Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Lets Sign A Contract

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Cole is a good man. It could be seen from his attitude towards Li Du.

He never had any dismissive attitude because of Li Du’s race, age, and identity.
Every time they got along, he did all the courtesy. He learned that Li Du and Calston had misunderstood each other and hurried to communicate.

Even, on this matter, he gave Li Du reputation, and unilaterally communicated with Calston, so that he did not pursue this matter, preserving the friendship between the two sides.

But from the point of view of a big group leader like them, Cole’s good temper is out of place.

For the leaders of such a large group, they must be a bit temperamental, have a point of view, and have authority which is not to be provoked.

Cole is so good-natured, Li Du has gradually seen that most shareholders don’t take him seriously, they respect Calston more.

Li Du was unimpressed. Cole was nice to him. Cole is his friend. Calston was clearly responding to them rather than to the market economy.

So he decided to go on like this, and smiled, “The group’s diamond inventory is on alert, at this time it really needs to shrink the root. But, what is the need to preserve the broken and small diamonds? Save it and sell it at the lower end of the market?”

Calston gave him a faint look and said. “Mr. Li, with all due respect, you don’t know enough about the diamond market. You are not suitable to discuss further this matter.”

This attack intention was too obvious, Li Du facial expression changed. He decided to simply tear open the illusion of peace.

“The sale of the broken and small diamonds has no impact on the development of the group and can even be converted into cash flow to support the group’s better sales of the afternoon and starry night jewelry,” said Cole immediately, who noticed the atmosphere.

Afternoon and starry night are the two major luxury goods series promoted by Winston group. The afternoon series is fire opal jewelry, while the starry night series is black opal jewelry, which can be seen from the name.

“Mr. President. This is not a wise decision, as I have repeatedly advised you not to accept the Ekati mine. You had lost a lot from there. Isn’t that enough lesson for you?” said Mr. Calston, looking sincere.

The expression and the tone were fine, but what was the word?

Li Du frowned. The Ekati mine was one of the biggest wrong investment in Winston’s history, a $500m investment that ended up in a mess.

It was this incident that caused Cole to lose his authority on the board of directors, and he nearly plunged the group into the abyss of destruction.

It was a blow to his credibility within the group, which now trusts Calston rather than him, presumably had a connection with the mine’s failure to invest.

“Mr. Fitz, you are not a group think tank. You are just a shareholder. Like me, there are many policies. We have the rights to know, and no rights to interfere.” said Li Du coldly as he got up from the chair.

Calston sneered. “What, do you think you have the rights to interfere?”

He looked at the other shareholders and said, “We don’t buy our own shares of Winston group, most of which have been handed down by our fathers. We have been associated with Winston group for decades.”

Encouraged upon hearing this, the other shareholders looked angrily at Li Du, and it was clear that Calston had succeeded in bringing them into opposition to Li Du.

“You can say whatever you want, you can disagree, but it’s not for the sake of the group, you all should be very clear,” said Li Du without caring much.

“It’s for the sake of the group that we recommend this. Do you know how much demand there is for diamonds in the world? Do you know how many luxury companies are stockpiling diamonds? Do you know the range of the international diamond price range?” laughed Castan.

This was said to show Li Du has no common sense, as he thought before, diamonds are beautiful, the fewer in the market, the more expensive the price is.

But that is not because diamonds are so valuable. In fact, there are huge reserves of diamonds that can be developed internationally, especially in Russia and Africa, where there are still a lot of large diamond mines waiting to be developed.

Large numbers of diamond traders, local warlords, and the government control these mines, and in order to maintain the stability of the diamond market, they do not produce large quantities of diamonds.

In fact, diamonds have never been very nifty in the primary market. Tang Chaoyang did not purchase large quantities of diamonds through related channels, but the Winston group did.

Li Du smiled and said, “You mean that there is very little diamond mining nowadays? Very few good diamond mines?”

“Yes, the high-quality diamonds are mined less. We’d better keep the diamonds in the warehouse and wait for a good opportunity to sell them as finished,” said Calston helplessly.

Listening to his words, in Li Du’s heart rose several ideas.

“I think there’s good diamond mines in the world. On the contrary, there’s a lot of good diamond mines,” said Li Du vaguely.

“You are so optimistic. My family has been searching for diamonds for generations, and I know the rarity.” sneered Calston.

After stunning for a while, Calston sneered and said,”Mr. Li, with all due respect, you may have confused diamond mining with warehouse auctions, not to mention looking for a diamond mine. Even though if you find one, finding diamonds would be more difficult than finding rubbish from the warehouse.”

Li Du said, “Really? What if I can find a new diamond mine for the group?”

“You should ask what to do if you wake up from your dream,” laughed Calston.

When he spoke, the shareholders laughed.

Everybody could tell that Calston was treating Li Du like a child. And to them, he was still just a child.

Li Du said, “How about this, we come to a gentleman agreement, I help the group search diamond mine, if I can find a new mine that is worth investment, you hand over your group shareat present market price to me, how?”

“I’m not insulting you by saying you’re a child. It is just that you thought business easily,” said Calston.

“Do you dare to bet? You know in your heart that it’s not hard to find a new diamond mine, just like you know in your heart that it’s better for the group to get rid of these broken diamonds, right?” asked Li Du smiling.

Calston’s expression was subdued. He looked straight at Li Du and said, “What if you can’t find it?”

Li Du snapped his fingers and said, “I’ll give my shares”

“I don’t need it.” Castan interrupted.

Li Du said, “Good, then I give you 10 million dollars, how about this? If I can’t find such a diamond mine this year, I’ll give you ten million dollars.”

“Prepare the contract,” said Calston, as he tapped the table.