! We admit defeat!

Just like that, Ah Meow and Ah Ow put an end to the fight. Ah Meow looked at Allen with his valiant eyes, seemingly emitting a glow of humanity. Once more, Allen made sense of this look to mean, See this, little guy? This is a real fight! Those at your school are just child’s play!

The four little ones were acknowledged to be brave and good at fighting. Allen immediately felt deep veneration for them. He decided not to treat them as pets anymore but instead as battle companions.

“In the future, when I get bullied again, I am bringing all of you with me!” Allen spoke with hope and expectation.

After taking care of the hounds, the four little ones went home with Allen. It was time to eat.

The hounds had really surrendered. They hobbled behind one after another, and followed them like little kids to Li Du’s villa. The four little ones had brought so many heavily wounded dogs back, Li Du was shocked. “What is this? What happened?”

The hounds’ wounds caught Sophie’s attention. As a surgeon, this was a situation in which she could use her skills. She hurriedly fetched a first aid kit and treated the dogs’ wounds.

There was a Rottweiler that released a warning howl, “Aroo woo.” It grimaced in pain and made a fuss. Ah Meow gave it a callous glance and raised his paw. Shiiiiing. A few claws popped out from his paw. The Rottweiler immediately became well-behaved. It turned over, withdrew its limbs, and showed its flabby belly once again.

Sophie laughed. “Stop it and get up. I need to treat your wounds! You might get an infection!”

Povidone-iodine was not very painful. The Rottweilers and pitbulls obediently received her medical treatment. They did not move even a little bit, just like a statue. It was not that they didn’t want to move, but that they didn’t dare to. The four little ones were right beside them. Any movement would lead to another cut, which would be another wound.

After the treatment, these hounds found a place to have a rest. Li Du saw that their stomachs were flat and reckoned that they must be starving. It just so happened that they had prepared plenty of steaks. Thus, he fed them some.

The hounds looked at the four little ones with respect and admiration. The four little ones took a few of the steaks before anyone else. Only then did they dare to start eating.

Big Ivan was amused by this scene. “Hey, it seems like these hounds have really accepted their defeat. I would assume that they have become the four little ones’ underlings.”

His assumption was accurate. These hounds had truly become the four little ones’ underlings. Moreover, the hounds had completely acknowledged allegiance to them, so much so that they decided stay there and not return home.

Obviously, they made this decision not only because the four little ones had conquered them by force, but also due to the fact that Sophie had treated them attentively and gently. Of course, the food that Li Du had provided them didn’t hurt!

Without noticing it, Li Du, Sophie, and the four little ones had successfully demonstrated the means of emphasizing both power and kindness. They had completely conquered the hounds.

The owners of the hounds began to realize that they were missing. They were shouting outside, but none of the hounds returned. Not a single clue was found. They did not bring their investigation to Li Du’s. It was like they had neglected Li Du’s existence, which was quite bizarre.

Just like that, Li Du’s forces had expanded with the addition of these eight highly trained hounds. A day passed, and the number of hounds increased by two. Those two dogs that had managed to escape came to Li Du’s. It seemed like they had agreed with the majority and joined the group. This was a surprising turn of events. The villa had become a zoo. Li Du looked out the window and saw an ocelot, a wolf, a coati, a kangaroo, and a pack of dogs.

The neighbor was an influential family with plenty of companions. They did not seem to be bothered about these dogs. They even moved out of the villa without knowing the truth of the situation. It was as if they had given the dogs to Li Du.

Lu Guan loved dogs. Recently, when he had gone to Australia, he could not help but send the golden retriever, Little Plane, to his parents. Golden retrievers were fabulous as a family pet. They would be fine as long as they had a companion, whoever it might be.

Lu Guan’s parents treated Little Plane extremely well. Thus, she was indulged and had forgotten home and duty, so much so that she did not want to accompany Lu Guan. Fortunately, even though he lost his golden retriever, there was now a group of well trained dogs.

Lu Guan drove the pickup truck and bought over ten sacks of dog food along with a bunch of chew toys. He wanted to ensure these hounds were relaxed and comfortable. The expenses had increased due to the addition of these hounds. However, the security of the villa had improved significantly.

One afternoon, Li Du was chatting with his classmate. “Woof woof!” The hounds suddenly began to bark loudly.

He went out to have a look. A huge Hummer had stopped at his villa’s entrance. A person came out of the vehicle and looked around inquisitively.

Li Du went over and asked, “Hi there! Do you need any help?”

The one who came out of the vehicle was a black teenager. He asked, “Well, hello there! Are you the treasure hunter, Mr. Li?”

Li Du nodded. “Hi. Yes, I am.”

He opened the gate and prepared for a handshake. However, the group of hounds ran out as soon as the gate was opened. The teenager was frightened and immediately made his way back into the Hummer.

He was obviously afraid of dogs.

Li Du berated the hounds, but the hounds ignored him and continued barking. They were jumping up and down as if their spirits were trembling with excitement. They appeared to be fierce and malicious. As a matter of fact, they just wanted to show their boldness to their leaders, which were the four little ones.

Li Du realized that these dogs would not listen to him. He looked at the four little ones, who were watching from under the shade of tree, and yelled, “Control these dogs! Otherwise, there’s no dinner for any of you!”

The lazy Ah Ow got up immediately. She lifted her head and howled, “Ow, wuu. Ow, wuu wuu!”

Once the hounds heard the howl, they dispersed immediately. It was a perfect display of obedience. Once the dogs had left, two men got out of the cartwo super large men!

Li Du had gotten used to Godzilla and Big Quinn’s physiques. Thus, Li Du would not consider most people to be super large. However, these two men were qualified to be considered as super large men. They were extremely big and tall, especially the one with a beard. He had a brawny physique and broad shoulders. His muscles filled his clothes to the bursting point, just like a tank.

After a while, Li Du was shocked. He actually knew of this man because he always saw him on the television. It was another NBA super star, Lebron James. His fame was on par with Kobe’s. He was the King of Basketball!