Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Situations Of Both Sides

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Li Du was stunned. So was everyone else.

No one expected the car to actually become immobilized at such a crucial moment. However, after thinking carefully, this unexpected incident seemed reasonable.

When Li Du had entered this area, he realized that the grassland had many ditches. One wrong turn could easily get a tire stuck.

Now that the off-road car had run into such incident, what could be said? They could only blame their misfortune on poor maneuvering.

The angry wild elephant rushed up. Its enormous body brought with it a gust of strong wind. It loudly stomped the ground with its legs, which resembled four stone pillars. It was like a gigantic creature was hitting the ground with drumsticks.

Li Du and the group were terrified. The wild elephant rushed right up to the car.

Everyone in the car felt frightened and hopeless. They screamed one after another.

“Aaaaahhhhh! Help!”

“Kevin! Come back and get rid of it!”

“Oh, God! Oh, God!”

The wild elephant lowered its head and charged at the off-road car!


It did not have long and curvy tusks to skewer the car with. It could only lower its head and knock the car with its forehead. It was like a siege car, incredibly dangerous!

The heavy off-road car had a sturdy chassis so it did not get knocked over. It just rocked side to side a couple of times. Everyone in the car was in disarray, but no one was in serious danger.

The wild elephant’s temper became worse as it realized that it couldn’t knock over the car. It used its trunk to give a strong blow on the car window. It raised its head and released a loud sound and then stepped back a few steps.

The people in the car knew what it was about to do. They continued to screamed hopelessly.


“Get rid of it!”

“F*ck! I wanna go home!”

The wild elephant retreated a few dozen meters and then began to run again. It lowered its head andbang!hit the off-road car once again.

The car rocked violently. The rear window cracked, revealing the frightened faces inside.

The off-road car still hadn’t been knocked over. The wild elephant became furious. It lowered its head andbang! bang! bang!used its forehead to knock the car over and over again.

They heard it make a gloomy noise. The shape of the car door began to warp, and the vehicle rocked more and more violently.

An elephant from far behind ran over. It smashed into the car furiously as if it wanted to crush it into the ground.

A car escaping in the distance stopped. The people in the car wanted to come back and save their friends. But as they watched the crazy wild elephant and realized more were approaching, they did not hesitate and drove off.

The wild elephants continued to trample the car. Sophie impatiently asked, “Li, should we save them? Why don’t we think of a way to get rid of the elephants?”

Li Du said, “Let’s wait and see. We aren’t cold-blooded. First of all, the wild elephants shouldn’t be able to break the off-road car. Second of all, their friends are still here, and they should be the ones saving them. And lastly, the people in the car could still save themselves.”

The people in the car had shotguns with them. The car windows were broken, so they could attack the elephants at close range. They were just scared to death. All they did was screamed. None of them realized yet that they could shoot them with their shotguns.

Another off-road was still in the area and was circling the perimeter of the situation. Suddenly, it approached Li Du and the hunters of the Harzai Clan.

The car took a long way over and approached from the back. The hunters were watching them cautiously. They had seen this car. They had even ridden in this car. However, they had no idea why it had come over.

What did they want? A red-headed youngster had his head out of the car window and yelled, “Do you understand English? Or French? Damn it! Savages, stop looking at me! Go and get rid of those elephants!”

Cheeks smiled. “We understand English. And, we are not savages”

“F*ck you!” the young co-driver popped his head out and screamed. “I don’t care who you guys are. Go! Go! Send those elephants to hell!”

Even Sophie, who also wanted to chase the wild elephants away, was annoyed by them. She gave them a sarcastic laugh and turned away.

These youngsters had come out of nowhere and were very arrogant.

The red-headed youngster jumped out as the group of people did not follow their command. He furiously said, “Listen up. If anything happens to my friends, I swear to God . . . You sons of b*tches will pay the price!”

Someone appeared from the back and raised his shotgun. He shouted, “Cut the nonsense, Holden! Move aside! Let me settle this!” He turned to Li Du’s group and shouted, “Come with us or die!”

Li Du and the others were furious but they did not dare act blindly and rashly. This guy was extremely agitated right now. One false move and he might pull the trigger.

The ammunition for shotguns was shotgun shells. A shot from a shotgun at such close range could hit all of them.

Brother Wolf raised his hands and slowly moved forward. “Calm down, my friend. We will follow your instructions. My hearing is not very good. Please come closer. What do you want us to do?”

The guy moved one step forward. He spat as he yelled, “You sons of b*tches better”

Before he could finish, Brother Wolf interrupted. He used one hand to grab the gun barrel and forced it to point at the sky. At the same time, he raised his leg and kicked the red-headed youngster next to him.


The youngster fired a shot!

Brother Wolf’s arm shook a bit but he had firmly gripped the gun barrel so the shot fired into the sky.

Li Du was furious. This brat had fired a shot! He really wanted to kill them!

After the shot was fired, Brother Wolf forcefully pulled the gun barrel away and took over the shotgun.

The youngster still had his finger the trigger, but Brother Wolf did not care. He turned his wrist and forcefully pulled the gun over. The youngster’s finger immediately changed shape and snapped.

He held clutched his wrist and fell to the ground with a scream. Brother Wolf kneeled down and hit his temple. The youngster stopped crying. He blacked out and slumped to the ground.

Li Du, Godzilla, and the others immediately grabbed their guns and aimed at the people in the car. Li Du kicked the car door and yelled, “Get out! Quickly, get out here!”

The other side intended to kill them. Therefore, he did not have to be polite. As soon as he sensed any suspicion from the other side, he would gladly be the first to open fire.

Cheeks and his men were even nastier. They had theirs guns and arrows aimed at the car window. Some of his men swapped their blunt arrows to poisonous arrows. This thing was extremely lethal!

Two people in the car were so scared that they peed their pants. They raised their hands and started yelling.

“Calm down! Calm down!”

“It has nothing to do with us!”

The place was in chaos. Li Du’s group was in a violent confrontation, and the wild elephants were united, as strong as a wall, and finally knocked over the car.

The gunshots reminded the people in the fallen car of their own guns. One of them took his out and prepared to pull the trigger, but an elephant used its trunk and swatted his arm. That guy cried and dropped the gun, which went off by accident and shot the elephant’s leg.

The elephant screamed in pain and used its trunk to smash the car. The people inside covered their ears and heads as they cried pathetically for help.

The off-road car was crushed like a tin can. It began to crumble. The situation became more and more critical for the people inside.

The red-headed youngster screamed, “Go help them! You”

Godzilla raised his hand and slapped him. The youngster cried as he spat blood, and a tooth flew out of his mouth as well.