Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 945

Chapter 945 A Show Of Strength 45

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A blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, charming middle-aged white man was driving a Bentley at a fast but steady speed.

Aware of Li Du’s constant stare to the outside, the driver pressed the automatic car window button for Li Du’s window to roll down.Simultaneously, the compartment beside Li Du’s armrest had gradually rolled out with a pair of sunglasses in it.

Li Du took out the sunglasses and smiled, ” Thank you, buddy!”

As the car was approaching downtown, more and more black people could be seen on the street. The black people here dressed up a lot smarter than the whites, which was very different from America.

Besides that, the hairstyles of the black people in Johannesburg came in great varieties. The city order was messy, traffic signals appeared to be invisible.

“Wow, this is a city of liveliness and energy!” Li Du was talking to the driver with sarcasm.

In fact, Johannesburg has been regressing since the black people took over national sovereignty.The country has been living by the leftover national reserves in the past few years.

Maybe from the perspective of history, people could blame the whites for being greedy, unreasonable, and oppressing the black people, but undeniably, they were more suitable when it came to dominating the country.

When Li Du was in the midst of understanding the country of Johannesburg, one of the comments he had for the country was that, “This is a place that has glaring sunlight throughout the year, but the brighter the sunlight, the darker the shadow, and within the shadow of the city, it’s all sins.”

On the other hand, when the country was dominated by the British, the infrastructure was well-developed.Even until now, the historical buildings that were built by the British in 1820 were still incredibly stable.

Like most of the developed countries in the world, Johannesburg had been building a lot of apartments and high-rise, filling the country with more and more skyscrapers.

Taking down the old colonial buildings had appeared to be making way for the various new constructions, but in fact, it was not only for the space, it was also because the South Africans were trying to demolish the marks from the colonial era and destroy this painful colonial history.

The car passed through the city and went towards the seaside. In front was the house with an ocean view of the Indian Ocean, welcoming their arrival. The brilliant rays of sunlight shining on the surface of the ocean as well as the beach. The sea water was sparkling like crystal, the sand was as white as snow. Nothing as beautiful could be imagined.

Mr Lion-Hunter lived by the beach, located somewhere on a small mountain.The surface area of the villa was huge, as if a castle was standing tall and upright on the small mountain.

The Bentley reached a massive door at the foot of the mountain. The door opened and the car drove in. This was a basement carpark, which was located within the mountain.

There was an elevator inside. The driver politely invited them into the elevator. Very soon, the elevator arrived to the top and the door opened up. A smooth and flat marble courtyard appeared in front of them.

A tall and fat black guy was smoking a cigar while waiting for their arrival. Two tall and strong white guys were standing beside him. Each of them were holding a ferocious beast.

This type of beast had a body figure similar to a dog. But it was a little weird, it had a long neck and its hind limbs were weaker than its forelimbs. Its body was short, shoulders were high, and buttocks were low buttocks. It had a long mane along the centerline of its back, a thick and solid mouth, a sharp and pointy teeth and spots on its fur.

At Li Du’s first sight, he could recognize that this was a very famous hunter in Africa, hyena!

Hyena was sly and vicious. As soon as Li Du and his group showed up, they began to howl violently. Then, they suddenly rushed towards Li Du and his group. One of the bodyguards let loose of the iron chain and the hyena rushed over.

Free of restriction, the hyena was fierceful, it rushed over in front of Sophie and pounced,

Instinctively, Sophie felt shocked but she was not afraid. Because she had bodyguard with her.

As the hyena pounced over, a figure appeared behind Li Du. She pounce onto the hyena at a much faster speed. She knocked with the hyena in midair and rolled with it on the ground for a couple spins. She got back up quickly and bit on the hyena’s neck.

Then, the hyena immediately contracted its upper body and retreated. However, Ah Ow attacked at a even faster speed. She howled in boredom and bit on its neck, then pressed it on the ground.

Li Du blew a whistle. Then, Ah Ow stopped moving. She boringly howled with her eyes wide open, muscles flexed tightly, displaying a murderous look.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!” a sharp and clear clap responded.

The tall and fat black guy was clapping and laughing at the same time, “Aha, well done, little guy. What are you? A wolf, yes? In the canidae family, other than wolf, I cannot think of anything else who can defeat a hyena.”

The white bodyguard carefully walked forward and grabbed the iron chain. The hyena did not dare to make a move. It just laid on the ground, completely surrendered and gazed in awe at Ah Ow.

The other hyena also stopped barking and sat down obediently. It displayed a look that meant, whatever it is, I was not part of it.

Li Du looked at the black guy and said, “Hi. Are you Mr. Coffey-Lion-Hunter-Zilchis Aka?”

The black guy laughed and nodded, “Just call me Lion-Hunter. This is the honor awarded by the nation to my family. Please to meet you, Mr. Li. President Winston had already told me about you. What he said was true. You are truly young and talented.”

Both of them shook hands. The black guys said, “Apologies. My pet had freed itself from its confinement and gave you trouble. I hope I can make up for the damage it caused.”

Li Du smiled, “No worries. My pet always go nuts too. I can”

He had yet to finish. Ali suddenly hopped over and followed him. It wanted to initiate an attack. It jumped up and threw a punch at Lion-Hunter’s belly.

It happened so unexpectedly. Even Li Du could not react in time. He was stunned.

Ali did not stop attacking after the first punch. The black guy bent down and yelled in sorrow. It continued to throw punches and continued to beat in full swing.

Li Du immediately stopped it. The two bodyguards ran over with the hyenas to back up. In the end, the hyenas dropped the chains, had their butts back and retreated. They were not moving forward no matter what.

Ah Meow and Ah Ow were gazing at them from a place not far from them. This was the reason they surrendered.

In this case, the bodyguard could only dropped the chains and ran over to protect Lion-Hunter.

Ali was struggling on Li Du’s stomach, had its eyes glaring at Lion-Hunter. Its paws was dancing in the air, still wanted to beat him up.

Li Du was troubled. Ali was getting violent. Started a fight just from a small dispute. It really had stirred up trouble this time. It actually beat up a local tyrant in his own territory.

Lion-Hunter was utterly discomfited and yelled, “Damn. Damn. Damn. What’s with this kangaroo? Is this your pet too? Oh, has it gone mad?”

Li Du apologized immediately, “I am so sorry, my friend. I feel terribly sorry. I don’t know what’s the matter with it. My kangaroo was usually very quiet”

As he spoke, he passed Ali over to Sophie, silently said, “Silence. Silence. Ali, silence!”

Sophie held Ali and smiled, “I am sorry, Mister. Maybe you hyena frightened it earlier. In any case, I was scared to death.”

Earlier, the hyena being freed was not just an accident. Li Du and his group could tell that it was arranged by Lion-Hunter as an initial show of strength.

However, Ah Ow counter attacked the hyena and ruined Lion-Hunter’s plan.

Lion-Hunter had a large belly. He was so fat, his belly looked as if he was pregnant for ten months.

Ali’s punches was counteracted by the fats on his belly. Previously, Lion-Hunter was mentally shocked more than physically injured. His energy slowly returned. He pushed away his bodyguards and stood up.