Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 937

Chapter 937 There's A Creature 15

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What Li Du hated most were f*cking scammers, f*cking scammers, f*cking scammers!

Without a doubt, the Mexicans and Rodin were scammers. They had guessed that he was rich and decided to scam him since he was a newcomer.

The three of them were nervous. However, the Mexican forced himself to remain calm and said, “How does that have anything to do with me? It has nothing to do with us. You can have your discussion about this diamond all by yourselves . . . ”

“How about we settle this with 10,000 dollars? Or, how about we let the police investigate this?” Li Du was confident with his conclusion.

He believed that this was not their first crime. There must be someone who had been cheated before. Someone had to have reported them to the police. And if the police did arrive, the three of them would suffer unpleasant consequences.

The Mexican thought about it for a moment and rolled his eyes. He understood now that Li Du had seen through the scam. That was his counterattack to bring them down.

Hence, he struggled furiously to escape from Brother Wolf.

However, Brother Wolf was an expert at arresting people. In one quick movement, Brother Wolf held both of the man’s hands behind his back with great force. At the same time, Brother Wolf kicked him behind his knees and had him kneeling on the ground.

The other man wanted to escape too. Godzilla was even more valiant. He immediately grabbed his shoulders and lifted him up.

Only Rodin remained. He was no longer sluggish and dumb. He took advantage of his distance from Li Du and fled the scene.

Li Du did not go after him and Rodin secretly rejoiced. He thought that he was safe at 200 meters away but then he heard a whistle from behind.

As he turned around, he saw a huge dog charging toward him with immense power and speed.

Ah Ow had caught up to him. She pounced on him and knocked him to the ground. He screamed miserably.

Then, Li Du phoned the police. There were police officers on duty near the park.

Two police officers arrived with an all terrain vehicle. They laughed as they gathered information on Rodin and his partners. The police officers thanked Li Du for helping themarrest the three scammers.

He took out the huge diamond. Just as he’d assumed, the fake diamond was not even a synthetic diamond, but only a commonly used imitation. It was not valuable at all. Its hardness was nothing compared to an authentic diamond.

He had learned a new thing about people in the diamond mine park through this incident. He started searching for diamonds here with single-minded devotion and ignored the others.

The conversation between Sophie and Kelly was becoming much more friendly. Kelly liked her a lot. The reason was because she saw Sophie as a woman of the upper class, and she hoped that her daughter could become like her in the future.

A day passed but Li Du found nothing. He was extremely exhausted and did not even have the energy to prepare dinner.

Hence, Sophie decided to cook by herself. They stayed in the countryside near the park. The current season and weather made countryside camping a decent option.

They bought plenty of agricultural -products, which included some finished products like spicy mango chutney, turkey sausage, smoked fish, bacon, ready made tortilla rolls, etc.

Brother Wolf had a wealth of survival experience. He set up the pot for Sophie. Then Sophie managed to cook some steak, lamb rolls, and chickpeas. Chickpeas with lamb rolls and chili peppers were extremely delicious.

Godzilla went out to buy some craft beer while waiting for dinner. It was almost night time when Sophie finished cooking.

The four of them sat around the dining table, peeling peas, eating roast meat, sausages and smoked fish while enjoying some craft beer. The breeze blew with the smell of the Arkansas Riververy refreshing.

The four little ones were play-fighting nearby as Li Du teased them with food. Everyone was having a good laugh about it.

There was only one problem while staying at the countryside, which was the issue with the toilet. It was not too much of a problem for men. However, as the only woman in the group, it was slightly inconvenient for Sophie.

After many cans of soda, she needed to relieve herself. After searching for a while, she found a pile of crushed stone.

Brother Wolf checked the surrounding area to ensure that it was safe. Sophie felt reassured and walked over there.

A moment after she reached behind the pile of crushed stone, she suddenly shouted, “Oh my God!”

Li Du brought the four little ones along to accompany her. After hearing her scream, Li Du was worried and ran over immediately.

Sophie did not make a move. She yelled, “Be careful. There’s a monster!”

There were a lot of wild animals and poisonous snakes in the valley region of the Arkansas River. Li Du immediately asked, “Is it a snake?”

Sophie was still panicking. “No, it looked like an alligator!”

Li Du was stunned. An alligator? Although this place is near the valley of the Arkansas River, it’s still quite a distance from the river itself. Why would there be a alligator here?

Ah Meow casually walked over. Li Du turned on his flashlight and saw a creature with a ferocious look standing still by the pile of crushed stones.

This creature had thick skin, a large head, a short, sturdy neck, and a shell that seemed like the exterior of a tank.

Its shell was a reddish brown color, with brown spikes on top and ridges on both sides. There were spikes on the ridges. A mouth shaped sawtoothed hole was on one edge of the shell. On the other edge was its long and sharp tail.

It appeared to be fearless, with four strong limbs and well developed muscles. It had small but sharp eyes. It was a creature not to be trifled with.

Due to its body color and shell texture, it camouflaged well against the pile of stones. Li Du could not recognize it at first. After having a good look at it, he could tell what it was. “It’s an alligator snapping turtle!”

Yes. This was indeed a huge alligator snapping turtle.

Alligator snapping turtles were not uncommon in America. However, wild alligator snapping turtles were quite rare. They were considered endangered animals. They were found on the Mississippi River in North America, South America, Central Region and Central America. They were found primarily in southeastern United States.

Based on Li Du’s impression, Florida, in the southeastern region of the country, was one of the natural habitats of an alligator snapping turtle, but definitely not Arkansas.

Nevertheless, he felt relieved that it was an alligator snapping turtle.

Alligator snapping turtles were creatures with outstanding combat power. Their bite force was ranked number two in the world.

However, they were only aggressive when they were forced to be. Otherwise, these creatures did not spontaneously attack humans, who were not considered food to them.

Sophie also recognized the creature as an alligator snapping turtle. She breathed a sigh of relief and said awkwardly, “I didn’t have a flashlight with me. And the moonlight is too weak. So I thought it was an alligator.”

After that, she laughed at herself. “I really am an idiot. Why would there be an alligator here?”

Neither of them wanted to disturb the alligator snapping turtle. However, the four little ones did not share the same opinion.

Ah Meow led the way and stared at the alligator snapping turtle attentively. Suddenly, he extended his claws and scratch it.

The alligator snapping turtle was fully aware of the situation and had its guard up. It was already prepared for the ocelot’s attack. It opened its mouth and was ready to bite.

There was a saying, “As slow as a tortoise.” People often used tortoises to describe slow movements. However, the saying was about tortoises and turtles, not alligator snapping turtles.

The alligator snapping turtle extended its head and struck at an incredible speed, but this was still no match for an ocelot.

As soon as it extended its head, Ah Meow instantly withdrew his claws and re-extended. He toyed speedily with the turtle and swiped at its head several times. He was having fun and joyfully cried, “Meow meow.”

The alligator snapping turtle was furious. It stood firmly on four of its strong legs and charged toward Ah Meow at full speed. It had its mouth wide opened like an eagle, aiming at his head.