Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Ten Thousand Dollars Ok

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Expensive stones like diamonds would certainly cause conflict. It was as Li Du had expected.

He was ready to deal with the conflict, but this time it was tricky, and he was a bit hesitant to resolve it.

He had found the diamond, there was no doubt about it, but it was not clear whether it had anything to do with Rodin. He did not notice much when he found it.

If the person he was dealing with were normal, Li Du would not argue too much. He found the diamond and there was no doubt about it.

Rodin was different, both because he appeared to be mentally ill and because he was in such a bad situation that Li Du could not help developing some compassion in his heart.

Brother Wolf noticed the dispute and hurried over, ready to begin the fight.

Li Du waved at him, asking him to calm down, and said to Rodin, “I found this diamond, didn’t I? You have to admit it, don’t you?”

Rodin shook his head and muttered stubbornly, “Mine, it is mine, the diamond is mine.”

The green-haired Mexican guy said, “You won’t get anywhere with this argument. Who has proof? Proof that it was you who found the diamond?”

“There is no surveillance camera here, so what evidence can we get?”

The Mexican guy’s companion hesitated and said, “Could it be that you stole the diamond from Rodin? It’s been done a lot here, but man, you know, it’s against the law.”

Before Li Du could open his mouth and answer, the Mexican guy replied, “Don’t just say something, brother. Do you know you are making the situation worse?”

Then he looked at Li Du and said, “This matter is very difficult to deal with. You’d better make a quick decision, my friend. Otherwise, you will be in a tough situation if this gets blown up.”

“Why?” Li Du asked.

“First, people will sympathize with the weak, while Rodin is weak. Second, Rodin is a bit of a fool, but he has a good reputation. He does not snatch peoples’ diamonds.”

Seeing what he meant, Li Du said, “What do you suggest?”

The Mexican guy nodded and said, “I know there is a rule in the park that if two people find a diamond at the same time, they will bid each other for the diamond.”

“You offer a price to Rodin, or Rodin offers a price to you. If anyone accepts the offer, he or she can take the money and leave the diamond to the bidder.”

This idea seemed fair, and Li Du felt an impulse to agree.

Then, he was struck with a thought: the way it was handled was kind of familiar. Wasn’t it similar to the famous scam in his home country, China?

He remembered a movie he had seen in college, called Crazy Stone, a brilliant comedy in which a couple of con men cheated on a tram with a coke bottle cap winning scam.

The way the Mexican guy handled this matter was similar to the storyline of the film.

Also, as he thought about it, he found more and more to doubt about the matter.

Rodin always spoke in a low voice, as if afraid of attracting attention. While that could be explained by his desire to keep his diamonds under wraps, why did the Mexican guy and his friends also speak in a low voice?

Besides, wasn’t the Mexican a little too keen on this matter? Wasn’t their reaction after seeing the diamond a bit too calm? The diamond was bigger than Kelly’s, and when Kelly discovered hers, it caused an uproar.

Most of all, was it a coincidence that he passed Rodin and a diamond just appeared? And a crystal clear diamond, too? Where in nature would such a diamond exist?

These thoughts quickly appeared in Li Du’s mind, and then he let go of the little bug, using its ability to reverse time.

He had a hunch that this was a trap, and the three seemed to cheat him.

Sure enough, as the little bug reversed time, Li Du saw the birth process of the diamond: from a clunky machine, a drawer was pulled out, full of pieces of crystal clear diamonds!

These were industrial diamonds, or, actually, beautiful crystals that looked like diamonds.

Seeing this, Li Du laughed and said, “Man, your idea is good.”

The Mexican guy laughed too, saying cheerfully, “It wasn’t really my idea. It was how they deal with any conflict over diamonds. They usually do things this way.”

Li Du looked at Rodin and asked, “Is this all right by you?”

Rodin hesitated and finally made up his mind. “Sure, I’ll bid first Ten thousand!”

Before Li Du could speak, the Mexican guy and his friend cried out, “Ha, ten thousand dollars? You only offer 10,000 bucks? Crazy!”

“He’s crazy! This diamond is worth at least a million dollars! Don’t say I didn’t remind you, you’d better quote a million!”

When they finished, Li Du smiled and said, “ten thousand dollars, OK.”

Upon hearing his words, all three of them could not help but look surprised.

The Mexican guy asked dully, “I must have heard wrong, man, what did you say?”

“I said ten thousand is fine and I accept the offer,” said Li Du, laughing.

The Mexican guy’s friend cried, “Are you crazy? Are you crazy, too? Isn’t this diamond about ten carats? It’s worth millions!”

Li Du looked at them and said, “Rodin has been here for many years, hoping to find a diamond. I would like to help him fulfill his dreams. Yes, it’s worth millions, but can Rodin come up with the price?”

Startled, the Mexican stammered, “But but man, really, I mean you’re a good fellow, but millions, millions!”

Li Du looked at him earnestly and said, “Buddy, kindness is a quality that can never be overpriced. I would like to help Rodin fulfill his long-cherished wish. I hope he will not have to hold on to the thought of digging a diamond again in the future, and he can sell this diamond and live a better life.”

The Mexican guy blinked and could not say a word. His friend, who had recovered from his shock, seemed to guess that Li Du had noticed something fishy, and he looked around furtively, a little abashed when he saw the cold-faced Brother Wolf and the big brother Godzilla.

The Mexican guy tried to persuade him again. “Don’t be in a rush. Kindness is a good quality, but do you have to sacrifice millions? That’s millions…”

Li Du smiled and replied, “Yes, I do. Come, Rodin, pay the money.”

Rodin was honest. “I have no money.”

Li Du looked at the Mexican guy and said, “You can borrow from these two friends of yours and then sell the diamond and give them twenty thousand dollars. They will be happy to lend you the money.”

The Mexican guy quickly shook his head. “He and I are no friends.”

He turned and gave a signal to his buddies, indicating them to retreat.

Li Du also gave a look, and Brother Wolf and Godzilla each seized a man.

“Come, give me ten thousand dollars and take the diamond. Otherwise, I will have to call the police and let them solve the matter,” said Li Du calmly.