Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Wolf And Kangaroos War

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Seeing Li Du left empty-handed after digging, the onlookers were stunned.

A dark-haired young man asked, “Hey, buddy, is that all?”

Li Du walked backward, laughed and said, “What do you think?”

The dark-haired youth shrugged and said, “I thought you had worked here for a few days and finally found something. But I’d think it’s useless to look through this garbage.”

Li Du nodded and said, “Yes, it is useless. Don’t follow in my footsteps.” Without the little bug, just searching in the garbage heaps, they would never find a diamond unless they had a see-through eye.

Li Du had already collected and hid the piece of Kimberly ore containing the diamond earlier. He opened the black hole space of the little bug and put it in. No one noticed a stone had vanished from his hand.

After getting his gem, Li Du was ready to leave.

He had worked for four or five days to get through the garbage and found a diamond of great value. However, he had realized that the chance of finding diamonds in the park was too low.

The people who came to the park to look for diamonds were very careful. The rubble they threw into the dump site was indeed waste rock. There were no diamonds in it.

Li Du found the yellow diamond by sheer luck. Unlike other stones, the diamond was not exposed but wrapped in a piece of Kimberly ore, which prevented it from being discovered.

If the diamond showed up, it could actually cause a stir.

One such diamond was once found in the diamond pit park. The one who found it was a local named Stan Kang. It was pure and flawless on all twelve surfaces of the diamond.

The diamond was named the Kang-canary because of its rarity, was often shown in famous museums and jewelry exhibitions, and won the favor of many celebrities. One of them was the former first lady, Hillary Clinton, who later became active in politics. The diamond she wore at her husband’s inauguration was the ‘canary’.

Hillary Clinton had borrowed the diamond to show off her beauty at both inaugurations of President Clinton.

According to Li Du’s knowledge, the Kang-canary had a weight of 12.05 carats. His diamond was not that big. It was about 10 carats, which was also very valuable.

The Winston group, which had a database of the world’s most famous diamonds and evaluated them all, estimated that the Kang Canary could be sold for the price of $21.8 million.

Considering the fact that the Canary had celebrity fame, a world-renowned name, and a glorious reputation, the yellow stone Li Du had probably wouldn’t cost 20 million, but it would be safe to assume that the yellow diamond was worth half the price of the Canary in any case.

That is to say, this diamond was worth ten million!

There was no shortage of international customers for high-quality diamonds, and aristocrats in the Middle East, East Asia, and Europe went crazy over them. Although everyone knew that diamonds were a hyped luxury, women still liked them because they were really beautiful.

The other three, including Sophie and Brother Wolf, were still dutifully sifting through the sand, and the four little kids were helping.

The raccoon was so good at punching holes that it enabled Crispy Noodles to dig a hole with its head down. Ah Ow was helping too. She used her front claws to dig into the ground rapidly.

Ali and Ah Meow couldn’t help, so both of them just stood by watching. Ah Meow occasionally patted Sophie with his paws to encourage her.

Ah Ow did not know what everybody was actually doing. She knew that they had to dig a hole, but after digging it, she didn’t know what it was for, so she just sat at the mouth of the hole and snorted.

Sophie shoveled the soil dug by Ah Ow into a sieve, which Godzilla picked up easily and set out to wash in a nearby water channel.

The water channel was a project built by the government. It was a project to erect a series of canals on the ground, with high-power pumps directing the underground water into the canals.

The water flow was so strong that it could wash away the soil. Where did the mud go? The tourists neither knew nor cared.

Anyway, after hundreds of years of digging, the diamond pit park had never been hollowed out. The soil has always been replenished.

Without anyone to play with, Ah Ow got bored. She looked at the big hole she had dug in front of her, and then at Ali next to her. Using her paws, she pushed Ali into the hole.

Then she quickly turned around and worked her claws vigorously, throwing mud into the pit.

Ali was scared and screamed. Li Du was going to pick it up, but soon Ali stopped shouting. It quieted down and shook the mud off.

Li Du laughed after he peeped in the hole. Some of the dirt fell on Ali, and some fell into the pit. Ali shook the mud off its body and the mud fell into the bottom of the pit. This way, as the soil increased in the pit, it stepped on the growing mound, and since the kangaroo had a pair of big feet and a big tail, the weight was spread so that it would not sink into the soil.

Therefore, very soon, there was a layer of dirt in the pit, and Ali jumped out of it with a great effort. It punched Ah Ow while jumping out from the pit.

Its fist punched Ah Ow’s soft bottom, and Ah Ow leaped from the pain. Ali jumped out of the pit and stared at Ah Ow. Ah Ow turned her head and grinned vindictively. Seeing Li Du at her side, she quickly changed her mind and ran to him, whining and looking aggrieved.

If Li Du had not been there watching, he would have been fooled! He played the game, however, squatting and opening his arms Ah Ow.

Ah Ow triumphantly wagged her tail and came up. Li Du grabbed her and threw her headfirst into the pit Godzilla had dug.

Ali ran to the side of the pit. Ah Ow scrambled out in panic. As soon as she appeared, Ali hit it straight. Its punch stroke Ah Ow’s head and she fell into the pit again.

When Sophie saw Li Du coming back, she asked, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you looking anymore?”

Li Du shook his head and said, “I’ve stopped looking, we won’t find a thing. It’s a waste of energy here. Let’s leave.”

Hearing this, Sophie looked up proudly. She waved her hand and said, “Wasting energy? Sorry, I don’t think so.”

Li Du was stunned. Catching Sophie’s hint, he asked in surprise, “God, have you found the diamond?”

“What I found is Uncle Sam.” Sophie carefully took a plastic bottle out of her backpack and showed it to him.

Uncle Sam was the largest diamond ever found in North America, weighing 40.23 carats. It was found in the park in 1942 when it was not a park yet, but a private farm.

“Are you kidding me? You found Uncle Sam?”

The bright little stone was like a sun shining in the bottle.