Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Rodin

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Chapter 935 –

The Crater of Diamonds State Park’s way of doing things was very cunning, and many people cursed it.

Existing crushed stone hindered the speed of people looking for diamonds. It also lowered the chances of people finding diamonds.

But, they still attracted a lot of tourists.

The park was not bothered by the curses from people. During the past thirty years, the managers had thrown in crushed stones with continuous concentrated effort. This created the attraction of the park.

The park was self aware enough not to throw in the crushed stones without fear. They did it at night when there was no one in the park.

Hence, although people knew about the crushed stones, no one actually saw them, so they did not feel too bad about it.

Li Du’s feelings toward this were just like how people felt about the drain oil at his hometown. Everyone said that the oil in the restaurants tasted weird, but people didn’t see the oil when they had their meal, so it seemed less disgusting.

Seeing Li Du here, a green-haired Mexican man tilted his head and said, “Hi, my friend. What are you doing here?”

Li Du smiled. “I had the same idea as you. I am here for the diamonds people missed.”

Hearing this, the Mexican became suddenly joyful. He smiled and gave a sidelong glance at his partner. “Look. This guy shares the same idea I do. It seems like there are still a lot of smart people in the world”

“Yeah,” his friend interrupted with irritation. “There are a lot of smart people. But can smart people find diamonds?”

The Mexican stayed quiet.

The two of them packed their stuff and left. Before they left, the green0haired Mexican guy looked at Li Du and said, “All the best. Frankly speaking, finding diamonds here is extremely difficult. If possible, just leave man. Don’t follow Rodin. He’s got a one-track mind.”

“Rodin? Has he been here for a long time?”

The Mexican said, “Yep. Very long. I lost count on how many years. Everyone has even forgotten his real name. We only know his nickname: Rodin.”

Li Du didn’t get it. “How did this nickname come about?”

The Mexican laughed, “Because Rodin is a world’s famous carving master. He has a masterpiece called “The Thinker.” Get it now? This guy is a “thinker.”

Li Du smiled apologetically. This sarcastic nickname was a little insulting.

The two of them were not far away from Rodin, and he might have heard their conversation. But when Li Du glanced over, it seemed like he hadn’t heared a thing. He was busy with a machine, looking for stones with emotionless eyes.

As they started to walk away, the Mexican patted Li Du’s shoulder and said, “Leave this godforsaken place soon. Don’t turn into Rodin.”

Li Du responded with a smile. Then, he released the little bug and began the search the garbage area.

Searching for diamonds here was really difficult. There were too many stones. The little bug could clearly see these stone but it did not have a seeker’s ability to directly search for diamonds.

The little bug was traveling back and forth within the area. Li Du was strolling there and slowly sweeping his eyes over these crushed stones.

He walked in the garbage area step by step, passed by a few piles of crushed stones that resembled a grave stone. Soon, he approached Rodin.

At this moment, Rodin was scattering crushed stones from a dustpan. A long piece of stone rolled over towards next to Li Du’s feet, sending out a shining ray of lights.

Subconsciously, Li Du saw this piece of stone. His eyes shined bright. Then, he reached out and picked it up.

This stone was too transparent, it was shining brilliantly. He lifted it up to have a closer look. Subconsciously, he clearly recognised its identity, diamond!

At this moment, Rodin who was sitting nearby like a statue, jumped up. He reached out to snatched the diamond in Li Du’s hand. At the same time, he released a throaty voice, “Ah, this is mine!”

His legs had become numb due to long hours of sitting. He couldn’t stand firm by himself. As soon as he jumped up, he stumbled and fell back to the ground.

He wasn’t even bothered by it. He stood back up immediately and grabbed on Li Du shirt, then shouted in a soft voice, “This is my gemstone! It was one of the stones I threw away earlier! Its mine! This diamond is mine!”

This diamond stone was huge, about 2 centimeters in length. It had a long and narrow figure, which was different than most raw gemstones. Judging from its length, this diamond was heavier than the one Kelly found.

No one would easily give up on such a big diamond.

Li Du held the diamond in his hand and said, “Hey, Rodin. Calm down! I picked up the diamond, right? I picked it up, right?”

Rodin stubbornly shook his head, “No no no! Its mine! Give it back to me! Give the diamond back to me! I threw it away by accident. No no no. I didn’t throw it. I dropped it by accident”

The two people from before were not too far away. They came back as they saw the quarrel between Li Du and Rodin. The green haired Mexican laughed curiously, “What’s the matter? This is the first time I see Rodin standing.”

His friend looked at Li Du, “Hey, brother. Don’t bully a tramp. This is not an act of a man.”

Rodin waved his hands and strangely chased away those two people, “Go away! Go away! You guys should leave this place! This is my diamond! It has nothing to do with you!”

Hearing what he said, the two of them were shocked. The green haired Mexican said, “What? You found a diamond?”

Rodin pushed Li Du over to a side, and spoke secretly, “Don’t tell them. This news cannot be disclosed. Otherwise, they would steal my diamond. They would steal my diamond”

Li Du felt that he was a little mental, seemed like he had some mental issues.

But this could be expected. As the green haired Mexican said, Rodin had spent a few year here searching for diamond. Although he had not found any diamonds, but he was already obsessed with it.

The green haired Mexican came over and asked curiously, “What kind of diamond did you find? What is with the secrecy? It’s just a diamond. Everyone finds one everyday. Why the secrecy?”

Li Du said, “That’s right. There’s nothing to hide.”

“No, this is my diamond! I don’t want to announce to the public! This is my right to privacy! You cannot invade my privacy!” Rodin shouted in a low voice, sounded like a beast.

The green haired Mexican immediately look towards Li Du and said, “What happened here? You stole someone’s diamond?”

Li Du felt puzzled and replied, “No. I picked up a diamond”

“That’s my diamond. That’s mine. I dropped it by accident and you picked it up. That’s not yours. It’s mine.” Rodin interrupted Li Du once again with his throaty voice.

The green haired Mexican felt shocked, “What happened exactly? I am so confused!”

Li Du explained the situation to them. The green haired middle age man frowned and said, “Hey. This is quite complicated. So, where did this diamond come from?”

His friend said, “Yes, where did it come from? The question is whether it was tossed away by Rodin? Or, he tossed a stone into another stone which pushed it away and thus revealed this diamond? Do you have any proof?”