Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 964

Chapter 964 Frog Hunter

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The situation was critical as Ali was dragged to its side by the frog.

Li Du was not worried about the frog eating Ali after it dragged the kangaroo over. Yes, the frog was very big, especially its mouth, but Ali was already half a meter in size and the frog could not eat it.

Li Du was worried that the frog would drag him down into the mud. Then Ali would be doomed.

The frog’s tongue was so strong that Ali stumbled trying to fight it. When it was near the frog’s mouth, Ali suddenly jumped.

It jumped on the back of the giant frog!

Kangaroos could control the force of their landing when they jumped. If they jumped from a step, they would land lightly. If they intended to jump forward, they could jump out vigorously.

This time, Ali jumped out vigorously.

It jumped hard on the giant frogdefinitely hard enough. Li Du noticed that the giant frog’s eyes suddenly widened. It curled back its tongue and made a strange gurgled sound.

Ali jumped quickly up and down on the frog’s back, bouncing like a child on a trampoline.

The frog was crushed into the mud, its tongue sticking out of its mouth and its eyes almost bursting out. When it was crushed into the mud, it could no longer move.

Ali then jumped aside, gave the giant frog a contemptuous look, and bounced back to Li Du.

Ah Ow struggled all the way back through the mud. After a few steps, she seemed to be afraid that she would be scolded if she went back. She turned around, retrieved the giant frog, and dragged it back.

Li Du was very mad; he said angrily, “Do you still know you have to come back?”

Ah Ow dropped the giant frog and opened her mouth happily. Her tongue lolling, she stared at him with a wagging tail much like a dog’s.

This was the “act cute” look.

Li Du wanted to teach her a lesson by kicking away the giant frog.

Abdo stopped him. He picked the limp frog up and placed it on his shoulder.

“It’s edible. Very good food,” said the lion hunter.

“African giant frogs are great food?” Li Du wondered.

Brother Wolf nodded. “I have eaten them, they’re delicious. cooked The meat is rich with fat. They used to be a favorite of the local affluent population, but they have been eaten to the point of extinction.”

Abdo spoke a few words in Zulu, and Li Du did not know what he said. The lion hunter smiled and said a few words, and then turned to him and said, “Not only will we have crocodile tonight, but we will also have giant frog.”

African giant frogs were social animals like water buffalos. They had found a giant frog here, which meant there was a group of them around.

Abdo took a handful of seeds from his pocket and scattered them around. Then he took out a small bow and arrow and waited intently.

Soon, birds flying in the sky found grain seeds in the swamp, and one after another flew down to hunt.

The swamp grew two long tongues which caught the birds; two giant frogs slowly emerged.

He drew his bow and aimed it at the giant frog. Although he was good at finding wild animals, he was not very good at archery.

Seeing that Abdo was hunting for the giant frog, Ah Meow blinked, curled his back and rushed forward suddenly. He was an arrow himself heading straight for the giant frog.

Galloping up to the giant frog, it clawed at it, grabbed the frog’s *ss and threw it over.

Then, waving his other paw, the sharp cat’s claws brushed under his chin, almost ripping his head off!

In this way, in two quick successions, the giant frog did not even have time to fight back and was easily cut to the ground.

Another giant frog noticed the situation was bad and anxiously tried to dive into the swamp. Ah Meow rushed up to bite it on one of its hind legs and dragged it to the side of Abdo.

Abdo took the giant frogs and cut their necks open. He collected their blood in an unwashed water sac.

Putting the frog’s blood away, he mumbled again in Zulu; Li Du guessed what he was saying. He must have been praising Ah Meow for his fighting skills.

The lion hunter was so impressed by Ah Meow’s performance that he complimented him and then asked, “Li, are you interested in selling this cub? He’s a really smart guy. I like him.”

“Sorry, this is my child. I can’t possibly sell him,” said Li Du flatly.

Many times in the past, people had offered to buy Ah Meow. The ocelot was smart enough to understand when people were talking about him, and in this case, he knew what the lion hunter’s words meant.

Ah Meow glared fiercely at the lion hunter. A giant frog appeared behind him. He stopped shooting and just looked on coldly.

As it happened, Li Du was also worried about what kind of crate they’re going to make out of the swamp, which was infested by crocodiles.

When he got the three frogs, for the first time, Abdo smiled with delight, muttered something he did not know what to say, and hung a giant frog on each shoulder, one in his hand, with a happy expression on his face.

Their aim was to catch crocodiles, so Abdo returned the way he had come, landed the frog on the bank, arranged for a bodyguard of the lion hunter to watch over it, and then returned.

The group went deep into the swamp, and Abdo, with a stick on his shoulder, kept sounding out the surrounding bog.

At first, Li Du thought he was looking for a hard place to make a road, but it turned out that he wasn’t. Sometimes, after exploring for a while, Abdo would come back and poke the pole back and forth.

At last, he stopped on a grassy plateau.

The lion hunter drew out a cigar and lit it in his hand.

Abdo opened the water sac with the frog’s blood and dumped it into a nearby pool.

Soon, frog blood spread out, followed by a pungent smell.

“It’s tempting crocodiles, isn’t it?” asked Li Du in a low voice.

Brother Wolf said, “Perhaps? But crocodiles rely on the trinity of sight, smell and touch to find prey and determine the location of prey”

Before he could finish, Abdo tapped his pole into the pool and shook the water to ripples.

Seeing this, brother Wolf shrugged his shoulders and said, “In this way, crocodiles have developed tactile cells on both sides of the mouth, which can be sensitive to the presence of animals drinking water on the shore.”

Soon, as Abdo tapped the surface of the water with his pole, a crocodile peeped out half its head and surveyed the land calmly with its eyes.

“Crocodiles are short-sighted. From time to time, they will surface to check their surroundings and look for prey. As long as the prey appears, they will be able to target the prey at a distance.” said the Wolf.

“Now, when we’re so close, he can’t see us very well. He doesn’t know that we’re human, and he can only judge whether to hunt or not based on our size.”