Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 938

Chapter 938 Four Heroes Combating Lu Bu25

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The upper and lower jaws on the front of the alligator snapping turtle’s mouth were hooked and sharp like a hawk’s beak.

The terrifying biting force of an adult alligator snapping turtle could easily cut off a person’s finger. There were several incidents in the United States each year that resulted from teaser bites of the alligator snapping turtle.

However, Ah Meow was not afraid. He was fast, and the alligator snapping turtle, though better at climbing than other members of its species such as sea turtles, could not catch him or even touch him.

Ah Meow jumped and did all kinds of tricks like scratching his head and extending his claws. The alligator snapping turtle, which was provoked, got angry, but could not do anything.

Ah Meow had nothing to do the whole day and was bored, so the alligator snapping turtle became his plaything. He teased with it to pass the time.

The other three creatures got pulled in as well. Ah Ow wagged her tail, jumped up, lowered her upper body, stuck out her buttocks, and constantly roared at the alligator snapping turtle.

The alligator snapping turtle had a bad temper. It knew that it couldn’t catch up with Ah Meow, so it didn’t chase after him. He decided to take out his anger on Ah Ow instead. It started and, supporting its body, dashed towards Ah Ow.

Seeing this, Ah Ow was happy. So, you want to see what I can do? OK, I will show you what it’s like when a hungry wolf pounces on the sheep. Then you will know how great a wolf I am.

She ran around the turtle fast. The turtle, obviously, could not compete with her. Although it was good at climbing, it was not anywhere near as good as the Mexican Wolf.

After running around for a couple of times, she spotted a chance and lunged at it. She grabbed the turtle by its shell and attempted to turn it over.

This was the fighting nature of the Mexican Wolf. Even though she encountered an alligator snapping turtle for the first time, she quickly discovered her opponent’s weakness. She knew that if she flipped the alligator snapping turtle, it would be doomed.

However, it could not be flipped over!

The weight of the alligator snapping turtle was considerably heavy. An adult alligator snapping turtle was more than 70 centimeters long and was estimated to weigh more than 100 kilograms.

Because it was on all fours on the ground and had a low center of gravity, essentially its weight was more than a hundred kilograms. Ah Ow’s jaw muscles were not that strong.

She grabbed the turtle’s shell and shook her head. She shook her head again and again. The alligator snapping turtle was as steady as a mountain and did not move a bit.

When fighting against the turtle, she had to use speed. This got her into the turtle’s territory. Her advantage was gone, while the alligator snapping turtle was gaining ground.

The alligator snapping turtle lifted its thick leg and kicked her in the face.

Ah Ow howled in pain. She was kicked to the ground and rolled over twice. The snapping turtle was strong. It kicked off her weight of a few dozen kilograms. Ah Ow was stunned and could not stand up for a while.

Seeing this, the snapping turtle quickly turned head and ran towards her. It must have been thinking, I’ll kill you while you are weak!

The other three little kids came to rescue when they noticed the advantage was not on their side. Ali jumped quickly close to the turtle, cleverly hopped onto its back, and gave it a punch to the butt.

I’ll hit your butt, I’ll hit your ass, Ali thought happily.

Understanding its intention, Li Du closed his eyes, as he could not bear to watch.

As he expected, the next moment little Ali screamed, “Squeak! Gee!”

The alligator snapping turtle was a creature with a naturally strong, impregnable shell. The shell is its most powerful defensive weapon. It is prickly and has passive attack skills.

Ali’s punch did not only hit a surface as strong as steel, but also a prickly one.

The baby kangaroo was moribund, bouncing with pain and flicking its claws. Its two big eyes were tearing in pain.

Crispy Noodles was the only one left. He grabbed a stone from the floor and hit on the alligator snapping turtle as hard as he could.

The turtle did not even look at him, and ignored it. With the strength of the raccoon, the impact of the stone was like a mere tickle, and the turtle was not hurt at all.
Crispy Noodles felt insulted. He gritted his teeth and threw the stone with more force.

The alligator snapping turtle was so annoyed that it swung its tail and swept it around his neck, sending Crispy Noodles reeling and running away after casting off the pebbles.

Ah Meow looked aside with a disdainful look. Why don’t you let me handle it? I teased it like a dog just now. Go away! Go away! Let it taste my fist!

Li Du and Sophie watched the scene by the light of their torch.

When Brother Wolf heard Sophie’s cry, he rushed in. He was afraid of seeing any embarrassing scene, so he waited for a moment to give Sophie time to finish whatever she was doing, like using the toilet.

As he walked in, he saw a cat wielding its paw against a snapping turtle in the light of the torch. “Boss, what’s going on?”

Li Du said to him, “Shh, don’t talk. Watch the scene, it is interesting.”

Sophie said weakly, “It seems that the children are no match for the alligator snapping turtle. Isn’t it wrong to let them go on?”

Li Du sneered, “What’s wrong with that? We are just watching a live performance because we have nothing to do. When I was a kid, do you know what my parents used to do when they were bored?”


“They made me cry first, then tried to coax me, just for fun.”

Sophie and Brother Wolf didn’t know what to say.

Ah Meow had no good way of dealing with the turtle. He needed to use his speed to scratch its head, but every part of the alligator snapping turtle, including its head, was covered in thick, armor-like skin.
Nevertheless, Ah Meow was tough enough. He did not hurt the turtle badly, but he did leave it with a snout full of cuts.

Shocked and traumatized, the alligator snapping turtle struggled to retract its head and limbs into its shell.

As soon as it retracted its head, it was a statement of cowardice. It could only defend itself, with limited ways of attacking.

Ah Meow clawed even more vigorously and jumped on the turtle’s back.

The turtle could not bear it anymore. It put on its fighting posture again, then started to run.

It went into the rocks, found a crack and stuck its head in, and Ah Meow could not reach it with his claws anymore.

Ah Meow looked for another vulnerable spot on its back, and the turtle tried to drill into the pile of stones. The shell hit the broken stones and the earth shook.

It was, after all, a few hundred kilograms of big creature.

Ah Meow ran fast but was still inevitably hit by the stone. He could not keep attacking the turtle, and could not even find the turtle in the heap of stones.

So this battle ended. The four little ones did not win; they joined forces but still lost.

When Ah Ow got up from the floor, Ali pulled back its paws, and Crispy Noodles rubbed the affected area with its forearms. Ah Meow shook the sand and mud off his fur. They looked at each other, and then looked away in embarrassment.

To lose after joining forces. What a shame!

Li Du burst out laughing and gloated, “Aren’t all of you usually very great? Aren’t you awesome? Now you know there is someone greater than you all out in the wild.”