Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 932

Chapter 932 Start Work

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In the process, Li Du was dumbfounded.

Ali shot down a combination of punches, and the strong man, who was as huge as a black bear, was beaten to the ground and was kept down until he could not attack back.

Of course, it had something to do with the fact that the big man was unprepared for it, but it was clear that Ali was a pretty good fighter.

Yeah, that’s tough. Ali was awesome.

Brother Wolf nodded, his face filled with admiration.

Li Du finally reacted. He quickly picked Ali up and threw him to Sophie. Several men came forward to lift up the big man. Some of them were looking at Ali furiously.

Undaunted, Ali struggled in Sophie’s arms, his little fists flinging back and forth, looking more rebellious than Tyson the boxer.

What could he say? Li Du had to go up to apologize. “Sorry, man, I’m really sorry, how are you? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

The big black man’s situation was very miserable, and he was not in high spirits as when he humiliated Li Du.

He covered his crotch with his hands, and blood spouted out of his nostrils. He was so sore that he wailed. Li Du was worried. Would this guy be OK?

So, in the end, all they did was enter the park, send a screaming big man to the small hospital nearby, and leave without digging an inch of land

There was a town next to the park, and the hospital served the town, so it couldn’t be very big.

There were only two doctors, all general practitioners, plus nurses who were all women.

Upon learning that something was wrong with the big man’s crotch, a woman doctor in her forties smiled and said, “Bring him to the clinic and I’ll have a look.”

When he was sent inside, the others waited outside, and soon there was a howl like a pig being slaughtered.

A bald black man turned on Li Du and said, “Bastard, you’re in trouble!”

“Just wait, boy, you’re going too far.”

“Let him lose money, go to court and sue him, let him pay until he’s bankrupt!”

“Don’t make so much noise, wait to hear what the doctor says. Damn it, if his thing has problems, we’ll never let this bastard go!”

After an examination, the doctor came out. Several people gathered around her at once, asking:

“Hey, doctor, how’s our buddy?”

“Can he still use it? Oh, poor Picardy, he’s not married yet.”

“You don’t need to cut it off, do you? Can he keep it? He needs something to pee with.”

The doctor looked at them all impatiently and said, “You are worried for nothing. He is fine, but there are many nerve endings there, and it will be painful long after the impact. You’d better not hit that part if you are fighting. If the blow is too heavy, it might have to be cut off.”

“It wasn’t a fight. He was hit by an animal,” someone explained.

“Did he get kicked by a horse?” the doctor asked.

“No, he was attacked by a kangaroo.” Everyone had seen the scene.

The doctor laughed and said cheerfully, “That’s very unfortunate for him. Luckily, the kangaroo was not very strong, and your friend will be able to keep that thing of his.”

“You say he is fine, but why is our buddy still bellowing? He is miserable. I can tell,” one of them doubted.

The woman doctor said mercilessly, “Because he is a soft egg. It hurts a lot when we’re giving birth, but I’ve never seen any woman call out like that.”

Reprimanded by the old woman, the group stopped talking.

Picardy’s gang didn’t want to let them go. Li Du asked how to solve the problem. The argument seemed to go on forever. Some of the gangsters wanted him to lose money, some wanted revenge, some wanted to call the police.

Sophie took out 1,000 dollars and put the money in front of the Picardy group. The men stopped arguing, and one of them said, “A private doctor would cost at least 2,000.”

Upon hearing this, Sophie snatched the money back and said fiercely, “Dream on! You son of a bitch, I heard what you said to my fianc. Let’s meet in court then!”

Picardy was not a tough guy. Backing off, he said helplessly, “OK, a thousand.”

Leaving the hospital, Li Du felt helpless.

There had been no harvest. First, a thousand and a hundred were thrown out, and he had a hunch that things would not go very well digging in the diamond park.

Back at the park, the security guards wouldn’t let him bring his pets in, and one of them complained, “If your kangaroo can create such a scene, what might a big cat, a big dog, and a big raccoon that looks like a thief do? Wouldn’t that be even bigger trouble? ”

The black security guard, who had received money from Brother Wolf, said, “I’ve seen it. It’s not the kangaroo that is to blame. It’s Picardy who started it first, don’t you all know what type of guy he is?”

Money works, and black security guards finally allowed them to bring their pets in.

When he got in, Brother Wolf gave the guard another hundred dollars, and the security guard tapped his chest and said, “If you ever bring a dinosaur, I can let it in too.”

Finally inside the park, Li Du took a deep breath. To work!

In 1906, the owner of the land, a local farmer named John Hudson, discovered the first diamond and set off a diamond mania.

In the decades that followed, people from across the United States rushed to mine diamonds there, setting off a vicious circle. In 1972, the Arkansas government decided to buy the place and set it up as a park, allowing visitors to buy tickets to dig up diamonds, and developed it into a tourism project.

Since the government bought and opened the park in 1972, 29,000 diamonds of various grades had been found. Over 600 diamonds were dug up by tourists every year. On average, nearly two diamonds were found every day.

That is after decades of digging and mining, which in previous years produced even more diamonds.

Li Du could also find such a diamond mine, using modern machines to find diamonds, which are estimated to produce hundreds of carats a day.

There is a knack for digging diamonds out of scrap soil, and there are local scavengers out there who do it for a living, picking up stones in fossil forest parks and developing a whole process.

The first step was to take over a piece of land which, given the number of visitors, might rarely be occupied. People normally used a picnic cloth on the ground as a sign of claiming it.

The second step was to dig the soil and put it in buckets, and then look for water.

The third step consisted of washing the soil away with two layers of sieve, and the remaining stones, large and small, were sorted into two groups.

The fourth and final step was to look for diamonds in the smaller stones.

Of course, there may be diamonds in the large stones on the top, but with the size of the mesh, the diamonds on the top would have to be at least 10 carats.

The chance of getting a 10-carat diamond was obviously very low, so most people did not cherish this extravagant hope, and in order to save time, discarded the upper stones at once and proceeded to search the lower part for small diamonds.