Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 972

Chapter 972 How To Apologize

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It was one thing to resent the rudeness of these young men, but quite another to let wild
elephants crush people to death in their cars.
Li Du looked at Brother Wolf and said, “Is there any way to get them out of here?”
“Let us do it,” said Cheeks.
He called out a few words in Hadza, and some hunters with bows and arrows reluctantly
changed their arrows.
The hunters used a type of arrow that Li Du had never seen before. The arrows and
shafts were wrapped in some coarse cloth. After taking them out, they pulled down their
trousers to urinate. Then they bent and approached the elephants. The arrows were
burning as they shot upwards.
One arrow after another fell, landing right next to the SUV.
Gradually, some smoke appeared. When the wind blew, smoke quickly filled the air and
turned the area around the SUV into a smoky haze with a pungent smell.
In the midst of the smoke, the distraught elephants retreated in shock, shook their
trunks in disgust, and finally left the SUV to join the mother and calf.
The people in the car coughed wildly and scrambled out of the broken windows.
Li Du shook his head at Brother Wolf and said, “Bring them here.”
Sophie said anxiously, “Godzilla, you go. Brother Wolf is injured, I have to take care of
his hand.”
Brother Wolf said, “It’s no problem.”
“The gunpowder in the bullet of the shotgun can reach a temperature of up to 1,000
degrees. This is no joke, Brother Wolf. Your hand is burned!” said Sophie seriously.
She took Brother Wolf’s hand, and sure enough, the palm of his hand was burned, black
in the center and yellow all around.

Sophie took the first aid kit with her. She hastened to open it and pour half a bottle of
alcohol over the burn to disinfect and sterilize it. The evaporation of the alcohol could
also help cool the area.
Seeing this, Li Du got even angrier and said furiously, “Godzilla, Big Quinns, go and
bring these sons of a bitch to me!”
Big Ivan, who was like family to Brother Wolf, was so angry that his face turned red. He
stepped forward quickly with a gun in his hand, grabbed the man who had just climbed
out of the car, kicked him to the ground and shouted, “Kneel down!”
“F**k” The man attempted to curse, but a gun barrel was thrust into his open mouth,
and he was so frightened that he fell to his knees.
The arrows used by the Hadza hunters to drive away the elephants had something on
them that worked like smoke bombs and produced thick smoke with a pungent smell.
The men in the car were choking and their legs were soft with fear. Big Ivan dragged
them over and kicked them down.
There were eight young people, six men and two girls. All but one of them fell to the
ground, kicked into a kneeling position. The one who was still standing clutched at his
arm and shouted, “My arm is broken, help me!”
Lu Guan was soft-hearted and said, “Boss, maybe this is a little too radical?”
Sophie, on the other hand, was soberer. “If Brother Wolf hadn’t interfered and we didn’t
follow their orders, they were ready to shoot!”
“Yes. The prairies are empty for hundreds of miles around. Moreover, you are all
foreigners. If something happens, unless the international community puts pressure on
the South African government, you will be gone without a trace and your families will
never be able to find you,” said Cheeks.
He stretched out his hand and drew a circle in the air around them. “Look, this isn’t a
Los Angeles neighborhood. There’s no surveillance, no witnesses, no video cameras. If
these bastards here were killed and their bodies burned, who would ever find them?”
Hearing this, the red-haired young man seemed shocked and cried, “Misunderstanding!
This is a misunderstanding! We never thought we were going to shoot”

Li Du kicked him and said angrily, “Shut up! How dare you quibble?!”
This was clearly hypocrisy. The other party obviously had thoughts of shooting, and
probably would have if Brother Wolf hadn’t snatched the gun away.
There was cold water in the car. Brother Wolf took a container of water and splashed
some in the face of the fainted youth.
The young man opened his eyes in a daze. Ali went up and gave him a straight punch.
The young man rolled on the ground with his eyes covered, and shrieked, “Ahhh! It
“How do we settle this?” asked Li Du.
“As I said, killing a few people here, as long as we don’t break the secret, would never
be tracked us down,” Cheeks said.
Big Ivan sneered. “It can be very easy to do. If we tie their hands with straw rope and
throw them into the car, I can ignite the two cars and make it seem like a spontaneous
“If anyone asks questions, we can put the blame on the elephants. We’ll say that the
elephants attacked one car, making it burn and explode, and then another car that
came to the rescue caught fire as well. No one would doubt us.”
The two girls were so frightened that they began to cry. The youths shouted, “What is
that? Why do you want to do this?”
“Spare our lives, we’ll give you money!”
“What’s the matter? We have just been attacked by elephants. Why would you want to
kill us?”
“My arm hurts. My arm is broken. Help!”
Of course, Li Du didn’t really think of killing them. He was just making threats.
However, Big Ivan seemed to have different ideas. He went ahead with the operation.
He walked to the SUV, opened the fuel tank and studied its contents.

“You can’t do that! My father is the Australian ambassador to South Africa. I am his only
son!” shouted a blonde young man.
Li Du crouched down, patted his cheek and said, “So that’s why you think you can do
whatever you want? Is that why you tried to kill us? Do you know who we are?”
The young people did not speak, as they did not know who Li Du was. However, seeing
Godzilla, Big Quinns, and Brother Wolf they realized that whoever had such fierce
bodyguards could not be an ordinary man.
Big Quinns and Godzilla were so intimidating that anyone who didn’t know them well
would be frightened.
The blonde guy said, “I’m sorry, sir, I’m really sorry our buddy pissed you off, but it
wasn’t all our idea. God knows that we were stuck in the car!”
“Yes, it’s none of our business, Sir. We thank you for saving us before it was too late.”
“My arm hurts. It’s broken. Help me!”
Sophie took out her first aid kit and went to the side of the crying youth. She waved
Brother Wolf to come over to help. After making an examination, she said, “An open
fracture, class B, a moderate degree of soft tissue injury, but fortunately, no pollution,
I’d like to proceed with the emergency treatment. You help me hold him down.”
“Thank you, thank you!” said the young man with tears.
Sophie said, “It’s going to hurt.”
The young man howled like a slaughtered pig, and his companions trembled when they
heard this sound.
Li Du looked at them coldly and said, “Come on, tell me, you wanted to kill us just now,
so how do we resolve this matter?”
“Not us, sir, it’s him” cried a young man.
Li Du frowned. “I don’t care. Aren’t you companions? You should bear the responsibility