Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Rainbow Nation

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Sophie’s bottle had a small gorgeous stone insidea diamond.

However, compared to Uncle Sam’s, the difference in size was quite obvious.

Uncle Sam’s was over 40 carats. The one in the bottle was less than a carat. If the diamond did not shine, he would not have even realized this tiny stone was there.

It was too small…

Sophie was still deeply satisfied with it. “How is it? It’s pretty good, right? Isn’t it shocking? You didn’t think that we would find a diamond, huh?”

This was unexpected. Li Du sincerely sighed in admiration. “You’ve done well. Really hard work actually finding a diamond.”

Sophie laughed happily. “The truth is the efforts were not only mine. Brother Wolf, Godzilla, and the children, they’ve done well too.”

Li Du pleasantly touched the little fellows’ heads one by one. Ah Ow, however, was unwilling to let him touch her. She was still hateful because Li Du had allied with Ali to deal with her.

However, the weak were unable to resist the strong. Ah Ow could not escape from Li Du’s hand despite her efforts. Li Du managed to touch her forehead and he also gave her chin a rub.

Her chin was very soft. As Li Du rubbed her chin, Ah Ow felt extremely comfortable. She even forgot her grudge against Li Du. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment.

In five days, their rewards from this park were these two diamonds: a big one and a tiny one.

Li Du decided to stop wasting time and effort here. They wanted to get rich here, but to achieve an income here comparable to a diamond mine was a fantasy.

“Our destination is the Rainbow Nation!” he said in the car.

“Where are we going?” Godzilla hesitantly asked. “Heaven?”

Li Du felt puzzled. “Why do you think so?”

Godzilla said, “Rainbow Nation. Isn’t it in heaven? There’s a traditional story in my hometown that heaven is divided into 24 countries. And the fifth country is a land of rainbows . . . ”

Brother Wolf calmly said, “South Africa.”

Godzilla looked at him. Then, Brother Wolf explained, “Rainbow Nation is a term used to describe South Africa.”

Godzilla, who was usually fearless, was shocked. “Oh, God. That’s not heaven. Going to South Africa during this seasonthat’s hell.”

It was August. The weather was scorching hot. It was a torture to be in South Africa at a time like this. However, it was still better than being in Russia. It was practically a warzone in Russia. Suffering hot weather was definitely better than being in a life-threatening situation, right?

Many people were unfamiliar with South Africa. Most first impressions would think of it as a third world nation. In fact, South Africa was a semi-developed country that had been colonized by the Dutch and the Brits. It was a multinational country with white people, black people, mixed-raced people, as well as Asians. It was called the Rainbow Nation due to its racial diversity.

Li Du knew that South Africa was the world’s one and only country with three capitals. Pretoria was the administrative capital, Bloemfontein was the judicial capital, and Cape Town was the legislative capital.

Moreover, this city had the nickname Golden City and Diamond City as there was ore everywhere.

Li Du left for South Africa because of the promise he’d made to find a diamond mine. If he managed to find a mine, then he would provide a diamond source for Harry Winston Inc. Cole was incredibly supportive of this.

He provided Harry Winston Inc.’s private plane to Li Du in order to assist him in his international businesses. This journey was different than the one to Australia. Li Du only had to provide documents and information, nothing else were required,

Li Du had worked hard at custom during their previous trip to Australia because of the four little ones. However, traveling to South Africa was much more simple.

Obviously, this had something to do with Cole’s connections. They flew from New York to Johannesburg.

Li Du was waiting for Big Ivan, Lu Guan and Big Quinn at the airport. Hans was not joining them this time. He had to stay back and take care of the house.

After plastic surgery, Ivana’s appearance had improved drastically. Along with the company of Victoria, both of them could support and encourage one another. They had become much more independent and courageous.

The facilities in South Africa were poor. Thus, Ivana had to stay in Phoenix for her treatment. Victoria would have to accompany her. Neither of them were going to South Africa. On the other hand, Brother Wolf had been liberated from taking care of children for a change.

This time, Brother Wolf was responsible for the safety of Li Du. At the absence of Ivana, he could ardently show off his abilities.

As soon as they gathered, they got on the plane and started their journey to South Africa.

The plane was capable of long term continuous travel. They flew over the Atlantic Ocean and landed first in Algeria. Then, they flew toward the south and landed at an airport somewhere in the Congo to replenish the plane. After this, they would arrive in Johannesburg.

Cole had contacted a friend of his in South Africa. A local would be waiting for them upon their arrival. They would be receiving support during their journey in South Africa.

This was the connection of Harry Winston Inc. Its business had already reached South Africa.

Li Du also had some connections himself in South Africa. During their stop at the airport near Congo, he thought of Wang Zhongshi and contacted him.

He dialed the number on the phone. Wang Zhongshi was working as a foreman in the mine. He was so happy to receive the phone call. He answered and laughed, “I will wait for you at the airport. I know where it is.”

After the plane took off, Li Du began to understand this country, South Africa.

As soon as it made sense to him, he was shocked and realized that Hans and himself were very dumb. Their knowledge about the climate in South Africa was incorrect.

South Africa was located in the southern hemisphere. The climate was very different in the northern hemisphere. Its entire region was mostly subtropical.

Every year from October to February was summer time. And winter went from June to August.

In other words, Li Du and the group were going there during the winter time!

The following month was September, which was South Africa’s short term summer. At the beginning of this season, South Africa had the most rainfall in the world. From east to west, the rainfall ranged from 1000mm to 60mm.

Compared to other countries at similar latitudes, South Africa had a relatively cool temperature. The average yearly temperature ranged from 12 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius. The weather was even colder during the winter.

During the journey, he read all this information. The flight was very smooth. After two landings, they entered the Congo.

Most people’s impression of South Africa was very chaotic. The cause of this image was largely created by the Congo.

In 1994, one of the cruelest massacres in the history of mankind happened in the Congo, the Rwandan genocide, which resulted in the death of around a million people. It was extremely cruel.

After the mass slaughter, the war continued. This war involved the neighboring countries; nine countries in total. It pushed the chaos in South Africa to the next level.

Just for this reason, many Europeans and Americans were unwilling to work and do business in the Congo.

During this chaotic situation, the Caucasians, who always posed as risk takers, were terrified. However, the Chinese, who were recognized as cowards, were not afraid. Currently, many Chinese worked in the Congo and Zambia.

Li Du and the group arrived at the airport. They contacted a decent flight crew to service and replenish the plane under the leadership of Big Ivan.